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Best Selling Author James Bradley Visits MMA

On Monday, 19 February, Mr. James Bradley, author of the best selling book “Flags of Our Fathers,” spoke at a morning ceremony at the Iwo Jima Monument on the campus of the Academy to a group of Iwo Jima Veterans, marking the 56th anniversary of the famous battle.

Following his speech, Mr. Bradley signed copies of his book for a large group of attendees before retiring for lunch at Neuhaus Dining Facility.

That evening he was the guest speaker at a fund raising dinner at the Academy.

Funds raised are to be used for the perpetual maintenance of the monument, which is the original full-sized mold, used to cast the monument at Arlington Cemetery, Washington, DC.

The monument was donated to the Academy by its sculptor, Mr. Felix de Weldon, in 1982.

Mr. Bradley stated that it was “a very emotional day” for him. While up on the monument, speaking in “monitored” tones, he said he was “standing in awe of the veterans just thinking about what those men did” and said he was honored to address them.

During the Parade pass in review, Mr. Bradley noted that “his heart was ready to burst” as the veterans filed on to the parade grounds to receive the pass in review in their honor.

About the Academy, Mr. Bradley said “I was very impressed. After meeting the cadets of the Marine Military Academy, I think the future our our country is in great hands.” (clockwise above) Veterans and their families join the public for the Anniversary of the Battle of Iwo Jima remembrance. (top right) Mr. James Bradley speaks to Iwo Jima veterans. (center right) Mr. Bradley spent time after his talk to sign books in Peacher Hall. (lower right) Veterans join General Rollings and Mr. Bradley to receive the pass in review during the Cadet Parade. (below) Mr. Bradley speaks with an Iwo Jima veteran after the parade.

Academy Inducts Five New H.M. Smith Foundation Members

The General H.M. Smith Foundation Parade and Dinner was held on 16-17 February 2001 at the Marine Military Academy.

This event recognized those individuals who have provided substantial support to the Academy at a dinner during which those individuals were inducted into the General H.M. Smith Foundation.

At this year’s dinner, the following people were inducted into the foundation: Mr. Jack G. Pollard, Mrs. Ellen Pollard, Mr. Joseph W. Pollard, Mrs. Kathy Pollard and Senior Master Sergeant James W. Roper, USAF (Ret).

At the Saturday morning parade, Mr. James E. Warren Jr., Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Marine Military Academy, reviewed the parade with MajGen Rollings and Col. C.O. Myers.

Mr. Warren is the Chief Executive Officer of Warren Financial Group, Inc. and is a highly decorated officer in the United States Marine Corps, serving in Vietnam in 1969-70.

The Saturday morning parade also saw three awards being presented. The first award presented was the Purple Heart Award. This award is for service members who have shed blood for our Country and was established by General George Washington in 1782.

Former Corporal Joe G. Baker received the Purple Heart for wounds sustained on 29 June 1944, while a machine gun section leader with King Company, 3d Battalion, 6th Marines, 2d Marine Division during a Japanese mortar attack on the island of Saipan. Mr. Baker and his wife of 52 years, Anna, reside in Kansas City, Kansas and have spent the past 12 winters in the Rio Grande Valley.

The second award presented was the General Douglas MacArthur Foundation Cadet of the Year Award. This award is presented annually to the cadet who best exemplifies MacArthur’s credo “Duty, Honor, Country.” The recipient of the 2000-2001 award was Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Nicholas John Boire, Cadet Battalion Commander. He is a second year cadet, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Anthony J. Boire of Excelsior, Minnesota.

The final award was recognition of Cadet Lance Corporal William Winston Elliot, IV as the recipient of Harlingen’s Lt. Thomas Barlow Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution Patriotism Award. This award is presented to the most accomplished 8th grader at the Academy for superior performance in academic, military and community endeavors. Cadet Elliot is the son of Mr. and Mrs. William Winston Elliot, III of Houston, Texas.

General Douglas Mac Arthur Cadet of the Year Award

One of the most prestigious awards a cadet can receive, the General Douglas MacArthur Cadet of the Year Award, was presented to the battalion commander, Nicholas Boire, during the cadet parade, 17 February. Boire received his award from Mr. James E. Warren, Jr., Chairman of the Board of Trustees of MMA.

