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36th Year Begins With Start of Classes

Director of Admissions, LtCol Bob Grider, was pleased with the number and quality of new cadets that enrolled for the 2001-2002 school year.

“The young men that are enrolling at MMA and making the decision to challenge themselves academically, physically and mentally are a testament to their quality. They understand that they are giving up some of the luxuries of life for a more focused and structured environment. This environment will enable them to realize the tremendous potential that has been dormant in their lives,” observed Grider.

Grider also commented that “it is always interesting to observe the anxious and apprehensive looks on their faces as they travel through the registration line. They understand that they are about to embark on a totally different way of life.”

Processing was held at the Cadet Activities Center, where papers were filled out and Cadet Leaders and Drill Instructors met with the parents and their sons.

Then it was time for the boys to say good-bye to their families and hello to MMA and Joe the Barber where haircuts were first on the list, followed by a trip to the Quartermaster to draw their uniforms and equipment.

This year, there were 194 new cadets from 33 states and 4 foreign countries that enrolled for the fall semester. Their number, combined with the 190 returning cadets, brought MMA’s total to 384 for classes that began 15 August.

As in previous years, over 50% of the cadets (198) attending MMA are from the state of Texas. Other states that have significant numbers are California (34), Louisiana (11), Florida (7), Oklahoma (7), Illinois (7) and New York (5).

Enrollment was up again this year from Mexico with 42 cadets. There are four young men from China, as well.

Aside from China and Mexico, the Academy has 2 other foreign students, one from Germany and the other from Russia.

Classes began on 15 August, with cadets learning their way around campus, as well as learning what would be expected from them in the classroom.

Eighty-four first-year cadets (plebes) also added a rigorous training schedule to their already busy schedule.

During their four weeks of introductory training, these young men learned drills, military terminology, basic military skills, followership, self-discipline and what would be expected of them throughout the rest of the year.

On 8 September, on a beautiful south Texas morning, parents, friends, teachers and staff watched as these 84 young men proudly marched on to the Iwo Jima Monument Parade Grounds. After a few short words from Commandant of Cadets Col C.O. Myers, USMC (Ret) they pinned the Marine Corps emblem to their cover and, together, recited the Cadet Oath.

Following the Cadet Oath, MajGen Wayne E. Rollings, USMC (Ret), along with Col. Myers and Parent Club President Mr. Victor Alvarez, stepped out onto the parade ground to take the Pass in Review.

Upon completion of the introductory training and graduation, the 84 plebes are now considered full-fledged members of the Corps of Cadets.

MMA Cadets Tour Europe During Summer Break

Part II of the European Tours Taken by Cadets

A group of students from Dr. Mary Ricciardi’s French and Mrs. Sherma Raymond’s history classes spent several days in Paris in June, then journeyed by bus to the Normandy coast where they visited Cannes, Bayeux and St. Malo, before making their way back to Paris, via the Loire Valley with its many châteaux.

The cadets and sponsors were participating in a ten-day tour offered through NETC, a company specializing in organized overseas trips for high school and college students. Other adults, including parents and sponsors of cadets, accompanied the group. “We began taking trips two years ago,” said Dr. Ricciardi. “Students wanted an opportunity to see some of the places they learn about in class, and their families were interested in the organized tours and supervised activities. We looked at several tour companies and selected NETC because it seemed to offer the best accommodations, food, and itineraries for the price.”

The students received a hands-on art appreciation class as part of the tour, which also included visits to the Louvre, the d’Orsay Museum, Versailles and painter Claude Monet’s home at Giverny. They enjoyed Paris, but preferred staying in the smaller cities of Normandy and Touraine. Their exposure to European culture was not limited to castles and impressionist art: at Amboise, they visited Clos Lucé, where Leonardo da Vinci had spent his last years, and viewed an exhibition of scale models of some of his inventions, including the tank, the machine gun, the submarine and the double-hulled ship. According to the cadets, the highlight of their trip was a visit to the D-Day Beaches, the American Cemetery and the Peace Museum which details the history of the Normandy Invasion and events leading up to it.

This fall, cadets are returning to their classes with new goals inspired by the trip. Jason Merriam intends to return to France and, this year, he says, “I want to improve my speaking ability for the next time I go.” Even the history students who had never studied French learned a few phrases, and several have expressed intent to return to their favorite places. “Travel today is accessible to everyone,” Dr. Ricciardi told them. “This will not be your last trip to France. It’s your opportunity to find out what you’ll want to visit again, and to start a list of the other things you’ll want to see.”

