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Former Marine and VP of Tellabs Operations, Mr. Chris Cooney, Addresses Corps of Cadets

On 28 February and 1 March, Mr. Chris Cooney, VP of Tellabs Operations, Inc. visited MMA.

Mr. Cooney joined MajGen Wayne Rollings, USMC (Ret), President of the Academy, as the Reviewing Officer at the Battle Colors ceremony held on 28 February at Bowman Stadium.

Mr. Cooney then addressed the Corps of Cadets the following morning at an assembly in Yeckel Auditorium.

Mr. Cooney is a highly-decorated formerMarine Corps officer and is currently the Vice President of Tellabs Operations, Inc., a telecommunications organization which designs, manufactures, markets and services data, voice and video transport, switching/routing systems and network access systems. The company’s products are used worldwide by the providers of communications services.

Mr. Cooney spoke to the cadets concerning the core values that they establish at an early age and how they can effect the remainder of their lives. He gave personal examples from his early years growing up, learning from the experiences and exposures of various family members as well as examples of lessons learned while serving in the Marine Corps.

While speaking to the cadets, he gave them a list of “Life Lessons” to be learned and practiced.

These life lessons he shared with them were: 1) to tell the truth and be truthful to yourself, 2) to do your best, no matter how trivial the task, 3) to choose the difficult right over the easy wrong, 4) that success in business, as in most sports, is a team effort, 5) to not whine or make excuses, take action and do your best, and 6) that a good life is characterized by harmony among emotions, the body, the intellect and the spirit.

The Academy staff, faculty and Corps of Cadets feel most honored and thankful that Mr. Cooney took time out of his busy schedule to visit and address the cadets.

Another Successful Alumni Reunion Held

Craig Matteson , class of ‘79, receives the Alumnus of the Year Award from Gen Wayne E. Rollings during the Corps of Cadets parade held Friday, 31 March during Reunion 2001.

Major General Robert E. Friedrich, Friend of Academy, Passes Away

MajGen Robert E. Friedrich, USMCR (Ret), a long-time generous donor to the Marine Military Academy, passed away on December 8, 2000.

MajGen Friedrich was not only supportive of our cadets during his lifetime, he left a trust of $10,000 to the Academy which will provide a grant of $600.00 to the graduating Senior who has the highest marks in both academics and military science.

Gen Friedrich had a 41-year career in the Marine Corps Reserve. He served as an enlisted man in the early stages of World War II; was commissioned in 1944 and served in the Pacific with the 4th Marine Division.

He received his L.L.B. degree from Temple University Law School and was a member of the Bar of both Pennsylvania and New York for over 40 years, as well as a member of the Bar of the U.S. Supreme Court. He was in private practice in July 1950 when he was recalled to active duty for the Korean War. He returned to the private sector in September of 1951, and continued his affiliation with the U.S. Marine Corps.

Friedrich was promoted to Major General in 1975, and in May, 1980 he retired, completing 40 years of service.

We are grateful to the memory of General Friedrich and recognize this gift as a means of his living on in the lives of the young men who are educated and trained in the Marine Corps way at the Marine Military Academy.

Military Training Gave This Man Courage

Recently a successful business man, head of a large corporation, wrote a letter telling what military training had done for him.

It was nearly 35 years since he had gone out from “the old school” and he wrote from a rich experience in the business world. He said:

I have been trying to think just what I got from the old school that was of more worth to me than anything else, and I have come to the conclusion that I can put it in one word. It was COURAGE. I don’t mean physical courage, though I think, too, I got some of that. I mean something bigger than that, something bigger even than moral courage. I mean the courage to face life, the courage to meet discouragement, the courage to face difficulties, the courage to go on even when everything seemed to go against me, the courage to say “no” when “no” was what I ought to say, the courage to stand by my convictions and on my principles, the courage to meet defeat, and the courage to win.

The military school offers sound training in the useful branches of knowledge. Many recent high-standing graduates of the great universities received their preparatory training in the military schools. But it also develops those virile qualities of manhood which are so necessary all through life.