USMC Battle Color Performs at the Academy

On February 28, 2001, the USMC Drum and Bugle Corps and Silent Drill Platoon performed the world famous Battle Color Ceremony at MMA’s Bowman Stadium before a crowd of several thousand appreciative spectators. The weather was beautiful, and the performance, as expected, was flawless. The Academy was honored to be able to host this wonderful group.

Purple Heart Awarded to Mr. Joe G. Baker

On 17 February, during the H.M. Smith Cadet Parade, MMA Board Chairman, James E. Warren, Jr. presented the Purple Heart to former Corporal Joe G. Baker, who sustained wounds on 29 June 1944, while on the island of Saipan.

In Memory of Joyce Marie Wilson

The entire Corps of Cadets, Staff and Faculty of the Marine Military Academy were saddened by the death of Joyce Marie Wilson, wife of Golf Company Drill Instructor, Sergeant Major Albert Wilson.

Joyce passed away following a long illness. Those of us that knew her will long remember her friendship, her smiling face and will recall the many times we saw her riding her golf cart with her granddaughter at her side.

Joyce is survived by her husband, her son Tim, daughter-in-law Emiko, granddaughter, Yumi, mother Annie Temple, sisters Sandy and Alice, and brothers Everett and James. Our prayers and sympathy go out to the Wilson family at this time.

A memorial fund has been established at the Academy in memory of Joyce. Point of contact is the Institutional Advancement Office at 956-423-6006 extension 230.

MMA Supports the Ronald McDonald House with "Taste of MMA"

On Thursday, March 1, in the Peacher Memorial Hall, MMA hosted “A Taste of MMA.”

This was a community event that offered guests an opportunity to tour the MMA campus, learn about MMA traditions and academics, all the while sampling foods provided by local restaurants.

Proceeds from ticket sales benefited the Ronald McDonald House of Harlingen.

This year, over 200 people attended the event, raising $1,500 for the charity.

Guests were very pleased with all the food selections to choose from and also enjoyed the interaction with cadets.

Restaurants that participated this year included: Applebee’s, Boog-A-Dee-Boos, Ci Ci’s Pizza, Cobbleheads, Domino’s, Edible Pursuits, Golden Corral, Hygeia, Jason’s Deli, Pepe’s, Peso Bills and New York Deli.

Organizations from the Academy had an opportunity to showcase their activities. Those organizations included: Admissions, Aerospace, Athletics, Boy Scouts, Gift Shop, Hosts/NHS, Interact, Leadership Studies, Marine Science, Religious Studies, SAT, Tours, and Yearbook.

MMA Donates Computers to School in the Honduras

The Marine Military Academy, shifting to a completely PC environment, made arrangements to donate most of their Macintosh hardware and software to a school in Honduras.

Chief of Computer Services, Earl Gander, contacted missionaries he knew, Fred and Dorothea Cole, who do a lot of humantarian work in Honduras. They put him in touch with Maria Ponce, who heads up the Honduras Consolate in Brownsville, Tx.

Arrangements were made for Mario Sanchez, a friend of the Ponces, to pick up the computers, which will be put on a ship and delivered to the Honduras school.

Mr. Kyger’s computer science class volunteered to help with the loading of the computers.

MMA's Newest Staff Member added to the Roster

Recently, the Academy saw the addition of the newest staff member when it received its mascot, thanks to the generosity of many parents of the MMA Parents Club.

The ten-week-old male English Bulldog, which has not yet been named, is already getting accustomed to the routine at the Academy, as he attended the General H.M. Smith Parade on Saturday morning, 17 February.

His appearance at MMA events and activities has already helped promote additional spirit at the Academy among staff, faculty and cadets.

The English Bulldog has long been the traditional mascot for the Marine Corps. MMA’s new mascot will undergo plebe indoctrination.

Summer Camp Program Sponsors Needed

“Some only seek an opportunity which will set a path of life long success.”

For many years, the Marine Military Academy has tested the mettle of many young boys through the Summer Camp program where boys have found the keys to conquer fear, weakness of the body and mind, and the courage to overcome self-limitations.

The four-week summer camp program will inspire the concept of positive peer pressure, goal setting, team concept and a will to succeed.

The cost of the Summer Camp program can sometimes be the first obstacle to end a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and experience.

Through your generosity, you can help a summer camper negotiate the toughtest obstacle and make him stronger, fly higher and be proud.

