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Academy Sails Through MCJROTC Inspection Again

The Academy once again breezed through its annual Marine Corps JROTC inspection on Friday, December 7, 2001. The inspection was conducted by members of the Eighth Marine Corps District Office in New Orleans, augmented with Marines from Corpus Christi, Texas.

The Academy is one of 40 Marine Corps JROTC units in Texas and Louisiana that the district inspects each year to ensure each is following proper procedures as outlined by Headquarters Marine Corps.

The Academy and its Corps of Cadets are inspected in five main areas (Cadet Attendance, Administration, Operations and Training, Personnel and Logistics) and a total of 12 sub-areas.

As usual, MMA has done very well in the inspection, and this year was no exception. The cadets received a resounding score of 97.26. In comparison to last year, the cadets improved their scores by three points and about 1/4 of a percentage point.

“They look at every facet of our JROTC program,” said MMA operations chief, GySgt Larry Wisnoski, USMC (Ret). “They inspect our quartermaster, armory and rifle range. They check the cleanliness of our weapons and make sure all the gear is serviceable.”

Cadets, as well, were graded on their personal appearance, performance in drill (as a team), military knowledge and leadership ability. Inspectors looked for such infractions as loose thread on uniforms and improperly worn covers, belts and rank insignias.

Additionally, the inspectors ask cadets questions about the Marine Corps and the government, such as who the Secretary of Navy is, or how many leadership principles there are. Any slipups along the way go down as a discrepancy.

Of the 337 cadets present for inspection, 158 received a noteworthy rank of zero discrepancies during the personnel inspection.

After the inspection, the 2nd platoon of Bravo Company was presented the plaque for the “Best Inspected Company” Award. The platoon (representing a composite of Echo Company) won the “Best Drill Platoon” Award.

“I was very proud of how the Cadets prepared and performed during the inspection,” stated Commandant of Cadets Col C.O. Myers, USMC (Ret). “The senior inspecting officer complimented the Corps on their knowledge and their ability to answer questions.”

MajGen Sattler Speaks to Corps of Cadets

As part of the continuing Leadership Lecture series the Marine Military Academy offers to its Corps of Cadets, Major General John F. Sattler, along with SgtMaj Joseph Morgan, Capt Paul Cuchinada, 1stLt Brian Tice and Sgt John Austin, members of the 2nd Marine Division, were invited to speak to the cadets to give them an insight into what life within the 2nd Marine Division is like.

After a short film depicting the various activities and adventures of the Marines, General Sattler gave a very informative presentation to the Corps of Cadets, faculty and staff.

General Sattler challenged the cadets, as leaders, to ask themselves certain questions daily, such as “Can I make anyone succeed today?”, “Can I mentor someone today?” and “Can I teach someone today?” in order to become a stronger and more effective leader.

“Take advantage of the opportunites given you - education, training and mentoring - and the challenges which come to you will make you better,” noted Sattler.

He added that it is important to positively affect the people around you. “If you have not affected someone positively today, you have not succeded.”

General Sattler also added that the standards here at the Marine Military Academy are high, and one must “maintain those high standards because there is always someone ready to take your place.”

“The Marine Military Academy gives you a giant toolbox of leadership tools. With these tools, divide your toolbox into two sections. Those two sections should be the ‘use again box’ and the ‘don’t use again box’,” suggested Sattler. “As you mature, you will determine which tool goes into which box.”

Of great interest to the cadets was the Accountability Code within the 2nd Marine Division, made up of four parts: (1) I am accountable to my Marines and sailors. I must know where they are and what their goals are; (2) I am accountable for my equipment. I must not lose it and must be able to use it; (3) I am accountable for my actions, either good, (for which I will stand tall) or wrong, (for which I will take the heat); and (4) I am accountable for my lack of action. If it’s the wrong action, or if I receive a pat on the back, I must take some sort of action.

On General Sattler’s visit, SgtMaj Ford Kinsley, USMC (Ret) remarked that “We were very fortunate to have Major General Sattler, SgtMaj Morgan and the other members of the 2nd Marine Division address the corps. The cadets were very impressed with the General’s description of what is going on in the Division, specifically as it pertains to current world events.”