Military training gives initiative and the ambition to do. The boy quickly learns that it is not enoughmerely to “get by.” He studies and marches and drills in competition with other boys who are his equals and he knows he must stand or fall by his own efforts. Thus he develops self-reliance and aggressiveness.

Orderliness, precision and promptitude are the essence of military training. They are drilled and instilled into the boy and help to make him an efficient worker in whatever he undertakes. The man who does his work without system or order or who has not been trained to do the right thing at the right time and in the right way will always labor under a great disadvantage.

The military schools are not conducted to make soldiers, but to make citizens. They invite your investigation when selecting a school for your son.

Published by The Association of Military Colleges and Schools of the United States

This piece was found recently by Chaplain Leo McDonald in an August, 1926 edition of Good Housekeeping. Chaplain McDonald stated that “those principles and ideals should still be in vogue today and they are at the Marine Military Academy.”

Band marches on in Lafayette for Mardi Gras 2001

The MMA Band had an incredible three weeks recently, culminating with a trip to Lafayette, La. for the annual Mardi Gras celebration.

The MMA Band has traditionally led the King’s and Queen’s Parades for what is the original Mardi Gras celebration here in the United States.

Each parade was 5.6 miles long, with the first one being a night parade, and the height of Mardi Gras “Fat Tuesday” parade the following morning.

The Band did an absolutely superb job in both parades and was greeted with unexpected enthusiasm as they marched down the parade route both days. With the crowd applauding and screaming laudatory greetings, and even signs that read “We love our MMA Band,” “Welcome Back MMA,” and even those that continue to think that these wonderful cadets are an actual Marine Band, the band marched proudly through the streets of Lafayette, La.

This year had an unprecedented amount of parents attending, and the band and its leader can’t thank them enough for all of their incredible support and enthusiasm.

The Alvarez family, the Sniders, the Ackels, Mrs. Fruend, and Mr. Lennard did so much on this trip to help. Carrying water, picking up dropped equipment, checking uniforms, fixing all the “little things” right before the parade, and even marching the 12.2 miles with the band. This meant so much to the cadets. With these and other parents showing such a great level of enthusiasm for the Band, the cadets can’t help but be proud of themselves and do great things.

After the General H.M. Smith Dinner and Parade, the Iwo Jima Monument event, the Iwo Jima Parade, and the Iwo Jima Dinner, the Mardi Gras Parades were met with an enthusiasm and confidence that was well deserved and earned.

The Band has made tremendous strides this year and continues to improve. GREAT JOB MMA BAND!!

MMA Boy Scouts Busy with Activities

Academy President, MajGen Wayne A. Rollings, assisted by Col. R.G. Hill, Chief of Staff, Col. C.O. Myers, Commandant of Cadets and SgtMaj Ford Kinsley, Academy Sergent Major were all on hand recently to congratulate MMA Boy Scouts during a Scout Court of Honor (awards presentation ceremony). Also assisting was MMA Trustee and alumnus, class of ‘70, Mr. Bill Card, III. Card also serves on the Boy Scout Review Board.

Presented with achievements earned from attending the annual week-long Winter Camp conducted by the Rio Grande Council, BSA, held during the week between Christmas and New Year, were cadets: Anthony Aguilar, Patrick Allen, Brinson Bryan, Gabriel Calvin, Daniel Evans, Richard Martinez, Stanley Ferguson, Alan Holt, Justin Stanton, Colin Scherr, Kevin Zaiontz, Christopher Oakman and Austin Murphy.

Also awarded with scouting achievements were cadets Daniel Baucum, Sean Darby, Taylor Watson and Joshua Kim. In addition, several Troop 22 Scouts were presented with the BSA World Conservation Award. Those cadets receiving this award were Anthony Aguilar, Gabriel Calvin, Kevin Zaiontz, Daniel Evans, Marcus Nelson and Richard Martinez.

The troop also recognized GySgt Antonio Aguilar, Delta Co. D.I. for taking a week of his vacation to spend Winter Camp with our troop.