Please consider giving to the Summer Camp fund and help a deserving youth to realize America’s promise of “opportunity.” For more information, please contact the Admissions Office at the Academy at (956) 423-6006, ext. 252 or send your donations to: Marine Military Academy, 320 Iwo Jima Blvd, Harlingen, Texas 78550 (Attn. Summer Camp Fund).

Cadet Corner

God’s Great Show In Our Life
Should I allow myself a surprise by our redeemer?
I should, and I do, every day of my life.
I see him about me every where, for as his word says, “the world is his footstool.”
I see my Lord’s handy work every day.
The sky is his vast canvas, which he paints every day.
The ocean, a former of his clay, the land.
This is the great home he gave to us until we return to him.
This is the earth.

Sean Dubose
11th grade
English III AP

This poem is one of many original writings Sean has penned over the years.

From time to time, students in Mrs. Jacqueline Palamara’s English II class submit statements in response to questions posed by the Valley Morning Star, the local paper, for possible publication. The question asked in the March “Teen Speak” section was: Do you feel pressured to have or wear the latest trends? Why or why not?

Cadet Jared Enger, a sophomore from Houston, whose piece was selected, wrote:

“I do not feel pressure to wear the latest trends when I’m away from school. In my opinion, the way that people dress is the way they express themselves. I believe that when people give into trends and wear what eveyone else is wearing that they have given up their right to be an individual. I have learned to appreciate being an individual since I go to a military school.”

Cadets take Radio Station Tour

On Thursday, 1 February, 6 cadets joined Miss Patricia Cavazos, Special Events Coordinator, for a short tour of the KBFM/KTEX radio station.

The cadets were Jared Grisham, Patrick Moore, Cody Victor, Keith Allen, Justin Stanton, and Michael De Los Santos.

During the tour, the Cadets were put on the air as they were asked about MMA.

Jared Grisham did a great job talking about the upcoming James Bradley visit to MMA on 19 Feb.

Cody Victor mentioned the Leatherneck’s winning basketball season, as well as the team’s upcoming game in the Alamodome in San Antonio on 13 Feb.

Patrick Moore provided some comic relief when the disc jockey asked him how many push ups he could do. “486-sir,” Patrick quickly answered with a serious tone. “Really, all in one set?” asked the DJ in awe. “No, not really, sir!” smiled Patrick.

The KBFM/KTEX radio station invited MMA cadets to tour their facilities. Cadets (l-r) who toured the station were Michael De Los Santos, Cody Victor, Justin Stanton, Jared Grisham, Keith Allen and Patrick Moore.

MMA Valentine's Dance held

On Saturday, 10 February, cadets enjoyed an evening of dancing and relaxing as they hosted over 60 young ladies from town.

Everyone in attendance was treated to a beautiful setting, as Peacher Memorial Hall was creatively decorated by Delta Company parents, Mr. and Mrs. Roger Taube. They worked all morning, along with the cadets, on professional ballon creations for the dance.

Cadets and guests were also treated to special homemade goodies, courtesy of Mrs. Dye, Debra Poe, Paula Frizzell and Delta mom, Terri Brecht. Helping out as chaparones were teachers, Mrs. Jackie Palamara and Mr. Jackie Kyger, as well as Echo parents, Mr. and Mrs. Victor Alvarez.

The highlight of the dance came when cadets Cal Davis, Cody Victor, Tyrone Mitchell and others took the DJ mike and joined together to “freestyle” rap. They entertained the crowd as they took turns passing the mike and showing their skills.

Leathernecks Win State Championship

The Leathernecks of Marine Military Academy finished the basketball season the way of dreams.

With outstanding efforts, the Leathernecks stormed through the playoffs enroute to the first ever State Championship in basketball. Defeating #1 ranked TCA-Addison in the semi-finals, MMA showed that it was playing well and that confidence was high.

Although the score does not indicate it, the game was very close and MMA had to fight for the victory. Huge scoring efforts were produced by MMA as Cal Davis led the way with 25, Cody Victor added 24, Kalen Mahoney 21, and Aaron Decuir added 10. Sean Ryan and Adrian Lash contributed 3 and 2, respectively. The Leathernecks hit 21-29 freethrows in the fourth period to extend the lead and seal the victory 85-65.

In the State Championship game, MMA faced a much bigger Dallas Bishop Lynch squad.