Taps Mrs. Jane King Yeckel

The Academy has lost one of its most devoted and longtime supporters with the passing of Mrs. Jane King Yeckel

Mrs. Yeckel passed away peacefully on December 21, 2001 in Dallas, Texas. She is survived by her son Carl, who was a member of the Board of Trustees of MMA, and his family; and daughter Dorothy Jane Yeckel.

Mrs. Yeckel, along with her husband, Col Philip J. Yeckel, USMC (Ret) were both H.M. Smith Fellows, an honor bestowed upon Academy supporters who have donated over $100,000 to the Academy. Her husband also served as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees prior to his death.

Many buildings around the campus are named in the Yeckels honor, due to their generosity. The Florence E. King Foundation, of which family Mrs. Yeckel was a member, donated funds for the building of the Academy gymnasium, as well as funds for the building of the much used and appreciated Philip J. Yeckel Memorial Auditorium.

Mrs. Yeckel was an avid gardener, who loved and appreciated the outdoors. Through her generosity, she made available the funds to provide for many of the Academy’s beautiful landscaping and flower beds.

“Janie seemed to be one o f the last true pioneers of America,” stated Chaplain Leo McDonald, USN, Chaplain of the Marine Corps (Ret), who assisted with her memorial service. “She supported her distinguished husband, but never stood in his shadow. She was a strong and generous person in her own right. She possessed a brilliant personality and was a very loving person.”

Chaplain McDonald added “She will be sorely missed, but heaven is a better place because of her passing.”

New Year Brings New Faces and Changes at the Academy

The Marine Military Academy Military Department is beginning the new year with some new faces in the barracks. The department’s changes for the second semester include new drill instructors for Bravo, Delta and Echo Company.

Taking over at Bravo Company is SgtMaj Al Szczepek, a 27-year Marine Corps veteran in all four Marine Divisions (three of them twice). His drill instructor experience includes three years as a drill instructor at Parris Island. Additionally, he was a Navy ROTC instructor at the University of Minnesota and served as a screener and evaluator of officer candidates in Quantico, Virginia during several summers, as well.

SgtMaj Szczepek and his wife, Anita, have three adult children and three precious grandchildren. Their oldest son is a Marine pilot, while their daughter is married to a Navy Corpsman who is currently attending Special Ops School. Their youngest son is living in Tampa, Florida, working full time and attending school.

“I very much enjoy the challenges and rewards of dealing with young men and look forward to my time here. MSgt Krauss and his wife Mary have left some big shoes for Anita and me to try to fill here in Bravo Company, but we welcome the opportunity,” SgtMaj Szczepek said.

Another new drill instructor at the Academy, SgtMaj Larry J. Carson, will be at the head of Delta Company.

SgtMaj Carson, with 30 years in the Marine Corps, has many years of drill instructor experience under his belt.

His drill instructor career started out in the 1980’s as a drill instructor at Parris Island, South Carolina. He graduated from Drill Instructor School, and subsequently served as a drill instructor, senior drill instructor and Series Gunnery Sergeant. He was then asked to serve as a squad instructor at Drill Instructor School.

SgtMaj Carson was then assigned to the Recruit Training Regiment, where he served as the Regimental Drill Master.

Upon returning from a tour of duty in Okinawa, Carson was promoted to 1stSgt and was the Chief Instructor of the Drill Instructor School at Parris Island. While there, he worked twelve classes.

In 1994, SgtMaj Carson, after receiving a call from SgtMaj Overstreet, the Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps at the time, was assigned to the Marine Barracks 8th & I in Washington DC. He considered his time there as “one of his greatest tours.”

Carson served the Marine Barracks 8th & I for 3 1/2 years, then returned to the Recruit Training Regiment at Parris Island, serving as the Regimental Sergeant Major.

SgtMaj Carson stated he “got a call from his good friend, SgtMaj Kinsley, who was now at the Marine Military Academy, inviting him and his wife to visit, tour and check out the Academy.” He noted that at that time, he was considering a transfer into the civilian work world, but was intrigued by the thought of working with young men.

“I am looking to give something back to the young folks, and I feel I have lots of experience to offer them. I especially hope to serve as a role model, mentor and listener to the cadets,” said SgtMaj Carson. Additionally, he wants to make and maintain a productive relationship with all the parents of the cadets in Delta Company.