The Scouts were also presented with the Rio Grande Council’s Polar Bear Camper Award for camping out in tents with the temperature reached 32 degrees.

One of the last, but most significant requirements needed to earn the Eagle Scout Award, is a community service project. Three MMA Scouts have just completed their projects.

Daniel Evans of Alpha Co. and Collin Scherr of Golf Co. each planned and gave leadership to the complete construction of new 15’X15’ prefabricated steel picnic shelters in Harlingen’s Rangerville Park. Cadet Anthony Aguilar of Echo Co. completed his required community service project by rebuilding 15 sections of bleacher seating in two Harlingen city parks. All of these projects took over 200 man-hours to complete.

Several more MMA Scouts will plan and lead an Eagle Scout project during this school year. The troop expects to have 8-10 cadets complete all the requirements for the Eagle Scout Award and be presented with their Eagle Scout badges in May.

Several more camping trips and other activities are planned for this school year. Over 80 cadets have participated in MMA’s Boy Scout program this year.

Traditional Junior/Senior Ring Dance Held

On Saturday, 31 March, MMA cadets enjoyed the return of a popular tradition, the Junior/Senior Ring Ceremony and Dance.

Dressed in formal blue bravo, the cadets celebrated one last dance with their friends before graduating next month!

The evening began with the Junior/Senior Ring Ceremony, an old tradition last held at MMA in 1987, where a junior cadet is presented with his graduation ring by a senior cadet of his choice. This year, we had 32 ring presentations, each followed by the senior’s words of wisdom and encouragement to all juniors.

Captain Patrick Moore was the master of ceremonies for the evening.

After the ring presentations, junior Russell Royce called all seniors to the main floor for a special surprise. On behalf of the junior class, the seniors were presented with silver keylocks inscribed with the words “Semper Fidelis 2001.” Battalion Commander, Nicholas Boire, then raised his glass and had everyone toast to a great senior class and to a bright future.

A special thanks to Delta parents, Roger and Irma Taube, Alpha parents, Ray and Debbie Birden, Ruben Garcia, Tessie Kinsley, MMA cheerleaders, MMA maintenance personnel and cadets Norwood, Adams, Birden, Patterson, Manchester, Santillo, and Krauss, for helping with the fabulous balloon creations and preparations for the dance.

Also, a great big thank-you to Fox company cadets Sheklanov and Zaiontz for being the designated photographers for the event. They did a great job capturing the spirit and celebration of the evening. Their great photos can be seen in the What’s New page at www.mma-tx.org.

Cadets Assist American Cancer Society's Relay For Life 2001

The annual Relay For Life was held April 6 & 7 at Boggus Stadium.

The relay is held to raise money for the American Cancer Society. MMA participated with a team of 15 runners and two alternates.

The runners were: Cadets Carlos Dostal, Patrick Moore, Vince Simmon, John McNabb, Christopher Oakman, Eric Dofelmier, Taiku Kobayashi, James Dehe, Patrick Freden, Stephen Bouchard, David Sanchez, Jesse Garland, Wolf Honefenger, Jeremy Niu, Tyler Harrison, and alternates Mark Kettenhofen and Louis Bitonti.

The team ran from Friday evening to Saturday morning for a total of 429 laps to win the title for the most laps run. The team also collected over $2500 for cancer research.

The cadets enjoyed the event and were “the life of the party.” They helped other teams set up camp and assisted in setting up luminaries. They also participated in the “Decathlon in the Dark” and gave a few rousing karaoke performances during the evening.

This was MMA’s fifth year to participate in the relay. MSgt McFarland, Echo DI, started the tradition with his company in 1997 and then joined efforts with Lorraine Loyan to include NHS members the following year. Since then, MSgt McFarland has included members from other companies as well as NHS and his company. He, along with Mrs. Diolanda Dye and Miss Patricia Cavazos, helped coordinate the team efforts this year.

Boy Scouts and Interact Club Assist Rotarians

MMA Boys Scouts and Rotary Interact Club Members recently helped the Harlingen/San Benito Rotary Clubs with their annual Shrimp Boil. Boy Scout Daniel Evans (l) and Interact Club member Keith Allen (r), along with approximately 16 other MMA cadets, volunteered to clear tables and assist in serving well over 1,000 diners.