MMA came out firing, though, and stunned the opposing team with a 12-0 lead immediately. The easy going would not last, however, as Bishop Lynch would ultimately fight its way back in the second quarter led by talented 6’7" Mitch Laue.

As the game wore on, MMA found its lead diminishing quickly, and eventually saw it shrink to 6 with just a few minutes to play in the game.

With a timeout to settle down and refocus, the Leathernecks walked back onto the floor to finish their dream season.

Point Guard Aaron Decuir calmly hit 8-8 freethrows to seal the victory, and Cody Victor emphatically put his stamp on the victory with a thunderous dunk to put away the Friars of Bishop Lynch.

The well-earned 67-53 victory gives the Leathernecks the first ever State Championship in basketball.

Leading scoring for MMA was Cody Victor with 18, Aaron Decuir with 16, Kalen Mahoney adding 15, Cal Davis 10, and Aaron Lieber, Sean Ryan, and Adrian Lash contributed 3, 3, and 2, respectively.

Earning All-Tournament honors were Cal Davis, Cody Victor, and Kalen Mahoney.

Additionally, the All-District and All-State teams were announced with great representation from MMA. On the All-District team, Cal Davis, Cody Victor, Aaron Decuir, and Kalen Mahoney all made First Team, while Adrian Lash and Sean Ryan were named to the Second Team. On the All-State team, Cal Davis and Cody Victor were named First Team, and Aaron Decuir and Kalen Mahoney were named Second Team.

The Leathernecks finish the season 31-2..........and STATE CHAMPIONS!!!!

VISA Basketball Ends Season with Tourney

On 10 February, both VISA Red and VISA Gold basketball teams competed in the annual VISA basketball tournament.

Other teams which MMA participated against were: First Baptist Church School, Brownsville; Calvary Christian School, Harlingen; Livingway Christian School, Brownsville; and St. Paul Lutheran School, McAllen.

Although VISA Red played two great games early in the tournament, they were eliminated after the second round of play. VISA Gold, on the other hand, worked its way to the championship game and ended up beating First Baptist Church School and capturing the first place trophy.

Tournament Standings were: MMA Gold - 1st, First Baptist - 2nd, Calvary Christian - 3rd, Livingway - 4th, St. Paul (McAllen) - 5th and MMA Red - 6th. League play standings were the same.

Both coaches, MSgt Mike Krauss and GySgt Frank Martinez, did a fine job this year heading up this program and all of the players are to be congratulated for their fine play and superb sportsmanship throughout the season.

Baseball Team

The Baseball team brought home the Consolation Trophy from the Premont Tournament with an overall record of two wins and one loss.

Brian Hoffman was supported by an excellent defense on his way to pitching a three hit shutout over Benevidas.

Cadets selected to the All-Tournament Team were Brian Hoffman and Alex Albaum.

The game scheduled for Saturday, 2 March, vs. Central Catholic in San Antonio was cancelled due to inclimate weather. On March 9, M.M.A. will play San Antonio St. Anthony at home in a double header starting at 12:00.

Golf Team

On 23 February, the golf team traveled to Raymondville to participate in the 38th Annual Lyford Invitational Golf Tournament, where they played in a strong southeast wind gusting up to 50 MPH.

In spite of the tough conditions, the team made a good showing, with both the 1st and 2nd teams in the top ten of a field of 17.

MMA’s first team finished in second place behind Mercedes, with a score of 333.

The second team finished 9th with a score of 392.

Cadet Guillermo Montemayor, playing in his first tournament of the spring, won individual medallist honors with a score of 75.

Other scores were Remington Post (78), David Mackie (90), David Square (90), John Bradley (92), Jeremy Patterson (91), Chris Vega (91), Colt Leonard (103), Jared Enger (107) and Alfonso Barandiaran (109).

Upcoming golf tournaments scheduled include a district golf meet in San Antonio at Antonian Prep. That meet is set for April 8-9.

District golf certification will be held on April 11 and 12, with the state meet to be held on April 23 and 24. Times and locations will be announced at a later date.

MMA Judo Team Brings Home The State Championship

Five members of the Judo Team competed in the Texas High School Judo Championship in Pasadena, Tx. this past weekend.

A strong team effort earned M.M.A. the first place trophy and the title of State Champions.

