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Connie G. Flores

Bob Morrison, President, Chairman and CEO of Quaker Oats, Guest Speaker at MMA Leadership Forum

Mr. Robert S. Morrison, President, Chairman and CEO of The Quaker Oats Company, came to MMA on 2 February 2001 as the guest speaker at the Academy’s annual Leadership Forum. Mr. Morrison, who served as a highly decorated Marine officer from 1963 to 1967, delivered some potent advice during the forum’s plenary session, which was attended by MMA cadets, faculty, staff members, alumni and trustees.

After describing MMA as “an absolutely first-rate institution,” Mr. Morrison enjoined the cadets to learn leadership (command presence, delegation, physical fitness and integrity) from the Marines and other staff members at the Academy and to embrace learning in general. In his own words, “To be a good leader you have to be smart, know your stuff.” Therefore, he asserted, “leadership without fundamental knowledge is not leadership.”

Mr. Morrison also stressed the importance of love of a higher being, our country, our Corps and what we do. He concluded his remarks by emphasizing the value of luck - i.e., the importance of timing, flexibility and being ready to take advantage of opportunities.

“His advice came across loud and clear, and was well received,” Director of the of Leadership Studies, LtCol Gary Andresen, said. “We are extremely privileged that a leader of Mr. Morrison’s caliber took the time to share his insights with us.”

After a lively question and answer period with the cadets, Mr. Morrison visited the four Leadership Forum panels which conducted in-depth discussions on leadership traits, principles, styles and standards. Each panel was chaired by two Academy staff members, along with a trustee or alumnus and 25 selected Leadership Studies cadets. As such, each group was able to bring together a broad cross-section of young leaders who are committed to building a stronger Corps of Cadets, sharing ideas and developing collaborative leadership skills, and providing themselves with an opportunity to work together in a way that can make a difference.

First-year cadet Nicholas D. Lugo, a 9th grader from Punta Gorda, Florida stated, “ I learned a lot. It was really helpful with regard to leadership principles. I liked the fact that Mr. Morrison admitted he did not have a plan for life at our age. It shows me that I can bring it together like he obviously did.”

Luke A. Jaeger, a new 11th grade mid-term cadet from Newport News, VA commented that “Mr. Morrison was honest and straightforward. I liked the fact that he found his niche in life as a result of the Marine Corps. He must really care for us since he was willing to leave his important job with Quaker Oats and come here. It means a lot to me.”

MajGen Bolden Addresses MMA Cadets

Major General Bolden, Commanding General 3d Marine Aircraft Wing visited the Marine Military Academy on 19 January.

General Bolden has served for 32 years in the Marine Corps and spent the period from 1980, when he qualified as an astronaut, until 1994 with NASA where he logged more than 680 hours in space and served as both pilot and commander on various shuttle missions.

General Bolden spoke to the Corps of Cadets at a morning assembly in Yeckle Hall. He emphasized to the cadets “(1) study hard, (2) work hard, (3) don’t be afraid of failure with the Supreme Power on your side, and (4) know that you are already a role model for others, and make that positive!” This advice is very closely aligned with the lessons of life taught here at the Academy.

Following the morning assembly, General Bolden toured the Academy and joined staff members and trustees for a luncheon in the President’s Mess.

After lunch, General Bolden, with Col Myers and John Butler, the Assistant Dean, attended the senior Honors Class of Geopolitics (International Relations).

From his vast experience as a troop commander, aircraft and astronaut pilot, the General spoke about geopolitics as “nations getting along together as WE learn to get along together with other people of other nations.” He recalled his six-member crew on the Space Shuttle Discovery STS-60, the first US/Russian space shuttle mission.

Gen Bolden noted that in numerous overseas assignments to friendly nations, U.S. military units were introduced to “SOFA,” or Status of Forces Agreements, which allow the building of cooperation with our allied nations, and builds good relations on that person-to-person level toward peace in our world.

His personal “geopolitics” experiences allowed our honors students to gain a more thorough understanding of how one factor of the “international relations equation” can and does lead to our national leadership of other countries.

Many lessons were taught and learned by all students of Dean Meiers and Col Hastings classes.

MMA is truly honored and pleased to have had General Bolden on campus, and we recognize that having such dignitaries come and speak is one of the advantages our cadets enjoy here at the Academy.