Cadets take Field Trip to Corpus Christi

On Saturday, 24 March, 48 cadets took a field trip to Corpus Christi, Texas.

The trip started with a stop at the Texas State Aquarium, where the cadets enjoyed the beautiful fish and unique creatures of the sea. A favorite spot of the Aquarium for the cadets was the ‘snack bar.’

For lunch, the cadets enjoyed the beautiful weather at a park located on Ocean Drive. They had a great time feeding the seagulls, taking a stroll on the pier, eating ice cream and playing in the playground.

Next stop was the USS Lexington aircraft carrier. The group took a two hour guided tour, learning about the history of the USS Lexington. After the tour, the cadets were treated to a short film inside the ship’s new theatre.

The final stop on the trip was the Padre Staples Mall, where the boys had two hours to shop and eat dinner at the food court. Some cadets even made friends and received free photos with the Easter Bunny at the mall!

The trip back had the boys laughing, as they watched a comedy movie on the bus.

A special thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Mike Mahoney, Mrs. Dio Dye and Hannah Mahoney for accompanying Miss Cavazos on the trip. It was a long day, plenty to do, but everyone had a great time!

Cadet Corner

Recently, in Mrs. Jane Chancellor’s eighth grade English class, students read “A Monkey’s Paw”, written by W.W. Jacobs. Mrs. Chancellor then asked her students to write a short response to the question: “What are the advantages and disadvantages of being granted a wish?” Below are two responses from Cadet David Rabbett and Cadet Corey Paige.

“Monkey’s Paw Wish”
Having a wish come true has many advantages. For example, one could wish for anything one ever wanted or needed. Maybe, the person could become immortal or rich. In addition, someone could wish to become a powerful man, for example, a powerful politician. Furthermore, someone with AID’s might wish to become healthy again. Therefore, having a wish come true could have many advantages.
Having a wish come true could also have many disadvantages. For example, if one wanted to become rich, one might get the wish, but not have anyone with whom to share it. As a result, the person might not enjoy his wish. In addition, if someone wished to become immortal, one might become depressed after the death of one’s family and friends. For example, a father might outlive his sons or daughters. Furthermore, having a wish come true, and having it hurt someone might drive the one who wishes insane. For example, one might wish to have all of the money in the world, but this might cause wide spread starvation and crime. Therefore, having a wish come true could have advantages, but also have many disadvantages.

David Rabbett
Eighth Grade
Fox Company

“Advantages and Disadvantages of Being Granted a Wish”
There are advantages and disadvantages of being granted a wish. For example, if one wishes to be in a rock band, there will be advantages. One advantage being you will have millions of fans. In addition, one will be a celebrity who is so popular you will be known worldwide. Also, that lucky person will be to travel the world. But most of all, one will have the time of his life. Those are some advantages of being granted a wish.
On the other hand, there are disadvantages of being granted a wish. For example, people won’t like you for who you are, but instead, hold you in high regard on account of your wealth. In addition, you will never be able to keep a long relationship going because you would always be traveling. Furthermore, you probably won’t get married or have children, nor have time to take care of them. Therefore, there are advantages and disadvantages of being granted a wish.

Corey Paige
Eighth Grade
Alpha Company

Backpacking Club Hits the Trails

Imagine hiking a rugged trail, miles from the nearest road, with several friends. The path leads over the rounded bends of Enchanted Rock State Park, or the timbered hills of Bastrop State Park, or maybe the Windmill Backpack area of Colorado Bend State Park, where you’ll hike near Lake Buchanan. Imagine a tour of the Crawling Cave. With a pack riding easily on your shoulders and containing all the gear you’ll need for your trek, you’re roaming the backcountry. The clean smell of the forest drifts in the air, and you’re enjoying the excitement of exploring new territory, all the while sharpening your camping, woodsman and land navigational skills.