The Carsons have four sons, James, Lawrence, B.J. and Tony, two daughters, Karena and Niki, and three busy grandchildren.

Echo Company will be under the leadership of MSgt William R. Lunday, II. MSgt Lunday served in the Marine Corps for just over 23 years, with his final assignment being that of Operations Chief for the Command Element - 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit.

During his career, Lunday successfully instructed and trained hundreds of recruits, as well as junior and senior Marines in basic, sustainment, advanced and competitive marksmanship. He has been a member of the USMC Rifle Team on two separate occasions, as well as serving as a firing member of their six-man team, ITT team, Palma team and both the metallic sight and scope magnum teams.

MSgt Lunday holds the Distinguished Rifleman badge and has received Marine Corps Team badges for the Inter-Division Rifle Team and Infantry Trophy Team.

Reflecting on his short time here, MSgt Lunday notes that he “has enjoyed the leadership challenges that have been presented to him so far and looks forward to assuming the duties as the shooting team coach.”

MSgt Lunday’s wife, Hanne, is an accomplished marksman in her own right. Mrs. Lunday holds the distinction of being the youngest female to ever receive the Distinguished Rifleman badge (at the age of 15) and the youngest female National Service Rifle Champion (at the age of 16). She has been shooting competitively for the over 23 years.

The Lunday’s are expecting their first child this spring.

The Academy wishes to welcome all of the drill instructors and their families to MMA.

Cadets Receive Certification In Access Database Management

Sixteen cadets at MMA are now certified by Microsoft Corp as specialists in Access Database Management.

This certification is an industry standard, which shows a programmer is competent in designing and solving problems using Access Database at a professional level.

This type of achievement is not normally obtained by high school students, as it is a very demanding exam.

Computer Science teacher, Mr. Jackie Kyger, introduced the idea to his students at the beginning of the year and it was well received by the cadets as a goal to shoot for.

There are strict rules regarding the exam. It was proctored by the University of Texas staff and required the students to travel to the Microsoft authorized testing facility at the University.

The 16 certified cadets are: Brett Bednorz, Stefan Kelly, Seth Shockley, John McNabb, Travis Green, Zach Wasson, Andrew Haynes, Jarod Faulk, Spencer Mennis, Matt Marcus, Alexander Noriega, L. Clay Spencer, Ryan Conway, Keith Allen, Michael Bajsel and Kyle Jones. Congratulations to all!

Annual Children’s Christmas Party Hosted by MMA Cadets

The Corps of Cadets hosted the annual Children’s Christmas Party on Thursday, December 13, 2001 with about 130 children from two valley children’s homes and children from the employee family. Cadets served as escorts for each child (age 14 and younger) throughout the party.

The Band and Drill Team provided a great show and then everyone was provided a good American meal of hotdogs with all the trimmings. Santa and his elves provided individual gifts (by name) to each child.

Many thanks go out to Patty Cavazos, Paula Frizzell, MSGT Rodriguez, Hanne Lunday and all the Mess Hall crew for a great evening.

Vespers Christmas Candle Lighting Service Held

The annual Vespers Christmas Candle Lighting was held on Wednesday,12 December 2001.

As usual, it was a great time of participation by specific cadets and the Corps of Cadets.

Cadets James Decker and James Jacobson from Alpha Company and Cadets Aaron Alexander and Kyle Leavitt of Fox Company decorated the chapel in grand style with wreaths, garlands, candles and other traditional symbols.

A combination of Christian and secular music was used, from “Deck the Halls” and “Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” to “Silent Night” and “Joy to the World.”

Cadets Alan Holt, Brendan Fyfe, Travis Fleeman, Alberto Pina, James Jacobson, Sky Bennett, Justin Smith, and Will Stevenson presented stories, poems, and Scripture. Cadet Decker provided “overhead projector” assistance.

The ceremony concluded with the traditional candle lighting of each cadet’s candle while Mrs. Pam Briones, guest soloist, sang “Merry Christmas With Love.”

Chaplain Clark would like to extend his thanks to all participants, especially to Mrs. Dye for her help with all the presenters and Mrs. Wanda Bean on the piano.

A Note From The Parents Club

Mr. Victor Alvarez, President of MMA Parents Organization announces that it has expanded the Stranded Cadet Assistance Program to include 24 airports nationwide.