Sean Dubose, Randy Allen and Michael O’Nale won silver medals, Alex Noriega won a bronze, and Marcus Nelson placed fourth.

Where are they now?


LtCol Warren Driggers - driggerswi@boxer.usmc.mil. Pulling out for a 6 month deployment to the Pacific and Arabian Gulf. Will be back stateside in mid-september. Looks like will miss the reunion again, as will be somewhere between Hawaii and East Timor when it happens. Is the XO for the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU). Aboard the USS Boxer (LHD-4) right now finishing up Special Operations quals so it can be designated MEU SOC. Just went over 22 yrs in the Corps. Will probably do one more tour after the MEU before retiring. It’s been a wild ride and MMA certainly prepared him for the ride - was fortunate to have Marines like Steigerwald and GySgt Morton to keep him on the straight and narrow. Hopes to actually make it back down here when heading back east next fall. Notes that Frank Colunga is a doctor and was a guest speaker - seems even guys like Frank grow up and become respectable!!! Wishes to tell Gunny Martinez hello - in 2/4 together at Pendleton. Off now for final brief as he begins the amphib landing across Red Beach.


Eric L. Harry - 2000 Post Oak Blvd. Suite 100, Houston, TX 77056-4400. (713) 296-8000. Recently named Vice President and Associate General Counsel to Apache Corporation, a large gas and oil independent with operations in North America, Egypt, Western Australia, Poland and China. He is a graduate of Vanderbilt University, where he received his bachelors, MBA and law degree. He joined Apache in 1994 as corporate counsel. He later was promoted to assistant general counsel in charge of the legal department’s mergers, acquisitions and finance section. He will continue to mange that section as well as the legal department’s oil and gas section.


Don Moore - Last time spoke to SgtMaj Steigerwald was about 12 years ago when home from Operation Desert Storm. Since then alot has transpired. Currently residing in Cleburne, Texas, working for UHAUL as General Manager. Would like to get ahold of some of class fellows from ‘77. Spoke with David Sheppard some time ago, but have not heard from him since. Has often wanted to return to the Academy, but sees from the pictoral guide that he’d probably get lost. So much has changed.


John Zeydel - www.alpineloan.com 502-777-7892 (cell). Married to wife, Denise and son, Chance, born 10/10/2000. Working for Alpine Mortgage as a part owner. Is reminded daily of some of the lesson’s that were learned at MMA.

Adam Phillip Churvis - (770) 446-8866. president@prodenhance.com. Publisher of the CommerceBlocks line of modular ColdFusion development tools.


Sgt Tim Parkhurst - 915E Mariner Drive, Mountain View, CA 94043. (650) 254-0597 home, (408) 286-6501 work. ParkhurstTA@mfr.usmc.mil. Is married with two girls


Mark Meaders - meaders@metronet.com. Past few months have been very busy . Had first baby, son Wade, in October. Needless to say, things have not been the same since that time. He is great, and all are very happy to have him. A future MMAer it seems. Work has been great. Still at Ericsson, and is a Finance Manager in an area that deals with outsourcing. On the personal side, ran and completed the White Rock Marathon in Dec. Lots of training and time went into that. Thinks Gwen Rollings did a great job getting the Alumni going again. When here for the reunion in Apr. 1998, the school was at an all-time low. The cadets were in bad shape (morale and discipline), and was appalled. Hopes that that has changed for the better. It sounds like things have improved, which is great.

Sgt Michael J. Price - MichaelJPrice5@aol.com.  Will unfortunately not be able to make it to the reunion. Just returned from a tour in Kosovo with Bravo Company, 2nd Battalion, 327th Infantry- “No Slack!”, of the 101st Airborne Division. Been with them for some time now and is currently an E5 - hopefully soon to be attending the warrant officers’ academy. For now, returned on the 18th of Febuary and enjoying leave with wife, Andrea. A visit, however, to the academy is inevitable. Will more than likely return to my roots at MMA quite soon. Rest assured.


Cara Bailey
Imogene Clark
SgtMaj Harvey Gilmore, USMC (Ret)
Barrett F. McIlhenny - MMA ‘99
Mr. Carl E. Mead, Jr.
Mr. Roy Overland
Mr. Bill Taylor
BrigGen Richard E. Thompson, USMC (Ret)
Mrs. Joyce Wilson


A donation was received in honor of: Col George W. Carrington, USMC, (Ret)

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