Those who seek challenge, learning and the spirit of camaraderie have found it with the Marine Military Academy Backpacking Club.

Recently, the Backpacking Club experienced just these things with a trip to Bastrop State Park, near Austin, Texas.

Under the watchful and trained eye of SgtMaj James Poe, cadets Corey Dunn, James Glass, Devin Gonzalez and Justin Staton learned how to plan the trip and secure the proper equipment and provisions, load the pack, prepare the backpacking menu, review the rules of the trail and understand the weather as well as the use of a map and compass.

These campers also are learning how to camp and travel lightly on the land, while learning how to enjoy and protect the wilderness.

Climbing Club Takes Trip to Reimer's Ranch

On Saturday, 24 March, four members of the MMA Climbing Club traveled to Austin with their coaches to do some climbing at Reimer’s Ranch.

The climbers on this trip included Cadets Nicholas Boire, Michael Boer, Stefan Kelly and Patrick Satterwhite, along with coaches GySgt. Garcia and Maj. Compton.

Reimer’s Ranch is considered one of the premier climbing areas in Central Texas with numerous climbs rated from 5.6 to 5.13c.

As this was their first trip to this area, the climbers initially tackled one of the 5.10 climbs, which was top roped. After much effort and a few slips, all the climbers successfully completed the climb.

This climb was followed by a more difficult 5.11 climb, which proved too hard, due to early morning rains which left many of the holds slippery.

The day was finished with some fun bouldering along the Perdanales River just below the cliff face.

Never A Dull Moment Here

If you ever hear a young man sigh that “there’s nothing to do, ” just let him take a look at the activities available at the Marine Military Academy.

Weekends are filled with field trips with the Special Events Coordinator, sailing excursions on the Laguna Madre Bay with the Mariner’s Club, Boy Scout campouts and out of area bicycling trips with the Bicycle Club.

These activites and more can be found on our webpage www.mma-tx.org. Never again will you hear “I’m so bored.”

Judo Team Attends US National Tourney

Cadets Sean DuBose, Michael O’Nale, Alex Noriega and Keith Allen recently attended the United States Judo National High School Championships in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Competition was March 17, 2001 at the Indiana Sports Zone.

Prior to competition, the cadets went to Albany, New York and had a one-on-one 4-day clinic with Olympic silver medallist Jason Morris. After the clinic, they flew to Indiana and competed in the US Nationals.

Weigh in was held Friday and divisional draws were completed on Friday night.

Cadet DuBose placed 6th in the US in the 66 kg.catagory.

Although Cadets Allen, O’Nale and Noriega did not place, they fought hard and represented MMA with distinction.

Coach David De La Santos has worked hard this year with our Judo team and the results statewide has been evidenced!

MMA supporter Stuart Unger of Chicago, Illinois was at the tournament to watch his daughter compete. Mr.Unger had the opportunity to have a long visit with Team Captain Cadet DuBose and Coach De La Santos about the MMA Judo program.

The competition drew over 400 competitors from all across the nation.

MMA Golf Team in Full Swing for 2001

This year, the spring golf season seems to bump into questionable weather at every turn, from cold north winds to southeasterly gales, but the Border Golf Classic, hosted by Hidalgo High School at Tierra de Sol Golf Course in Pharr recently, had the good fortune to have a perfect day for a tournament, and the scores of the MMA golf team reflected those perfect scoring conditions.

MMA’s #l team captured lst place in the tournament field of l4 teams, with Memo Montemayor winning the medalist honors with a score of 73, and Remington Post taking third place in a playoff, shooting 76.

Other scores of the first team members were David Mackie with an 82, David Square with an 87, and Chris Vega with a 99.

MMA’s second team finished 8th in the tournament with a number of notable scores.

Jorge Garcia, playing in his first tournament this spring, shot 89, while Anthony Aguilar and Alfonso Barandiaran both their lowest scores of the year. Barandiaran broke into double digits for the first time with a 99, and Aguilar’s 101 was not far behind.

With the improvement they have shown, they will surely shoot much lower, and not very far down the road.