Marine Corps Battle Colors Set to Perform

This year’s performance of the world-famous USMC Battle Color Ceremony at MMA has been scheduled for 28 February 2001, starting at 7:00pm.

The one-hour show features the music and marching of the USMC Drum and Bugle Corps and the precision drill exhibition of the Silent Drill Platoon. The program concludes with a pass in review and presentation of the Battle Colors, whose many streamers represent battles and campaigns in which Marines have participated.

These units, which are based at Headquarters Marine Corps in Washington D.C., give hundreds of performances throughout the country each year.

The Battle Color displays the discipline and professionalism associated with the Marine Corps. The MMA performance is the only one in the state of Texas.

The approximately 80 members of the Drum and Bugle Corps, in the ceremonial red and white uniforms, perform a variety of both popular and patriotic music. The 24 members of the Silent Drill Platoon pass and twirl 10-pound M-1 rifles in complex maneuvers without the sound of commands.

Seating for the performance at MMA is limited and is on a first-come, first-served basis. The gates to Bowman Stadium open at 6:30pm. Lawn chairs are welcome and the concession stand will be open.

For more information, please call Veronica Yznaga at (956) 423-6006, Ext. 231

New Director of Museum/Gift Shop Announced

The Marine Military Academy is happy to announce that Mrs. Charlotte Fisher has accepted the position of Director of the Visitor Center.

Mrs. Fisher served as Assistant Director for 5 years with Leona Hand before taking over as Director.

Prior to coming to the Valley, Mrs. Fisher served as the Volunteer Manager of a large Cincinnati hospital gift shop and lunch counter. She had approximately 50 + volunteers working under her leadership. In addition to the hospital, Mrs. Fisher also assisted the Cincinnati Institute of Fine Arts as their Central Vice Chairman and also served the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra as their series ticket salesperson and helped with their fund-raising efforts.

After short stays in Florida and Chula Vista, Mexico, Mrs. Fisher and her husband have settled here in Harlingen.

“The Academy does a tremendous service by honoring the veteran, especially with the Hall of Fame, which is for all veterans and survivors of Iwo Jima,” stated Mrs. Fisher. She added, “ I see in the faces of the visitors how much they appreciate the chance to see another part of history.”

Mrs. Fisher and her assistant, Sandy Reininger, oversee the running of the museum and gift shop, as well as the supervision of approximately 35 volunteers.

MMA Sends 4 Cadets to Rotary Youth Leadership Camp

On 19 January, three Marine Military Academy cadets participated in an informative and enjoyable weekend experience during the Rotary Youth Leadership Award Camp.

Cadets David Mackie, John McNabb and Tom Nance, members of the Academy’s Interact Club which is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Harlingen, attended the camp. The camp is conducted at Camp Zephyr on Lake Mathis, just outside of Corpus Christi, Texas.

The camp was attended by approximately 160 young men and women from numerous high schools throughout southern Texas.

The purpose of the camp is to provide a program designed to shape leadership skills in students who already possess and demonstrate outstanding leadership characteristics in their high schools and communities. RYLA Camp is a youth retreat with the main objective being to expose students to the many phases of leadership by learning from individuals who are already leaders in their community and businesses.

Students attending the RYLA Camp leave the seminar with a better understanding of how to assume a positive leadership role in their school and community.

The camp is built around the axion “strong leaders are made, not born and leadership principles are learned, not inherited.”

The consensus opinion of the 3 cadets was that the intelligence and unpretentious attitude of the other campers was the best they had ever experienced. Many new friendships were formed and they all wanted to attend next year’s camp as counselors.

Texas Legislators Visit MMA Campus During Valley Tour

The Marine Military Academy played host to 30 Legislators from all across Texas on 4 February 2001.

The Legislators were on a tour of the Rio Grande Valley, hosted by the Rio Grande Valley Partnership/Chamber of Commerce.

In addition to the tour of the Academy, they also visited colonias across the Valley, Lockheed Martin and the Times-Warner Facility.

“All were very impressed with the Marine Military Academy,” commented Bill Summers, President/CEO of the RGV Partnership. “They all saw discipline, respect and a willingness to learn.”

Dean’s List

Cadet’s with a first semester grade point average between 3.50 and 3.74.

