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Summer Camp Fun in the South

The 2001 MMA Summer Camp program began July 1st with over 300 boys from 40 states, Mexico, Russia, China, Japan, Germany and Saudi Arabia.

After registration on 1 July, campers were placed in platoons, with platoons 101 through 401 for older boys and 701 through 1001 for the younger ones.

Each day began with reveille at 0600, followed by exercises and first mess. Mornings were reserved for military training. In addition to close order drill, campers faced such challenges as the mud course, obstacle course, paintball combat and pugil stick fighting. League play was held each afternoon in such sports as football, basketball, softball and soccer.

Special activities for the campers included such things as the boxing smoker competition, a field meet, an eight-mile hike and the COPE course (Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience activites) at Camp Perry, a nearby Boy Scout retreat.

With temperatures soaring to near 100 degrees every afternoon, just completing the four-week camp was a real test; but apparently quite a few boys were up to the challenge. Approximately one-third of the summer campers signed up to return to the Academy for the fall semester.

MMA Cadets Tour Europe During Summer Break

This summer, Mrs. Hilda Saldivar and Dr. Mary Riciciardi, teachers at MMA, took two groups of youth on an educational tour, sponsored by National Educational Travel Council.

Both groups started in Paris, then Mrs. Saldivar’s Spanish students took the TGV high-speed train to Nimes, Carcassonne and, finally, Barcelona.

Mrs. Saldivar, along with her husband, Jaime, and parents of two cadets, Mr. and Dr. Bajsel and Dr. C. Lynn Anderson, took 14 people on a 10-day tour of France and Spain. “It was a fantastic experience because the trip was so interesting and different from anything I have ever experienced,” noted Mrs. Saldivar. “The students were inquisitive and interested the entire trip. We traveled by all means of transportion; plane, boat, train, metro and bus.”

In Paris, Mrs. Saldivar’s group discovered the treasures of art and history in the Notre Dame Cathedral, Eiffel Tower, the world famous Louvre Museum, the magnificent Palace and Gardens of Versailles and many other interesting places too numerous to mention. Mrs. Saldivar exclaimed that “one cannot imagine how enormous the Eiffel Tower is until one actually views it in person.” Her group also traveled through southern France to the captivating historical walled city of Carcassonne, where they ate the most delicious onion soup. In the incredible Roman buildings of Nimes, some of the students experienced their first bull fight.

In Spain, cadets traveled through the vibrant Olympic city of Barcelona, where a local guide introduced them to the famous architectural design of the Familia Sagrada Cathedral, the famous Las Ramblas, and many other famous places.

An overnight train (a good experience) took them on to Madrid, where the cadets discovered the artistry and decorative plazas of this imperial city. There they saw the statue of Don Quijote and Sancho Panza, as well as the Christopher Columbus statue in Plaza Colon. The group also visited many other important sites too numerous to mention.

At the world famous Prado Museum, Mrs. Saldivar’s group viewed the art masterpieces of Velasaquez, Goya, El Greco, Picasso and other famous artists. One of the most memorable and almost perfect masterpieces of Velasquez, The Menonitas, was incredible.

Mrs. Saldivar’s group then took two full-day excursions to Segovia and Escorial. In Segovia, they visited the famous amazing Roman aqueduct and a fairytale medieval castle.

In Segovia, the cadets ate Spain’s famous and delicious suckling pig. The group continued on to Escorial, Philip II’s austere and imposing palace, where there they saw the mounted knights costumes.

Mrs. Saldivar received some very good comments from the cadets and parents. One student who went to Spain last year stated that “he enjoyed himself more this time (he met a girl there) and he wasn’t ready to leave Spain.” Another said that “for sure I’m coming back to Madrid with my older brother and stay for two weeks!” The parents of two cadets kept stating that they had such a great time they wanted her to organize another trip next year to a different country.

This trip of a lifetime was a very successful and memorable experience that will last forever!

Look for a featured article on Dr. Ricciardi’s tour of France in next month’s Leader.

MMA Advisor Col L.C. Shepherd III, Passes Away

Retired Col Lemuel C. Shepherd, III, 76, a Marine Corps officer in three wars and member of the Board of Advisors for the Marine Military Academy, died July 17, 2001 in La Jolla, California.

Born in Long Beach, he was the son of former Marine Corps Commandant Lemuel C. Shepherd, Jr.

He served in World War II, the Korean War and Vietnam, and retired in 1973 as chief of staff of the 2nd Marine Division at Camp Lejeune, N.C.

After his retirement, Shepherd started the Naval Junior ROTC unit at a local high school in Escondido, California and ran the program for twelve years.

Upon his retirement from teaching, he devoted himself to his church, St. James by-the-Sea Church and the Marine Military Academy.

“Colonel Bo Shepherd was one of our most active MMA Board Advisors. He loved the Marine Military Academy and the cadets and was an ardent supporter of the physical fitness program,” noted MajGen Wayne E. Rollings, President of the Academy. “We are saddened at his sudden passing and will miss him very much.”