MMA Competes Recently in Golden Gloves

On February 9th and 10th, the MMA boxing team competed in the annual Golden Gloves boxing tournament in Brownsville, Texas.

Stephen Bouchard won the championship in 106 lbs light flyweight. He then fought one class up and received a second place standing in the 112 lbs flyweight.

Mitch Hanf fought two fights and won the championship in the 125 lbs featherweight class.

Jason Pitcock placed second in the 147 lbs light middle weight class fight. Thomas Nance fought the 156 lbs light middle weight division and won his first fight, but was runner-up in the championship fight against his 34 year old opponent.

Ruben Montoya placed second in the 165 lbs middleweight fight. Michael Dunn won his first fight in the178 lbs light heavyweight class but was the runner-up in the championship fight.

The MMA team, with their total number of wins in the combined category, were awarded two trophies.

The team is coached by SgtMaj “Robbie” Robertson and 1stSgt Alvin S. Thomas and assisted by Mr. Darrell Nimerck.

Baseball Team

The Baseball team brought home the Consolation Trophy from the Premont Tournament with an overall record of two wins and one loss.

Brian Hoffman was supported by an excellent defense on his way to pitching a three hit shutout over Benevidas.

Cadets selected to the All-Tournament Team were Brian Hoffman and Alex Albaum.

Tennis Team

The tennis team from the Marine Military Academy has seen success recently at various tennis tournaments around the Valley.

In the singles competion, Matt Christian, a senior from The Woodlands, Texas, was a semifinalist in the Mission High School Tournament and also earned a quarterfinalist position at the Harlingen South High School Tournament. Jose Franco Perez, a sophomore from Rancho Viejo, Texas, earned a quarterfinalist position at the Harlingen South Tournament as well.

The doubles team, consisting of Matt Christian and Jose Franco Perez, has also seen outstanding results in recent tournaments held across the Valley.

The team placed as quarterfinalists in the Brownsville High School Tournament while receiving a semifinalist position during the McAllen High School Tournament. La Feria High School hosted a tournament, and the doubles team were finalists.

The doubles team will be competing soon at the TAPP’s District Meet in San Antonio at Antonian Prep on April 10 -12. If the team reaches the semifinals, they will qualify for the State Tournament to be held in Waco on April 27-28.

Reunion 2001 Wrap-up from Wes

The weekend of 30 March - 1 April saw the Marine Military Academy with 100 cadets from the past touring the campus in amazement at the changes from the MMA they knew. Some had been away for 30 years and more. Many came with wives and family for a total of 150 people in attendance.

At registration, there was an abundance of hugs and laughs in seeing old friends not seen in many years. Randy Bridgeman and Chip Hayward brought their teenage sons, soon to be MMA cadets. Also present were three ’81 PG’s, Jeff Hynoski, Mike Mudd and John McCoy, as well as a member of the Class of 1966, Ken Sherman.

Class of ’81 had the largest contingent of 20 former cadets at the reunion. Maj Pat Redmon came from Stuttgart, Germany and helped muster his class, as did Willie Watson, Jesse Smart and Jack Jordan (class of ’80), who has attended Reunion Weekend two years in a row. Reunion repeaters as well were Kuni Beasley - 8 reunions; Mike Hawley - 6 reunions in a row; Jim Mischel - 6 reunions, and probably a good number of other repeaters. Simply amazing.

In the morning, during registration held in the Peacher Memorial Activities Center, a large screen displayed the old TV films of MMA on national and state networks and stations.

Alumni then reviewed the Cadet Corps marching to chow, with a number of alumni sitting down for second mess with their families and enjoying conversations with the cadets.

After second mess, the Rifle Range was open to alumni and their guests to brush up on their shooting skills.

At 1425 Friday, a few alumni addressed the senior class at the Peacher Memorial Activities Center while others addressed the underclassmen in Yeckel Auditorium. Alumni impressed the cadets in telling them of the many ways MMA helped them. These sessions included a half-hour of questions and answers. At the conclusion, alumni presented seniors with a fine lapel pin, welcoming them into the brotherhood of MMA Alumni.