Will there be other trips for MMA cadets? “As long as there are parents, teachers, and students who want to participate. A trip to Italy would be great for students of World History, and we’re looking at trips to France that include the things our students enjoyed, possibly with visits to prehistoric sites in Brittany or Auvergne instead of spending quite so much time in Paris. Parents just need to let us know what they want their sons to experience.”

Border Summit Attended by MMA Cadets

On August 22, Dean Meier, Col Hastings and their International Relations class of 15 students spent the day at the Rio Grande Valley Border Summit.

The International Relations Class attended the first economic summit for the Rio Grande Valley four years ago in Harlingen. They have attended each year since, and the Summit has become a foundation for the class’s studies in international economics.

This year’s summit was at UT Pan American and featured Governor Rick Perry as the keynote speaker. Other impressive speeches were delivered by the Mexican Border Governors and the US Secretary of Commerce, Norma Y. Mineta.

In addition, the class attended panels on the Impact of Seven Years of NAFTA, Water Rights and Environmental Issues and Housing issues on the border.

Another important aspect of the Summit is that the cadets made a number of contacts that will allow the class to visit various businesses on both sides of the border as a part of their studies this year.

As impressed as the cadets were with the Summit, many of the Summit attendees were equally impressed with our cadets. They were interviewed by Channel 4 and made the evening news. A series of academics and participants wanted to know, “Who were the bright young men who were so well behaved?” Of course the answer is they were your sons.

2001 - 02 Battalion Commander and Staff Named

Recently, in a ceremony held in Peacher Memorial Hall, the Academy recognized its battalion staff for the school year 2001-2002. Named as Battalion Commander , the highest ranking officer in the cadet corps, was Andre O. Testman, II. Testman is a third-year cadet from La Mesa, California.

“I want to become a United States Naval Academy graduate and Marine Corps Officer. Eventually, I would like to serve as an officer and later, enter into a career in politics either with the State Department or as an elected official,” noted Cadet Testman.

These goals may seem unrealistic for many, but Testman seems to be someone dedicated and prepared to meet these challenges in pursuit of his goals.

“Before MMA, I attended another military academy because, in middle school, I had done quite poorly and subsequently realized how important high school was for my future. I left that school because it was not JROTC, so I was earning no credit other than my high school diploma. Additionally, my dad was a Marine, so I thought that I would like to see what his life had been like. After researching other schools, I decided on MMA because it was closer to home and it was more prestigious and offered me more of a challenge,” added Testman.

As far as who influenced him to come to MMA, C/LtCol Testman states that “both my father and mother influenced me to attend military school. My father influenced me because he was a Marine and had always told me that I needed discipline. My mother influenced me inadvertently with her death during my eighth grade year. I guess it woke me up and made me realize that the real world was starting.”

1stSgt Alvin Thomas, drill instructor for Fox Company says of C/LtCol Testman that “ He is honest, respectful, with immaculate personal appearance and room. He knows how to present himself to adults and is very well spoken. Andre is liked by all cadets and can be counted on to successfully complete assigned tasks.”

“Upon his arrival at the Marine Military Academy in August of 1999, Cadet Testman made a strong impression upon faculty, staff, and peers alike. His academic credentials are superior and his participation in campus and off-campus activities reflected the traits of a gifted, well-rounded young man. In fact, Cadet Testman has been awarded the Eagle Scout Award for his efforts in Scouting,” states Col C.O. Myers, Commandant of Cadets.

Cadet LtCol Testman, along with his staff, Cadet Maj Sean Du Bose, Cadet 2ndLt Alex Noriega, Cadet 2ndLt Russell Metzger, Cadet 2ndLt John McNabb, Cadet 2ndLt Travis Schendel and Cadet SgtMaj Louis Harrington, have set specific goals for the Corps of Cadets.

Their goals for the cadets are: to influence the 51% of our corps - the 8th and 9th graders - positively so that the Corps can excel far more than we have for at least the next five years; to enhance the competition with the Corps; to provide events that both allow the Corps to have fun, but also to motivate them so that discipline and morale are raised and finally, the bottom line objective is to bring the Corps out of its past and into its future on the right path.

“The Battalion Staff is made up of a very talented group of Cadets and in a very short time they have come together and are working as a coordinated unit. They have brought to me many suggestions on improving the Corps of Cadets some of which will be implemented in the near future. I look forward to this academic year and the things this staff will accomplish,” observed Col. Myers.