Cheatham, JD
Cowand, JK
Cripps, BC
Dofelmier, EC
Jenkins, RM
Kobayashi, T
Lambuth, JR
Leekha, KR
Malpica, DM
Marcus, MD
McNabb, JA
Metzger, RL
Nelson, MG
Poor, AR
Rabbett, DM
Robichaux, MW
Ryan, ST
Santillo, NL
Satterwhite, PT
Smith, L Colt
Vernon, BC
Zamora-Legoff, JA

New Members Inducted

NEW MEMBERS were inducted into the MMA National Honor Society on 2 February 2001. They were Erik Dofelmier, John McNabb, Patrick Moore, Vince Simmon, Jr. and Andres Testman, II. Pictured are the new NHS members and the officers. They are (front row, L-R) McNabb, Chris Oakman, Pedro Said, Carlos Dostal and Andre Testman, (back row) Vince Simmon, Jr., Erik Dofelmier and Patrick Moore.

59 Midterm Plebes Graduate

On 3 February, 59 midterm plebes received their certificates of completion and the Marine Corps emblem for their covers. Traditionally, a parade is held after the completion of the Crucible; but, due to inclement weather, the ceremony was held in Yeckle Auditorium.

Upon receipt of their certificates, these 59 young men became full-fledged contributing members of the Corps of Cadets. After all plebes received their certificates, the entire plebe class stood, put the Marine Corps emblem on their covers and recited the Cadet Creed.

Col C.O. Myers, USMC (ret), Commandant of Cadets, remarked, “Overall, the quality of the midterm plebes was exceptional. Throughout the process they maintained a positive, focused attitude and approach to business. I know that the plebes were terribly disappointed when we had to postpone the Crucible due to the abnormally cold and wet weather. I am sure that with this postponement came the feeling that “I have not completed the mission originally assigned.”

As promised, the Crucible has been rescheduled to the evening of 23 February and the early morning of 24 February. They (the plebes) will end up doing everything previous plebe classes have completed. Their final hike will be more challenging than previous plebe hikes. This will conclude with the steak and egg breakfast.

“I am excited about some of the leadership potential I observed on the part of the plebes during their training,” added Col. Myers.

Cadet Corner

Writing a personal mission statement is an important event each semester in Leadership Studies offered at MMA.

As Sean Covey, author of one of the course textbooks used entitled The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens says, “A personal mission statement is like a personal credo or motto that states what your life is about. It is like a blueprint to your life. The most important thing it will do is open your eyes to what’s really important to you and help you make decisions accordingly.”

All Leadership Studies I cadets, under the guidance of LtCol Gary Andresen and GySgt Raul Garcia, recently prepared their spring semester mission statements. Below are some meaningful avowals from selected cadets.

Winston Elliott
8th grade
Bravo Co.

My missions for this semester are to get a golden star (GPA 3.86) and make squad leader by the end of the year. I also want to do well at football camp so I can start playing football.

John M. Leonard
9th grade
Delta Co.

My mission for the rest of this year is to make a 3.00 GPA. All of my life, I have never done very well in school. But last semester I made a 3 point. Now I have the confidence in my academic ability to continue on with making a 3 point. The look on my parents face when they received my report card was such a great look, that it only made me wish I had done even better than that. All they ever wanted from me was to perform to my greatest ability.

Rane C. Pakiz
Bravo Co.

My goals for this year are relatively simple; I want to earn the plebe honor badge. I want to end the school year off with a 3.7 GPA or higher. I want to make my parents proud.

Anthony J. Mendoza
Fox Co.

My mission for the remainder of this school year is to do better in all my subjects and finish with a GPA of 3.5 or higher. I also want to prepare for and score over 1200 on the SAT. By accomplishing these two missions, it will help me gain acceptance into college.

"Sound Mind, Sound Body"

MMA cadets work on the cardiovascular and strength training machines that were generously donated by Mr. Jim Warren, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and Precor USA, who manufactures and markets residential and commercial fitness equipment throughout the world.

Mr. Warren and Precor USA presented the Marine Military academy with over $25,000 worth of work-out equipment, shown in the photos below.

Free weights, also a much needed piece of equipment for strength and cardiovascular training, were generously donated by Mr. Gary Watson.

Many donors, such as the above mentioned, have made their donations to the Academy by accessing the MMA website - MMA-TX. ORG.


The Leatherneck basketball team won the first TAPPS District Championship over the weekend with solid wins over Antonian Prep and Central Catholic.