That evening, a formal parade by the Corps of Cadets, in full blues, honored alumni along with a veteran of Iwo Jima, Mr. Art Shupp. All alumni and Mr. Shupp were asked to line up for the pass in review with MajGen Wayne E. Rollings, USMC (Ret) and President of MMA. The line-up of alumni filled the entire sideline of the parade ground.

Craig Matteson was presented with an award at the parade as the “Outstanding Alumnus of the Year” for 2000-2001. This award was presented to Matteson for “outstanding all-around support and dedication to MMA.”

After the parade, a short memorial service was held to honor all the faithfully departed of the MMA family. Immediately following this service, alumni, their family and guests, attended a President’s Reception, which gave them a chance to chat about the old days and swap sea-stories with old friends.

Saturday morning events included a business meeting with General Rollings, who gave the alumni an update on MMA. A slate of officers was voted on and approved, naming Marty Johnson as the new president of the Alumni Association.

The usual Alumni - Cadet softball game took place, proving so popular that two games were set up due to the large numbers present. Mark Graham was an umpire, and the alumni claimed victory. Much fun was had by all, including the cadets.

After softball, alumni moved to the rappelling tower and obstacle course for a hamburger and hot dog cookout. This event was a great success, with ladies doing as well as the men, or sometimes better. Some tried the “O” course and quickly found out they weren’t what they used to be. The alumni were very impressed with the facilities for confidence building.

Saturday evening, at the Harlingen Country Club, a dinner was held for alumni, family, and some special guests. 1stSgts Bob Lacourse and Scotty Cullen, MGySgt Bill Ward, MSgt McLaughlin, Mary Tichenor, Millie Gilmore and the whole Rood family were just a few of the special guests in attendance.

General and Mrs. Rollings were present, along with Col and Mrs. Hobbs.

C.J. Johnson, Class of ’82, started the evening of hilarity with his 10 minutes of Magic.

Recognition certificates and presents of appreciation were given to Mrs. Gwen Rollings, Mary Tichenor, Millie Gilmore, Connie Flores, SgtMaj WES, Larry Neblett and David Moore. One “present” brought the house down, as a toilet seat, with a sign on chains stating “Head Alumni” was presented to the Alumni Association’s new (head) President. This sign has been handed down by the past 4 Alumni Association presidents.

Sunday found quite a few, including GySgt Longoria, eating breakfast at the Messhall. What a spread! Marvin never put out chow like that! Much chatting continued there, too. At 0945, those up to it or feeling like it, went to the Recon Paint Ball War games. 16,000 rounds (balls) were purchased for the occasion, and a lot of it was fired. In early part, Larry Neblett, standing in the “no fire zone,” was hit in the leg. Cadet Recon Team won 4 of 7. A terrific time was had by all, thanks to Capt. Vince Yznaga and Gy Frank Martinez for running the show. Gy Ski received an email from Levi Noguess, who received a wound to his eye and had to get medical care, that all is well. Hard flying a chopper with one eye.

What a weekend. The biggest and best, fun-filled Reunion yet. Thanks to all for being part of it. A good number already planning for next year’s Reunion: 5-7 April 2002.

Semper Fi -

Where are they now?

Courtney Chinn - 6397 Ebb Tide Way, Carlsbad, California 99209-1261. courtneychinn@altavista.com. Finishing up 5 years with Cymer, Inc., a high tech company specializing in building lasers used in manufacture of intergrated computer chips. He had served with Gen Rollings on Joint Staff at Pentagon ‘88-90; couldn’t make reunion this time.

Floyd Thompson - 516 E. Nizhoni Blvd. Gallup, New Mexico 87301 (505)722-1405. Floyd.Thompson@gimc.ihs.gov.Chief Executive Officer of a Hospital with 800 employees. Thought being a platoon leader was a lot of work. Happily married and has three children. His father is a former Navajo Code Talker and he attended the academy on a scholarship designated in their honor. Can honestly say “I’m doing what I do in great part to the Marine Military Academy. Keep up the good work in educating tomorrow’s leaders.”