MMA Cadets Host an End-of-Summer Luau

On Saturday, 15 September , MMA cadets hosted over 75 girls to an evening of dancing, laughing and fun at the End-of-Summer Luau!

SOS Entertainment provided the music that kept everyone dancing all evening. Additionally, the night was filled with special performances by MMA cadets who spun records and rapped on the mike.

Cadet Anthony Mendoza started the night spinning records for the crowd on his turntables. Cadets and guests danced with glowsticks to his tranz and house music.

Later in the evening, we had cadets Ferral Ceasar, Jesse McGhee, Sean Cary, Kazi Vicarruddin, Everett Gabehart, Nigel Norwood, Samuel Smylie and others, put on a show as they sang and rapped for the crowd. The response was positive and was definitely a highlight of the dance.

The Luau theme created a great atmosphere, as the Cadet Activity Center was beautifully decorated by Delta parents, Irma and Roger Taube, MMA cheerleaders and Delta company cadets.

Grass skirts, floral print dresses and leis were worn by many, as they enjoyed dancing the limbo rock.

We would like to thank the parents who attended the Luau dance, with a special “thank you” to Ralph and Nancy Royce for their brownie treats and film donations, to Missy Ellis for the wonderful cookies, to Dio Dye for her pizza and treat donations, and to Mr. and Mrs. Victor Alvarez for the grass skirts and leis.

National Honor Society Inducts New Members for 2001-2001 School Year

On 7 September, MMA held an academic awards ceremony for returning cadets from the school year 2000-2001 spring semester.

During that ceremony, two new cadets were inducted into the National Honor Society. The new members are Eugene Hwang and Brian Cripps.

Membership into the NHS is determined by many factors. A GPA of 3.33 or above is required, as well as community involvement, extra-curricular activities and a recommendation by a staff or faculty member.

Members of the NHS participate in numerous community projects throughout the year, such as holding blood drives on the campus, beach clean-ups and the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life.

Emmanuel Hawkins Named Valley Morning Star Player of the Week

Recently, the local newpaper, the Valley Morning Star, named Emmanuel Hawkins as their Player of the Week. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Emile H. Hawkins of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Hawkins, a sophomore, rushed for 218 yards and scored three touchdowns in the Leathernecks’ opening game against the University of Tamaulipas. Making his performance even more impressive was the fact that this was his first varsity game. He played freshman football for a 6A school in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

During morning colors, representatives from the Valley Morning Star, along with MajGen Wayne E. Rollings, USMC (Ret) presented a personalized plaque to Hawkins, honoring him for his efforts.


The MMA swim team came out strong in their first double dual competition of the year.

Swimming at Brownsville on 13 September, they went up against two teams, Pace High School and Porter High School.

MMA came out on top in both competitions, defeating Porter 56 to 33 and Pace 58 to 32.

The swimmers competing in the double dual meet

Keith Allen, Cesar Barba, Manuel Fernandez, Louis Harrington, Evan Howington, Alex Hutchinson, David Krauss, Ignacio Lopez, Jose Martinez, Mark McCord, Daniel Murtagh, Samuel Smylie and Jose Sotomayor.

The MMA A-Relay team is looking strong with cadets Alex Hutchinson, Cesar Barba, Evan Howington, and Louis Harrington.

Ignacio Lopez came out strong on the diving team, placing 2nd out of the six divers.

Overall, the MMA swimmers performed very well this early in the season.

Cross Country

MMA Cross Country Team participated in it’s third meet of the season this past weekend at McKelvey Park in Harlingen which included schools from across the Lower Rio Grande Valley.

Cadets who competed include Mark Kettenhofer, Miles Hopkins, Jonathan Cheatham, David Mackie and Alan Holt. Other members include Vincent Simmon, Tom Nance, Jacob Richardson, Ling Chang and Chauncey Freund.

Our best placement was by Mark Kettenhofer, who finished 50th in a field of 129 runners; completing the hilly three mile course in a time of 21 minutes 02 seconds.

We expect to participate in six more meets before the season is over. The tentative schedule is: September 22 in Mercedes; September 29 in Rio Hondo; October 6 in LaFeria; October 13 at PSJA -or- Port Isabel; October 20 in Harlingen. The date of the State Meet has not yet been set.

NFL Pro Jacob Green Gives Football Team Pep Talk

The Leatherneck football team was given a pre-game pep-talk by professional football player Jacob Green before the season opener, August 30th, against the University of Tamaulipas.