Moving ahead in District 2, MMA improved to 9-0 with a chance Tuesday to finish undefeated in District play. Friday evening saw the Antonian Prep Apaches enter King Athletic Center for a great matchup.

MMA took care of business early, as it enjoyed a 30-16 lead at the half. Coming out of the lockerroom for the third quarter proved only to be more of the same for the Apaches, as MMA extended its lead in each quarter, eventually winning 72-44. Leading scoring for the Leathernecks was Cal Davis with 22, Cody Victor with 21, Kalen Mahoney with 13, and Aaron Decuir with 12. Adrian Lash and Seth Shockley each contributed 2.

Saturday afternoon brought an electric atmosphere, as Central Catholic came to King Athletic Center to try to avenge the 20 point loss MMA served them in San Antonio.

MMA, however, had plans of their own as a District Title was at stake with the game. The first quarter went back and forth, but MMA finally took the advantage 17-9. Halftime proved to be deja-vu for Central, as both games MMA led by almost identical margins of 10 and 11 points. Coming out of the half, MMA served up a 10-0 scoring run, sparked by Cody Victor’s steal and dunk. MMA would build a lead of 20 points, but Central would fight back to within 9 at one point. MMA secured the win with a score of 66-54.

Leading the Leathernecks in scoring was Cody Victor with 20, Cal Davis with 18, Aaron Decuir with 10, Kalen Mahoney with 9, Adrian Lash with 5, while Seth Shockley and Sean Ryan each contributed 2.

The win secured the District Championship for MMA, who will now finish the regular season Tuesday, 6 February at St. Joseph’s with a chance to finish undefeated in district.

District Results

MMA vs.

68 St. Joseph’s 32
74 Holy Cross 50
70 St. Anthony’s 43
50 Antonian Prep 42
82 Central Catholic 62
64 Holy Cross 49
67 St. Anthony’s 40
72 Antonian Prep 44
66 Central Catholic 54
80 St. Joseph’s 36

Swim Team To State TAPPS Meet

The MMA swim team competed in the TAPPS state swim meet recently with a total of 68 schools participating. The competition was great with some very fast swimmers.

MMA swimmers did quite well, bringing their times down in each event in the preliminaries.

MMA’s first competitor was Ignacio Lopez, who competed in the 200 Freestyle. Although he did not advance to finals, he did drop his personal best time of 2:35.31 down to 2:29.24.

The next competition that the MMA swimmers competed in was the 50 freestyle. Participating in that event were Evan Howington - 25.73, Cesar Barba - 28.23, Tyler Harrison - 25.50 and Lewis Harrington - 25.10. While MMA had improved their times in this event, it was not enough to move any of them into the finals.

Competing in the 100 fly were Cesar Barba and Tyler Harrison. Barba dropped his time from 1:17.67 to 1:14.48 and Tyler Harrison dropped his time from 1:14.78 to 1:08.14. Harrison’s time was good enough to give him a 12th place standing, but was not quite good enough to make the finals.

Competing in the 100 free was Lewis Harrington. He had his all time best of 55.40, which tied him for the 9th place finals alternate. The alternate is the one who will compete in the finals if one of the top eight swimmers is unable to compete. Since there was a tie for the alternate, a swim off was conducted immediately after the prelims to try and break the tie and determine the alternate. The other team elected to forfeit the 9th place finish to Harrington, moving him into the ninth place finish.

Because all the swimmers made the 100 free style finals, Harrington did not get to try and improve his time again.

The last competition MMA competed in was the 200 Freestyle Relay. MMA swam a 1:45.12 in the preliminaries, which was good enough to advance the relay team into the finals. MMA competed in the finals in this event and placed 8th with a time of 1:45.51.

All in all, the swimmers did quite well in the competition and are determined to be back again next year.

Where Are They Now?

Ron Doyle -
1120 Scotland Avenue Chambersburg, PA 17201-1242 (717)267-0804 rdoyle@pa.net Stopped at the school on his way to Kaneohe, Hawaii back in ‘69. MGySgt Wolf was back from Nam then. Is presently with the Department of Defense, getting ready to retire in about three more years. States we have all changed over the years but says his biggest change is that he finally lost most of his hair. Went into the Marine Corps as an enlisted man in ‘67 and really enjoyed four years. Was the first to enter the Marine Corps from the Academy and says his drill instructors found out. Boy that was fun! That goes into a long list of stories, but still loved Boot Camp and made PFC from boot camp. At that time, only 10% made it as PFC. Anyone not going on to college from the Academy and decides to enlist now will automatically be promoted to PFC. Anyone know anything about Mike McNaught - also from 66?