In the eventuality of a cadet losing a flight connection or feeling sick and getting stuck in an airport, parents can get help from other MMA parents by visiting www.mmaparentsclub.org, clicking on the window “Stranded Cadet Assistance Program” and calling the parents in the city where the cadet is stranded.

Mr. Alvarez would like to thank the 32 parent volunteers who have made this program a big success.

Additionally, Mr. Alvarez is happy to report that the small bus, contributed by the Parents Club, has arrived. David Miller, the Facilities Director, is working on a design for the bus and the new van.

Everyone is excited about the new vehicles and appreciates what the Parents Club has done for the Academy and the Corps of Cadets. The Academy is anxiously awaiting the arrival of the large bus, which is due in February.

For additional information on the Parents Club, you can contact Mr. Alvarez at 281-923-0507 (cell) or 713-686-8219 at his home.

Information Available for Scholarship Assistance for 2002-2003 School Year

Marine Military Academy awards financial assistance to returning cadets on an annual basis. The number of applications and amount of financial assistance requested each year is far greater than the scholarship fund. Thus the cadet must compete for scholarships based on his performance and the family’s ability to pay.

The largest single factor considered in the cadet’s performance is his GPA, which must be at least 2.5 for the spring semester and at least a 3.0 cumulative MMA GPA. Other factors such as conduct, military leadership and participation in extracurricular activities are also considered.

To request an application, please contact: Institutional Advancement Department (Attention Scholarship Committee). Marine Military Academy, 320 Iwo Jima Blvd., Harlingen, TX. 78550. If you have any questions, you may call Veronica Yznaga at (956) 423-6006 ext. 231. An application will be forwarded immediately and must be completed and returned no later than 20 May 2002. Recipients of financial assistance will be notified by 7 June 2002. As part of the application process you must provide a copy of your 2001 federal income tax return (including copies of W-2 forms) or your application will not be considered.

Applications received after 20 May 2002 will not be considered.

Christmas Parade and Annual Posada

The Leatherneck Marching Band, along with the cheerleaders, was invited recently to participate in McAllen’s Annual Christmas Parade and Posada.

Fox and Friend!

THE FOX COMPANY mascot shares a special moment with the Leatherneck mascot during a recent event at Bowman Stadium.

Cadets Have Opportunity to Visit Coast Guard Station

Cadets from Mr. Jackie Kyger’s Computer Science Class had the opportunity to tour the Coast Guard Rescue Station on South Padre Island recently.

They were briefed on Home Security, Rescue and Law Enforcement missions. They were also allowed a first-hand look at the boats and equipment.

The trip was most informative, as many cadets were unaware of the Coast Guard’s role and responsibilities as an armed service.

Leathernecks invited to play in All-Star Game

On December 8, 2002, approximately 100 of the top football players from private schools in the greater Houston and South Texas area were invited to participate in the first annual Greater Houston Private School All-Star Game.

Fifty players played for the East All-Star team, and the other 50 played on the West All-Star squad.

The game featured graduating seniors from private schools in the Greater Houston area. Players from the Marine Military Academy, Victoria St. Joseph’s, San Antonio Cornerstone, Sacred Heart Hallettsville and Beaumont Kelly also participated.

The private school coaches, from TAPPS six-man through TAPPS Class 5A, submitted names of players they thought were worthy of playing in the game. The coaches then sat down and looked over all the players, then selected each of the teams.

Selected to play from the Marine Military Academy were seniors Sean Cary, Rex Covens, Russell Royce, Sean Ryan, Clay Spencer and David Sanchez.

Coach Tim Robinson, also selected to serve as an assistant coach, accompanied the cadets to Houston.

Memories From Alumni


Several drawings of GySgt Jim Morton, former DI & Football

Coach were in the Silent Auction as a fund-raiser held during Anniversary Ball Weekend.

Picture-like was his face, plus a small drawing of him with his arm around the shoulders a young football player walking off the field. Jim Sproul snapped them up and placed the picture on the Alumni web page offering them for higher bidders to add to the fund.

Reaction was amazing with comments like:

“I know it wasn’t me. Coach only spoke to me using TWO hands. One in my face mask, while his ring hand beat a tattoo on my helmet.”

“Great picture- what great memories. For some reason however, I only remember him speaking to me with his size 12 foot approaching my behind.”