Mr. Green played college football at Texas A&M University where he was a first team All American pick. Green started his NFL career with the Seattle Seahawks in 1980 and played for eleven years.

In his first year, Green made the All-Rookie team. In 1984 and 1985, he was first-team All NFL and in 1986 and 1987 earned two Pro Bowl berths. In 1990, Green was chosen for the All-Madden Team.

MMA Leatherneck Football 2001!

MMA Leatherneck Football 2001!

With 17 players returning from last year’s roster of fifty-four, Coach Tom Morton didn’t quite know how to answer, “How’s the team gonna be this year, Coach?”

On 31 July, Coach Morton and his staff welcomed 38 players to the pre-season football camp. After registration on 11 August, approximately 20 more cadets reported for try-outs.

Those returning starters from last year’s team are: David Sanchez, quarter-back; John Leonard and Rex Covens, full-backs; Sean Cary and Corey Owens, wide receivers; Matthew Johnson, Brinson Bryan, Luis Villarreal and Xavier Anderson, linemen; Russell Royce, tight end; Sean Ryan, linebacker and Clay Spencer, cornerback.

Other players from last year who will help the team are: Emmanuel Gonzalez and Nick Santillo, both defensive backs and Andy Aristizabal and Alberto Pina, playing as linemen.

After two pre-season scrimmages against the Lyford Bulldogs (7-7) and the Santa Rosa Warriors (14-14), Coach Morton was quick to point out the play of newcomers, Tyler Freeze, Jacob Mayo and Karylake Martin on the line and Emmanuel Hawkins, Nick Grunner, Austen Creech, Stephen Ehrler and Adam Perry, playing at the defensive back and running back positions.

Coach Morton has been pleased with the team’s effort, but noted that MMA has another tough ten game schedule ahead of them. He notes that the team’s success will depend on how quickly the offensive and defensive chemistry can come together.


MMA 49 - Tamaulipas 8

The 2001 football season kicked off for the Leathernecks on 30 August against University of Tamaulipas from interior Mexico.

MMA appeared to be an improved team from last year as they moved the ball up and down the field. Rex Covens scored first on an 18-yard run up the middle. Subsequently, Emmanuel Hawkins scored off left tackle on a 12-yard counter.

Tamaulipas came up with a trick play just before half-time to cut the lead to 14-8 at the half.

After adjustments were made at half-time, the Leathernecks rolled for five second-half touchdowns, holding their opponent to zero.

Emmanuel Hawkins ran for two more touchdowns, Nick Gunner scored on an 11 yard run and Jacob Mayo caught two touchdown passes.

The offense racked up almost 500 yards of total offense, while the defensive side of the ball was led by Sean Ryan, Matthew Johnson and Austen Creech. Stephen Jones ended up with an interception.

Where are they now?

John Neunhoffer- 3167 Castle Canyon Ave, Henderson, NV 89052-4127; (jneunhoffer@msn.com); retired as MSgt USMC Aug98; married Myrna Sarmiento ’93, 5 yr old girl; home in Henderson NV; may be working with INS; asked for address of Bob Lacourse: (bob-usmc@cox-internet.com)

Mike Bolofka- (mbolafka@hotmail.com)- moving back to Boston from FL- email still same; fond memories of MMA & sorry about loss of Bill Cook; hopes to make Reunion 2002.

LtCol Terry Amyx USMC(Ret)- 11645 Capt Rhett Ln, Fairfax Sta, VA 22009; (703) 249-9627; (terryamyx@cs.com); emailed: “no longer dodging & ducking low flying 767’s. My office bldg about 3 mi from Pentagon- able to see fire & smoke after plane crash into Pentagon. Initial word- no Marine casualties. Hope we have political will to do what needs to be done in response to these attacks.”

LtCol Warren Driggers -(driggerswi@11meu.usmc.mil) on 5Sep boarded USS Boxer for return from Med to SoCA & on 26Sep will detach 11th MEU & transfer to MC Security Force Bn in Norfolk- checks in 31Oct; does not have any address yet; will be active again on the net when settled.