Ray Wassel -
2820 Cravey Dr. N.E., Atlanta, GA 30345. 770-801-4005 wassel@mindspring.com. Ray Quality Systems and Standards. Won’t be able to attend reunion, will be battling the wind/ waves in the So. Ocean, enroute from Sydney to Cape Town. Team - Olympic Group, is currently in fourth place overall after finishing second in the last leg of the race. Yachts are in Wellington for two weeks preparing for the next leg to Sydney. Hopes reunion is a great success. Wants everyone to visit race website, www.btchallenge.com. ESPN2 is broadcasting coverage of the last leg, Buenos Aires to Wellington, on Saturday, 24 February, at 1300 EST.

Herm Neslon -
405 ‘B’ N. Juniper St. Escondido, CA 92025 (760) 737-9373 PWTRT@aol.com. Currently located in north San Diego County. Moved to San Diego after being awarded an athlete residency at the ARCO U.S. Olympic Training Center, in Chula Vista after the Atlanta Olympics in 1997. Body did not cooperate well with the training load, though, and withdrew from the 1997 World Track & Field Championships team due to hamstring and groin injuries. Has now transitioned from athletics to regular career life. Works for a small company in the optics field, strictly a coating lab whose specialty area is infrared optics. Typical high-energy applications of that type would include industrial cutting lasers and weapon lasers. Low-energy applications include equipment such as night-vision systems and medical imaging systems, for example. Is actually quite happy to have traded the challenges of elite-level sport competition for a new set of challenges in a technical career. Is still fairly new to the work, two years into it, and the company is less than four years old. Is still single.

Major Giles Kyser -
kyserjames@hotmail.com. Back in D.C. at HQMC PP&O after three very busy years at the Special Operations Command in Europe. Will be there for 2 years and with any luck be down in March for the reunion. Had a tremendous tour in Germany and did some extensive travelling as a family during the limited time when he wasn’t deployed. Even made it to Belleau Wood this past May for the commemoration. Probably the best part was the fact that his Dad, MGySgt Jim Kyser USMC (Ret) was able to come over with this mom and join them for that weekend. Stated it was an inspiring time.

Maj Pat Redmon, USMC. - Hqs., Marine Forces Europe, CMR 480 Box 3234, APO AE 09128. redmon@greennet.de. Bn Cmdr 1st semester, coming to reunion from Germany. Children Christopher Bern (2), Connor McLaughlin (6) and wife Judy will not make it. Giles Kyser, Mike Stahlman and self are on the LtCol’s list this month. Most folks would have figured that we three would have been the likely ones to still “be standing” 20 years later — at least in terms of active duty USMC service. Kyser actually lived less than a mile apart last year; he was stationed here in Stuttgart from 1997-2000. Small world, huh? Giles back in the VA area, working at HQMC. Will get in touch with him (and Stahlman, too) to remind them of the 20th reunion.

C.J. Johnson -
cj@cjjohnson.com. Master Hypnotist & Illusionist, author of More Shows! More Money! Glad to hear that things are back on the right track at the Academy. Did have a conference the weekend of the reunion, but decided not to go because my business partner has other commitments - so may be able to make it down after all. Will be performing in the Valley in April (the 19th). Doing a hypnosis show at UT Pan Am in Edinburg. Will try to stop by then to say “Hi”. Next year is his 20th reunion. Will certainly be back for that - even if he has to turn away gigs. “Life is great.” Busy on the road performing at colleges across the country with his hypnosis show and still touring theaters in Texas with the Illusion show. Wrote a book this summer for magicians on marketing and business, is doing very well, becoming something of an underground hit with working pros. Now writing a book on study habits to accompany a workshop he is doing on college campuses while out there doing the hypnosis show! Has 6 or 7 other book ideas that are in the outline stage right now - goal is to write 2-3 books a year, in addition to the shows he is doing. Has boys (3 of them Jonathan 9, Peter 7, Nicholas 6) and are all growing fast and are really good kids. Wife Kim and he live in the country outside of Austin. Hopes to see everyone in March/April at the reunion.