“I have his picture on the wall at home. My parents gave it to me as a Christmas present. What a great present. I was 12 when I first saw him in 1970. While he had such an intimidating presence, I could somehow sense what a genuine man he was. That’s real leadership, something that can’t be taught at a seminar. We were all very lucky to have witnessed such a man in our youth. The fact that he had the same effect on a cadet in ’94 as he did in 1970, is a great testament to Coach’s devotion to the young men of MMA.”

“Oh man, Oh man, Oh man! I downloaded the picture and saw that face and burst into tears! That man did so much to mold my character. My wife had to come to the PC to help me recover. There are probably a thousand men out there who look at the inset of coach with his arm around the player and think in their hearts, “That’s me.””


The Fighting Leathernecks Basketball team competed in the Sharyland Diamondback Classic tournament in McAllen recently, and their performance was noticably improved.

In the opening game, MMA faced 5A La Joya in a hard fought one-point loss at the buzzer.

The Leathernecks had the game in control, then allowed La Joya three straight 3-point shots to pull within one with :30 on the clock. One turnover later, MMA saw its lead erased and was now down one. The inbounds pass was stolen, and the Leathernecks fell 50-49.

In the second game, MMA came out playing well, only to eventually fall again to the Edinburg North 51-35.

In the final game, MMA played a well-balanced and executed game plan, defeating Hidalgo 40-30.

Individual honors were awarded to Nick Gunner for winning the Tournament Free-Throw Competition, as he hit 19-20 shots from the free-throw line.


The MMA soccer team had its first bright spot of the season when they faced Holy Cross at Bowman Stadium on Saturday, 8 December.

The weather turned out to be the worst opponent for both teams as rain, high winds and falling temperatures hit Harlingen just prior to kickoff.

Holy Cross had the wind at their backs the first half, which hampered any counterattacks by the Leathernecks. A strong and determined defense held Holy Cross scoreless while the Leathernecks were unable to convert several first-half attacks.

The second-half saw the Leathernecks dominate play throughout the period with numerous attacks until the 60:00 minute mark, when Cadet Andres Lopez converted a crossing shot into the goal.

Less than 5 minutes passed before Cadet Christopher Bergau added a second goal from the left wing. The Holy Cross players appeared demoralized and the Leathernecks took advantage as Cadet Lopez put in his second goal of the game.

The MMA defense played tough throughout the entire game, stifling many attacks by Holy Cross and Cadet Andrew Palamares played a brilliant game at goalie with numerous saves.

The Leathernecks next game will be after the Christmas/New Years break when they have a three-game trip to San Antonio to face Central Catholic twice and St. Anthony once.

Parents Club Golf Tournament Slated

The 5th Annual Leatherneck Golf Tournament has been scheduled for the weekend of April 19th and 20th, 2002 at Ridgeview Ranch, in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Whether you’re a competitor or a contributor, the MMA Parents Club would like to see you there!

The event, which benefits the Corps of Cadets, begins Friday evening with a banquet and both a silent and live auction. The Golf Tournament will be on Saturday. The auctions will be part of the banquet evening to allow for the participation of spouses and non-golfers.

The format is a four-person scramble, with tee time starting at 1300. Players may enter individually or as a team. Heavy hor’deuvres or burgers will be served that evening, and the trophies will be presented at 1900.

There are a variety of sponsorships available, as well as tickets to the banquet and auction. Direct contributions are also gratefully accepted.

For more information, check the MMA Parents Club website at www.mmaparentsclub.org.

The Story of MMA’s First Drill Instructor - MGySgt Bill Wolf

Randy Talbot, a Staff Historian for the US Army, while visiting relatives in NH, was asked by a brother of MGySgt Bill Wolf, MMA’s first DI, to do an article on him for his extraordinary combat record and awards, including two Navy Crosses.

He was so impressed that he has taken on the task of piecing together Bill’s impressive record for the Legionnaire Magazine. It will be a compilation of Bill’s combat records, to include his role as DI at MMA.

After one year, Bill went back on active duty to serve in Viet Nam and returned to MMA as DI after two years. Bill Wolf’s brothers, Robert and Russell, working with Mr. Talbot and with the help of New Hampshire Senator Smith, have been able to receive new medals (19), plus ribbons, for which there are no medals, and official information on Bill’s unusual, sometimes secret, combat records.