Herb Winston - 400 Donley Ct, Southlake, TX 76092 (972)436-2455; (Herb_Winston@AFCC.com); attended MMA 70-73 but not graduate; says “I gained a great deal of self-discipline & motivation from the positive experiences at MMA. The experience & knowledge I attained from MMA has been with me every day & every step of the way in my life.” Attended college- BS in Computer Science & Masters in Finance. “Please allow me to be involved with the Alumni & the Academy. I will be glad to help out in as many ways that I can improve the quality of life & education for our country’s young men.” (Thanks Herb- you are an Alumnus- part of MMA- WES)

LtCol Stan Jozwiak USMC- 304 Neville Cir, Oceanside, CA 92054; (SnDJozwiak@msn.com); finished deployment in the Med along w/LtCol Warren Driggers ’74; while chatting, discovered each are MMA Alumni, then began long discussions of old MMA days. “Warren chewed me out for not keeping in touch & keeping updated w/MMA.” Stan is slated to be G-4 of 1st FSSG- CamPen; making plans to retire in So CA; volunteers to assist MMA recruiting tours in that area.

Lewis Burley - 1565 Ellis Ave, Laurel Springs, NJ 08021; (856) 374-0135; married- Lydia- 19 yrs; 3 boys 17, 15 & 13; left active duty ’93; busy working & raising family; fond memories of MMA.

David Hankins - (dhankins@bayelectric.com) “Driving around the campus, I was most disappointed that some of the buildings with most of my memories were not there anymore. I know the reasons why...they had outlived their use, but they were also a part of the school’s history. The school has come a long way!

Jim Mumma - 1601 Havenwood Dr, Oceanside, CA 92056; (760) 458-0915; (jmumma@peoplepc.com); “Doing great- pilot f/Delta Airlines & part-time for Marine Corps flying attack helicopters (a Major in USMCR); married 11 yrs- Suzanne Rockett of Morpeth, England; son 3.5 & one was due 18Aug; moving to new home in San Diego Co.

James Patton - cell phone: 044-5436-5418; (jpatton@icesamodicon.com .mx)- Jim is Contact Point for Mexican MMA Alumni; all .com.mx Alumni are urged to get in touch with Jim to help organize a Mexican Alumni Chapter in Mexico City. Home Phone: 5308-3436; Office: 5397- 8644.

Ricardo Fernandez- Arista 240, Col.Centro, Vera Cruz, Veracrus, Mexico 91700; (292) 180-0000; (rfernandez@vera.net); RSVP’d- will attend the Anniversary Ball.

George Reynolds- 3413 Palmtree Dr, McKinney, TX 75070-7443; (792) 562-5214; (GReynolds@bfusa.com); inquired about procuring Alumni Directory.

Capt David W. Smith USMC- 2101 East Trant Rd Apt 2007, Kingsville, TX 78363; (361) 834-8453; ( ea6bdave@earthlink.net); 3 1/2 yrs at MCAS Cherry Pt, NC flying EA—6B Prowlers; Amphib Warfare School, Quantico 1 yr; then orders to be a flight instructor at NAS Kingsville flying T-45 Goswhawk- 2 yr tour.

Roberto Ordorica- VP, Latin America, Prudential Real Est Inv-Intnl, 8 Campus Dr, Parsippany NJ 07054; ( 973) 734-1347; (Roberto.Ordorica @prudential.com); will be married 8Dec in Mexico City to Maite Labrador; “I think of MMA often. Give my best to the troops & staff.”; hopes to visit soon. Home phone: (718) 596-5457. emailed: “to thank all those who called to express concern (WTC event). OK- fortunately my team & I were outside of city. Our hearts & sympathy go out to those who are still missing. Saludos.-Roberto.”

Mike Mallard- 93 Covent Rd, Syosset, NY 11791; (516)316-4607; (michael_ mallard@prusec.com); Mike could see the unbelievable spectacle of the events at WTC from his office; kept him off the net for a while but not injured.

Don Hiderliter, II- 5811 Beltline Rd # 1059 Dallas TX 75240; (972) 503-9841; (dhinderliter@flexjet.com); is Business Analyst for Bombardier Aerospace (972) 720-2867; hopes to enter law school this fall; keeps in touch w/Scott Earnest’87, Mike Riley’82, ran into Mike Paker’89 at a Mex restaurant- “exchanged e-mail addresses & phone #s. Its a great feeling knowing that pretty much everywhere you go, someone from MMA family will be there. I can say without a doubt, I would not be where I am today if I had not gone to MMA.” Asked about Mike Mallard.