Capt. Mark Miller - 158 Po’o Po’o Place, Kailua, Hawaii 96734. kingtic@aol.com.

Rodney Hunter - rhunter04@snet.net - Still working for Whelen Engineering Co., in Connecticut. Had second child in Oct., Savannah, and first child, Trevor, is now three years old. Job involves traveling throughout the country with NASCAR racing series, which is real interesting, but the traveling is hard when the kids are so young. Very happy to hear that Gen Rollings is onboard. “What a great man and I’m sure a wonderful super.” Was very saddened by the new of Gen.Spanjer’s passing last year; wishes his family all the best. Will never forget him, or Gunny Morton, who was “father” for 4 years of his life.

Rick Anderson - PO Box 1151, Frankfort, MI 49635 rick@networkalpha.com. Relocated back to home state of Michigan after 23 years in Texas. In the spring, will commence operations recovering old antique logs sunk during the logging days. Started working on this project 2 years ago from a jungle in Liberia and Sierra Leonne when he was there on a little job at the time. Newly created Michigan legislation allows for persons to obtain the permits to recover these old logs and market them. He and partners did the exploration and he has the recovery rights. In addition to commercial diving, works on an ambulance service and fire department here as well and is in the process of helping to create a dive team for the sheriffs department.

Christopher T. Martin -
psyopcop@aol.com. In Germany extracting three of teams from the Kosovo theater of OPS during reunion time, won’t make it down. Is a PLT SGT in Army Special Ops, (reserve). Wife just given birth to first son, Caleb Thomas. Both police officers in Ohio and eventually plan on returning to his beloved MMA one day.

John Zuhowski - 1853 Somersby Lane, Virginia Beach, VA 23456 (757) 430-6193. beatarmy91@earthlink.net Graduated from the Naval Academy in ‘91. Served there also in ‘97 as instructor; recently been ordered to take command of USS SHAMAL (PC-13), a Patrol Coastal, which is a cross between a PBR and PT boat. Command of a commissioned vessel at sea is the ultimate goal of any Naval Officer. Must attend a few schools, command ceremony to take place sometime in May. Married and has a little girl named Megan Elizabeth.

Chuck Flournoy -
kflournoy@pdq.net. Married to Kristi in March 2000. Graduated from Southwest Texas State with a BBA in Management Information Systems and is currently a Senior Analyst with American General Financial Group in Houston.

Michael H. Mallard -
UBS Warburg Principle Finance & Credit Arbitrage, 1285 Avenue of the Americas, 11th Floor New York, NY 10019, 212-713-4153. michael.mallard@ubsw.com. Things hectic up in NYC. Company recently went through a merger, so still getting used to the new digs. Sgt. Major Stiegerwald was right. Although accomplished objective of becoming an Army Airborne Officer (Reserves), deep down wishes he was part of the Corps. - should have listened to him!

Nathan Bedford Forrest W Davis -
6641 Billingsgate Rd., Mobile, AL 36619 (334)660-9877. nfdavis@zebra.net
Went to the University of Alabama for freshman through junior years and graduated from the University of Mobile with a major in History and minor in Political Science. Been very involved in politics, besides this last election and plans on running for state house of representatives in two years. Currently works for the Sheriff’s Dept in the warrants division and just recently got real estate license. Plans to eventually resign from the warrants division to go into real estate full time. Married to Angela Stephanie Grissom. Just had first child, Ethan Marseille W Davis, on September 1, 2000. Stays in touch with Kwan Lee, Joseph Hughes, and Jack Waterson (all class of 93). Says he also stays in touch with Robert Long (class of 92).

Mr. Scott S. Ulrich - 404 Oak Dr. Tool, TX 75143-1560.

Stephen Sorrells - stephen_sorrells@yahoo.com (972) 475-1265. Lead MIS technician for information services for Brinks. Wife is a radiologic technologist. Can’t make it to reunion, as having knee surgery for a torn ACL on right knee.

Devohn V. Simms -
dvsenterprises@ihotmail.com. MMA recruiter. Is President and Owner of DVS Enterprises.