The brothers plan to attend the Alumni Reunion 2002, 5-7 April and wish to present to the MMA President a new case of Bill Wolf’s awards for placement in the Museum/Visitors Center. Presently, a case containing 13 awards is on display.

His ashes were spread around the Iwo Jima statue at a special memorial service conducted by Chaplain McDonald during one the early 90’s reunions.

Former cadet under Bill Wolf, Allen Alexander ’70, will also be dedicating a tree and plaque in honor and fond memories of his former DI, during Reunion 2002. Any alumni who remembers Bill Wolf and wishes to express their high regards and respect for Bill are asked to forward to Mr. Randy Talbot for inclusion in his article. Contact him at: (810) 5740420; TalbotR@tacom.army.mil or write: 16100 Casa Grande # 108, Harrison Township, MI 48045.

Mark Your Calendars

Battle Color Ceremony Returns to the Academy on February 27 at 7:00 pm

Where are they now?


Chris Dixon Coontz - 23107 2nd Dr, SE, Bothell, WA 98021-7552; (425) 481—9897; (chriscz28@hotmail.com) (chris@howardgroup.net); interested in meeting up with other cadets from the 60’s. ‘69

Gary Kimball - 2203 Condor St, Colorado Springs, CO 80909; (719) 630-0966; (hr3@home.com); wife Sandra & 1 child; owner of Baskin Robbins in CO Springs.


David Sims - 2551 Chasefield Dr, Schertz, TX 78154; (210) 659-0442; (tsims@satx.rr.com); BA fr A&M; TC Angelo St; retired teaching secondary, elementary school; new job: work out of home office & travels around TX teaching teachers how to incorporate technology into classrooms; attended MMA’s last home game; expects to make Reunion 2002.

Henry Sokol - 230 Deerhurst Park Blvd, Kenmore NY 14217; (716) 876-3839; (sokol@mentholatum.com); BA & Masters f/TxTech; VP Mentholatum Co; living in Buffalo; married- no kids- “proud father of 15lb half Bijon- half poodle named Cujo. Thought of naming him after DI, but knew Lacourse would find me”; in Philly time of WTC attack; will try to make Reunion; asked if Bob still alive & phone # (806) 352-3206); “He played a major role in my life- believed in me- will never forget him & the advice he gave me; Hank’s work # 1-800-688-7660 ext 1442.


Randy Vacek - 421 S. 5th St, Orland Park, IL 60462; (630) 377-9909); (Rgvacek@aol.com); a yr at Citadel- 4th class system a breeze; played ball under Bobby Ross; worked several yrs f/P&G; then as management consultant; married 19 yrs to college sweetheart, have boy 7 & girl 4; currently, Dir of Staffing f/large global telecom firm; saddened by death of old DI Jim Morton- “key influence in my life- more than just a coach/DI- but a mentor that shaped my life- he is one of my top 5 heroes.”


Fr Ronald MacGregor - 107 Vixen Court, Yorktown, VA 23693; (757) 223-4134; (FatherMac@aol.com); retired from the NYPD after 20 yrs & now pastor of St Basil the Great Eastern Orthodox Church, Yorktown VA; this is change of address.


Jorge E. Garza - 208 Blue Bonnet Blvd, San Anton, TX 78209; (210) 832-9407, Bus: (210) 785-3439; (jgarza@fi.rjf.com); attended MMA ’76-’77.


George Kalas - 31113 Copperleaf Dr, Spring TX 77386; (281) 660-6273; (gkalas@charter.net); at MMA 74-76; remembers murals painted in Ping- Pong room; UT grad & SoTX College of Law; duty w/CIA 2 yrs as Dir of Opns & 4 yrs Dir of Admin/Security; ’92 pursued own business- now VP Koukas & Assoc, an intell collection/security firm in Houston; married- Trelley.


Todd Lemke - 2150 Columbus Ave, Muskegan, MI 49441-3641; (231) 755-4639; (mnlite64@aol.com); sent his old DI, GySki Xmas card; Reunion 2002 on 5-7 April is his 20th Anniversary- Expect to see you Todd...WES!