Miguel Cesar Varela- Buenavista 217, Fracc. las Briasas, Casa Benji I, Acapulco Gro. Mexico C.P. 39867; (cesarvarela@hahoo.com); sent in update of his file; James Patton ’84- (jpatton@icesamodicon.com.mx) is contact man for all MMA Mexican Alumni. Alex Alonso ’87 & Jim discussed ways to get Alumni Chapter going in Mexico at the May Recruiting Presentation.

Adrian Rubalcava - Phone#s-Home: 01 52 5 294-70-16; Work: 01 52 5 5271 69 13; (avaciabu@mail.internet.com.mx); attended MMA 92-94, working for govt now, is a lawyer & will run for Congress next yr; “Really miss MMA & have great memories about those yrs, if U know of any reunion or any way I can help, please contact me!” Hope to see you Adrian at Reunion 2002 on 5-7 April.

Dan Swisher- (curi0usge0rge@hotmail.com) doing a good job in rounding up Alumni.

Ty Salsbery- (purdueit@yahoo.com); 4 yrs USMC ’96-00; will graduate from Purdue this Dec; married- wife Kari.

Lt John Hall III USMC- 13986 Fortuna Bay Drive, Corpus Christi, TX 78418; (361) 949-1304; (jdhallii@hotmail.com); graduate of USNA 2000; in Primary Phase of flight school at NAS Corpus till Dec, flying T-34C & then will select Jets, Props or Helicopters.

Mercado y Blanco - (samercado@ixe.com.mx); to college after MMA, still studying, also working as a financial advisor in the last Mexican owned bank and “it’s great.”

Cpl James E. Tucci USMC - (tuccije@fuji.usmc.mil); sent email asking for addresses of former DI’s MSgt McFarland & SgtMaj Chamberlian; stationed in Japan.

“Cadet” Jared Grisham- P.O. Box 6272, College Station, TX 77844; phone # restricted; email:(marmilman@neo.tamu.edu); in Co “E” at A&M; busy as a bee going thru his “plebe” status; is contact man for Class 2001 but is restricted to his activities right now- Classmates, just use emails.

Cadet John P. Bradley- 2636 Filbert St, San Francisco, CA 94123; (415) 921-7260; first 2001 Alumnus to get on the Alumni Bulletin Board from the MA Maritime Academy; encouraged all to keep spirits & pride up after the WTC event; “expect to see me at Alumni Weekend (Reunion) along with my current admissions director.”

WES-GRAM for September

MMA ANNIVERSARY BALL- Commemoration of MMA’s 36th Anniversary or Birthday Ball will take place on Saturday 3 November. MMA Alumni are welcome to attend. A row of tables will be reserved for them on the far end, left side of the Gym. Please notify : alumni@mma-tx.org or (956) 423-6006 ext 361 or 236, if you plan to attend. Once called the “Homecoming Weekend” till numbers grew large with families and friends. Now, the “real” weekend for Alumni when the focus is on Alumni, is the Reunion in the Spring. Next Reunion is on 5-7 April for ALL Alumni. Until recent years, the Reunion was part of the Cadet Spring Ball.

MMA ALUMNEWS- Forms are being mailed asking for news from All Alumni for our AlumNewspaper to be published in Dec or Jan. Alumni like to read about MMA buddies and what is going on in their lives. Send pictures also, which may be used in the AlumNews paper, the Leader or on MMA web page (mma-tx.org). Alumni Points of Contact by class & region also being sent.

COMMUNICATIONS- Get on the MMA web site: mma-tx.org and click Alumni, fill out the information form and register to get on the Alumni Bulletin Board and exchange messages. Use your own password. If any problem, call ext 236 or 361 or email: alumni@mma-tx.org Please pass on any GOOD emails you may have of other MMA Alumni you communicate with. Don’t forget to inform us of changes in addresses, emails, etc.. Try (Classmates.com) and (mil.com)- as good sources for contact and info.

REUNION 2002- ALL ALUMNI 5-7 APRIL Make your plans to attend now- Get here somehow- even if you have to hitch-hike.


General Wallace M. Greene, USMC (Ret) - 23rd Commandant of the Marine Corps, 1964-1967
Mr. Robert D. Hunsucker
Mrs. Myrtle Mason
Mr. Mendel H. Perry
General Edwin A. Pollock, USMC (Ret)
LtCol H. Kenneth Rodgers, USAF (Ret)
Mr. Sixtus S. Skloss
LtGen Edward Snedeker, USMC (Ret)
Mrs. Gale Spell
Mr. R. C. Whitten
Jake Williams

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