Francisco Arturo Avila Anaya -
Av. Toluca 491, Col. Olivar de los Padres, Delgacion Alvaro Obregon, CP 01780 Mexico, Distrito Federal. W(5) 11721 10 (H) 681 22 50. aavila@sre.gob.mx Saw the MMA website on the internet; how good his dear and unforgetable Academy is developing. Is now an Attorney at Law, graduating from the Colegio Superior de Ciencias Juridicas and did studies for latin american students on the US legal system at The University of Texas, at Austin. As a consequence of that, the Governor of Texas (now President of the United States), George Bush confered the grade of Honorary Texan to him. Professionally, he is now Secretary of International Political Affairs of the National Revolutionary Front in Mexico, Director of the legal area of the Mexican Car Dealers Association, and VP of “Operadora de Franquicias Concesiones Y Representaciones de Mexico”, one of the most polemic enterprises in México in the year 2000, because it changes the way of relation´s between the past goverment and enterprises. By invitation of the Ministry of International Affairs of Mexico, specifically by the Chief of Political Affairs Office, he is now Director of Senate Affairs at the Ministry of International Affairs. Every Wednesday, he gives political comments on a radio stationed called “ Cupula Empresarial”. Availa states that “All the thing´s that I have mention here will help in the motivation of the cadets, specifically the Mexican Nationals, because at only 23 years old, I have done these things in a great part because of MMA”

Let the Good Times Roll


Major General Wayne Rollings, President of the Marine Military Academy, takes pleasure in extending invitations to ALL Alumni and their families, to join together to commemorate and celebrate their annual gathering, as a vital part of the whole MMA family. Take time now to make your reservations and plan to relive those fond memories of the past.


Friday 30 March

Registration all day in Cadet Activities Center
Old MMA film viewed on large screen throughout the day
Tours of campus- at your leisure or escorted tours at 1030 & 1300- more if needed
Alumni invited to visit Barracks & Classrooms- with discretion
1100-1300 Lunch available in messhall
1220- Alumni Review Cadet Corps marching to chow- as Honored Guests
1300-1430 Rifle Range- test your skill, ladies invited to shoot
1500-1600 Alumni (selected & volunteers) address Cadet Corps
Srs at Cadet Activities Center; Alumni present MMA Alumni lapel pin to Srs
Underclassmen in Auditorium
1700- Evening meal available in Mess Hall (Reminder- heavy hors d’oeuvres served at Reception)
1830- Evening Parade by Cadet Corps- Honoring Alumni
Alumni receive Pass in Review with President
After Parade, Alumni assemble at Iwo Monument for photos & short memorial service honoring faithfully departed MMA family
1930- 2200 Reception at President’s House

Saturday 31 March

0830-0930 Continental Breakfast- Cadet Activities Center
0930-1100 Business Meeting- Cadet Activities Center
Gen Rollings opens up meeting with MMA update info
1100-1300 Annual Softball game: Cadet Corps vs Alumni (Alumni favored 2-1)
1300- Hamburgers & Hot Dogs on the Ball Field
1330-1500 Rappelling Tower & “O” Course- for the daring- signed liability waivers required - for the faint of heart: observe
1500-1700 Free time- Rest & Recuperate
1800-2200 Cocktails, Dinner - Harlingen Co. Club (cash bar, $16 per person)

Sunday 1 April

0800-1100 Sunday Brunch (includes traditional SOS) available in Messhall
0945-1200 Recon Paintball war

Casual attire for weekend. Important: Drive carefully - Don’t drink & drive.
Get Registrations in ASAP; Limited Sitter Services; Meals @ Messhall free to Alumni.
Staff and Faculty members encouraged to visit Cadet Activities Center & mix w/Alumni.


William A. Allison
Col Clifton M. Craig, USMC (Ret)
George Collins - Former Marine
LtCol William Dicus, USMC (Ret)
Albert J. Doherty
Howard Ehrlenbach
MajGen Robert E. Friedrich, USMCR (Ret)
Evelyn Hutkin
Jack B. Hynes
Christopher Lee Heard - MMA ‘99
SgtMaj Walter F. Heckman, USMC (Ret)
Mrs. Dorothy Lovgren
Brigadier General Walter S. McIlhenny, USMCR (Ret)
Rex G. McIlvaine
1stLt Harvel Moore - KIA Tarawa
Frederick S. Scantling
LtCol Warren “ Jake” Skvaril, USMC (Ret)
David O. Stone
John Van Riper
Lt John Williams Overton, WWI recipient of Navy Cross & Distinguished Service Cross

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