Capt E.J. Knowlton USMC -(KnowltonEJ@15meufwd.usmc.mil); sent greetings to MMA Staff & a picture of himself, a pilot, at Camp Rhino in Afghanistan; attended MMA 83-85; “It’s great to be a Marine.”


Ramsey Hammad - 15615 Winding Moss, Houston TX 77068; (281) 580-9437; (ramsey.s.hammad@exxonmobil.com); BA U of Houston; tour in USMC; w/ExxonMobil in Storage Div, Upstream Tech Computing Co; wife Magdoline & Yasmin; looking forward to Reunion 2002.

Dave Brooks - 15400 SW Palm Dr, Indiantown, FL 34956; (561) 297-2528; (dbrooks@fau.edu); MMA ’83-’85- “A” Co w/Gy Klutz, trombone in band under Tichenor who passed away; roommates- Burgess & Keith; owns & operates small computer business; 3 yrs USN; attended SoWest TxSt U.

Chris Faulkner - 275 Marlborough Rd, Brooklyn NY 11226; (7178)-282-2834; (cfaulkner@adm.schoolofvisualarts.edu); teaching film & audio post-production classes in NY; also Video Mgr at School of Visual Arts in Manhattan; recently received his MFA f/City College NY & has worked as Dir of Photography on several shorts & music videos. Has a film “Mountaineer” making it’s way around film festival circuit.

Jacien Carr - 81 West Lakeview Ave, Columbus OH 43202; (614) 263-7606; (JacienJGC@aol.com); “I can’t begin to tell you how MMA prepared me for life. Lessons I learned there bailed me out of difficult situations many times. Mom doing fine- she & dad were political prisoners during Liberian Civil War- managed to flee to Sierra Leone where US Embassy arranged for them to come to US in ’91. Mom now Inspector Gen of Liberian Foreign Min (State Dept)”; did a tour in USMC, now USMCR w/Columbus unit but will be leaving Lima for an opportunity that recently opened up in Washington DC. Keeps in touch w/Homer Gonzalez ’88- says “Hi” to Millie Gilmore.


Brett Spiers - 12901 Jefferson Hwy #424, Baton Rouge, LA 70816; (225) 229-1798; (brettspiers@earthlink.net); after 1.5 yr in waiting, got notice from D.C. he’ll be Special Agent in Training starting 22Jan02 at Fed Law Enforcement Trng Center in Glynco GA, duty station: Dallas.


Nathan Davis - 6641 Billingsgate Rd, Mobile AL 36619; (334) 660-9877; (Nfdavis1@msn.com); BA U of AL, Real Estate Agent; married: Stephenie & son Ethan; telephone # changed.


Kwan Lee - 2356 S. Revolta, Mesa AZ 85208; (480) 654-2970; ( kwan.lee@boeing.com) or ( kwan.lee@tulanealumni.net); “working in Structures Dept as stress analyst f/Apache Copter program, Mesa AZ- been pretty busy as imagined; received my MBA f/AZ St U last May; promoted to level 2 analyst in my dept; in contact with Paul Ashley, Jack Waterson, Joe Hughes, Alex Kulungowski; was in Toronto studying Russian Martial Arts when 9/11 went down. What a senseless tragedy.”

Scott Long - 6638 119th Ave SE, Bellevue, WA 98006; (425) 271-6161; (sclong@corp.earthlink.net); Dallas Baptist U 3 yrs- refocused career for variety of tech companies; primary responsibility supporting Earthlink customers, then to management info tech group at Earthlink- responsible for 7000+ end users within company & support 5000+ workstations; transfer to Seattle & pursuing career & ed; “MMA had profound impact on me as a person & professional & provides great leadership foundation, solid academic base & strong work ethic required to survive in business & tech industry today; special thanks to SgtMaj Robertson.”


Randy Roane - 6130 Chevy Chase, Houston TX 77056; (713) 784-2799; (randyroane@hotmail.com); ’98 grad of A&M; in commercial construction in Houston; helped gather info on Ivan Radcliff ‘93 & his Olympic goals.


James Falconer - 362 S. Ridgeoak Ct, Weatheford, TX 76087; (817) 829-5403; (james@positionbydesign.com); contacted on Classmates.com; asked about Sgt Maj Wilson, his DI; “Things are going OK! Thanks!”