Aaron Marks - ABMajor@aol.com. Had a recent visit from Major Jim Mumma (MMA class of ’84, JMumma@peoplepc.com). Mumma made a surprise appearance at Mark’s recent promotion to LtCol. Mumma normally flies for Delta and was expected to be out of town. He flies UH1 Cobra’s in the reserves now out of Camp Pendleton in his spare time. Mark’s normal assignment is as an air traffic controller at Southern California TRACON in San Diego. This particular area works all departures off LAX and the many surrounding airports including Long Beach and Santa Ana. Manages to stay fairly busy. In spare time, runs a business - On Your Mark Music Productions - which provides music and sound effects for the video game industry. Recently finished a PlayStation 2 game, 5 CDROM titles, 8 arcade games and about 50 online casino games. Been operating this venture for about 5 years now and hopes to leave the FAA one of these days. Also writes for Game Developer Magazine and 2 websites, Gamasutra and Music4Games. Is currently writing a book to be published this summer - “The Complete Guide to Game Audio,” Nothing like a little writing career to keep the name out there. Still active in the Marine Reserves. Left active duty in 1988 as a supply officer and became active in the reserves again as an air traffic control officer after signing up with the FAA. Is currently an officer in charge of the reserve IMA Air Traffic Control Detachment at MCAS Camp Pendleton. In another year will be taking a staff job at MCAS Miramar.

Jim Allison - jimaweld@nctimes.net. Is very much looking forward to seeing Steigerwald as well as the place that he used to think he hated so much. In the past 20 years has been amazed that the advice and counsel received from the SgtMaj and other staff have been so relevant in his life. Wonders “how did you know so much about me that I did not? Thank-you does not do justice, but it is a start.”

New Officer Slate for Alumni Association

During the Reunion 2001 business meeting, a new slate of officers was approved as follows:

Executive Committee: - consists of the President and 3 Vice Presidents who run the Alumni Association on the day-to-day and event basis.
President - Marty Johnson
1st Vice President (Internal Communications) - Jim Sproul
2nd Vice President (Coordination) - Jesse Smart
3rd Vice President (Correspondence) - Frank Colunga

Alumni Council - the representative and governing body for the Alumni Association. It consists of a chairman and representatives from the classes, with advisory participation by a member of the MMA staff and from the Board of Trustees. It also selects the Executive Committee.
Chairman - Craig Matteson
Classes 1966 to 75 - Kuni Beasley
Classes 1976 to 85 - Jack Jordan
Classes 1986 to 1995 - TBA
Classes 1996 to 2000 - TBA
MMA Administration - W.E. Steigerwald
MMA Board of Directors - TBA


Joseph A. “Terry” Flaherty - Iwo Jima Survivor
Christopher Lee Heard - MMA ‘99
Claude J. Johnson, Jr. - MMA Advisor
SgtMaj Paul L. Kerezsi, USMC (Ret)
Mrs. Myrtle Mason
Barrett F. McIlhenny - MMA ‘99
Eugene B. Sledge K/3/5 WWII
PFC Brian Thorton, USMC - KIA 1951 ROK
Mrs. Joyce Wilson
Mr. R.L. “Johnny” Galbreath
Mr. John C. Jaqua
O.E. “Bob” Morriss - Cpl USMC, WWII
Mrs. Tommie Murphy

Donation received

A donation was received in honor of Patsy and Orrin Johnson’s 50th Wedding Anniversary

MMA Website Provides Easy Avenue for Financial Support

The Marine Military Academy has established an online method for providing financial support which can be found at http:// www.mma-tx.org/opportunities1.htm.

This method uses a secure online method for credit card donations for a variety of areas such as athletics, brick paver purchase, memorial tree purchase and facilities naming opportunities.

The outstanding educational opportunities of the Marine Military Academy are possible due to the many supporters that freely give each year. It is hoped that this method of financial support will ease the process for all of our supporters.

We wish to thank, in advance, all those that recognize the importance of the Academy and make its continuation possible.

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