Cliff Reddick - Panalpina, Kazakhstan Panalpina World Transport LLP Micro District 8, PUS Building, Suite 318 Aktau, Kazakhstan Phone: +7 3292 515812 ; +7 3292 516694. Fax: +7 3292 517379. Mobile: +7 333 221 4454. E-mail: cliff.reddick@hoy.panalpina.kz Currently in the country of Kazakhstan. Employed by Panalpina, a world transport company that transports oil related cargo,etc. Arrived in Kazakhstan on the 9th of August, 2001. Job has placed him in various locations all over Kazakhstan. worked in Almaty, Aktau, Aksai, and in Uralsk. Personally supervised the delivery of a 5 million dollar SaiPar Drilling Rig in Aksai. At the moment, working on various projects in the town of Aktau. These projects are for the Caspian Sea area.


Jonathan Pax - VMI, Lexington VA 24450; (paxjc@mail.vmi.edu); brother David, 8th grader at MMA; “College is no joke. Classes a lot harder than in high school. 2 more yrs & I will be commissioned as an officer in the Marine Corps, so that is good. No phones in our rooms.” Keeps good contact with James Tucci.

LCpl James Tucci USMC - (tuccije@FUJI.USMC.MIL); keeps in good communications w/MMA, fellow alumni like JC Pax, “last “C” Co Cmdr in 20th century, on other side of world. “I miss MMA, all I gathered from there, & especially the fun I had there.”


from the Desk of WES

FORMER DI, Sgt Maj H.C. “Buck” Bruton, former MMA DI ’68-’73, died this past spring. Besides being a great DI, especially with Lower School of 7th & 8th graders, Buck was an outstanding Marksmanship Instructor and Rifle Team Coach. Daughter Linda (Bruton) Beaver, has asked for any former cadets under “Buck”, to contact her to help put together fond memories. Her phone: (941) 936- 9102; email: ONEBEAVFL@AOL.COM; address: 24 Broadway Cir, Ft. Myers, FL 33901.

NEWS & PICTURES- are needed to put an Alumni Newspaper together. Only about 10% have returned the Profile Form for news from the mass mail out. ALL Alumni are asked to return this Profile, some news of themselves and pictures for use on the Alumni web page and/or the Alumnews. We had hoped to put the paper out in Jan or Feb. Give us some news.

ALUMNI BULLETIN BOARD- We need more Alumni- to come aboard, the Alumni Bulletin Board. It’s a unique mode of communications with old buddies and classmates. Get on MMA web site, click “Alumni” and fill out registration form and register. Use own password. If problems when registering, contact Connie Flores: (956) 423-6006, ext 236 or email: FLORES@MMA-TX.ORG TRY IT- YOU’LL LIKE IT.

BUY A BRICK- Everyone is impressed viewing the “Quadrangle”, what once was the Bn street. Neat red bricks form the major part. On these bricks can be engraved your name and other info. Prices start at $100 and up, part of which is a donation to MMA. It is a neat way to leave your name & stand out at MMA. Having a class group leave their names engraved on bricks in front of their barracks would stand out. Whenever aboard, take a look and be impressed. Let everyone know you were here by buying an engraved brick with your name on it.

Taps Kirill Sergeevich Sheklanov

Word has been received at the Academy that Kirill Sergeevich Sheklanov, a senior cadet from Moscow, passed away from injuries sustained in a skiing accident in Switzerland during the Thanksgiving break. The entire staff, faculty and Corps of Cadets wishes to express their sincerest condolences to his family.


Major John Austin, USMC (Ret)
LtCol H.G. Bozarth, USMC (Ret)
Sgt David Paul Davis, USMC (Ret)
Mrs. Lucy B. Haley
SgtMaj Walter F. Heckman, USMC (Ret)
Brigadier General E. Hunter Hurst, USMC
Wallace R. “Wally” Johnson
Calvin Lawson
Col John G. Metz, USMC (Ret)
Lt John Williams Overton, WWI recipient Navy Cross & Distinguished Service Cross
CWO O. Douglas Sayre, USMC (Ret)
PFC Brian Thorton, USMC - KIA 1951 ROK
Dean Weekly
Mrs. Jane C. Yeckel

A donation was received in honor of J. Rob Walker’s dedication to the U.S. Marine Corps and the Marine Military Academy from his children J. Rob Walker, Jr. & Becky W. Andrews

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