Col Shepherd was a graduate of the Armed Forces Staff College in Norfolk, Va., and the Naval War College in Newport,R.I.

ESL Program Going Strong on MMA Campus

The ESL program proved to be a success story from the beginning of camp until its completion. The Academy saw the number of ESL students attending the program increase from 33 in 2000, to 53 in 2001. In addition, the program had three returning members of ESL 2000.

Academically, the students were broken down into five groups: Basic through Advanced. After the first assessment test, each group averaged 11 students in each class. This was one of the strongest ESL classes the Academy has ever had. The Advanced and Intermediate III groups had camper’s who could have enrolled and passed regular academic classes.

On graduation day, 34 ESL students had scored above a 70 percentile. Each student had increased his initial score 15 points upon completion of the program.

This year’s program for ESL had a very aggressive schedule. Each student was required to attend his academic classes during the day and, in the evening, participate in the same activities as the summer campers.

Each ESL student completed all phases of the summer camp program, from the boxing smokers to the graduation day parade. In addition, Dr. Mary Riccardi introduced and entertained a large number of the ESL campers to an evening of theater at the dress rehearsal of “Grease” at the Harlingen Theater.

These students worked hard at demonstrating their desire to accomplish each and every task assigned with enthusiasm, discipline, esprit de corps and courage, both physical and moral.

After the graduation ceremony on August 4th, the Admissions Office was busy visiting with the parents of the ESL students. At the close of business on graduation day, the enrollment numbers of the graduating ESL students for the 2001-2002 school year was 34.

MMA Summer Campers Take to the Skies

The summer aerospace program provided cadets with an opportunity to start their flying career. Cadets also got a chance to see different airports across the valley, including flights over South Padre Island.

Five hours of flight instruction could be accrued during the program, which could be used in working towards a private pilot’s license.

This summer, 32 cadets participated in the program, many of whom expressed great interest in continuing their flight training.

Summer camp standout pilots were Frank Torregrossa and Geoff Balhburg.

During the course, cadets were introduced to flight training by learning to conduct a thorough preflight inspection of the aircraft. The following lessons included instruction in ground operations and primary flight maneuvers.

This course gave cadets not only an opportunity to fly an airplane, but maybe the start of an aviation career.

Memorial Services Held for Museum Volunteer Ken Aller

On 16 August, the Visitor’s Center and Museum at the Marine Military Academy, held a memorial service for longtime friend and volunteer of the Academy, Mr. Ken Aller.

Mr. Aller dedicated many hours of service not only to the museum, but as a substitute history teacher. The cadets enjoyed Mr. Aller’s engaging style of teaching.

The Academy, staff, teachers and fellow volunteers express to his family their sincere sympathy at the loss of their loved one. He will be missed by all.

Summer Camp '01 - A Great Place to .....

Mark your calendars now for Summer Camp 2002 June 30 - July 27

Summer Happenings

Things around the campus of the Marine Military Academy never seem to slow down, even after the conclusion of another successful summer camp. Drill instructors, coaches and the like catch their breath just in time to welcome back cadets for Summer Band Camp, Football Camp and Leadership School.

Band Camp 2001

Band Camp was a great success this year. Although the attendance was relatively low, all of the leaders for this coming year were in attendance.

The emphasis this year was placed on playing technique, basic theory, basic playing skills, and section rehearsal techniques for those who are leading sections of instruments.

The band members spent a great deal of time preparing some new music for the football games and are very excited about the potential growth of the band during this next school year. Look for a bigger and better band again this year!

Leadership Camp 2001

On 10 August, 53 cadets completed MMA’s annual week-long Leadership School.

In addition to participating in all of the events available at our LEAD (Leadership Education And Development) complex, cadets, in concert with their drill instructors, developed new company mission statements and goals, accomplished in-depth leadership assessments on all returning cadets, worked on developing improved leadership equipping programs within their units, and studied enhanced teamwork techniques.

During a recent visit to MMA, Gunnery Sergeant Jay C. Foote, an instructor in the U.S. Marine Corps Marital Arts Program, briefed and provided a demonstration of the program to the cadets attending the Academy’s Leadership Orientation Camp.

GySgt Foote is assigned to the 1st Marine Division at Camp Pendleton, California and will be joing the academy staff as a drill instructor in the near future.

As in the past, the program ended with the traditional promotion ceremony and sword issue, which was conducted by the Academy’s President, MajGen W. E. Rollings, USMC (Ret).

Cheerleading Camp 2001

The new Marine Military Academy Cheerleaders for the 2001-2002 school year are (captain) Cristina Gomez, (co-captain) Jessika Thomas, Kelley Sweeney, Kristen Poe, Kayla Elizondo, Criselda Sanchez, Amiee Gonzalez, Minerva Montiel, Jenna Pena, Darlene Luna, HollyAnne Farris, Karina Paris, Ruby Membreno and Kendra Lee.

The squad is made up of girls who attend Harlingen South, Harlingen High, and South Texas Medical High school.

The girls kept busy this summer learning new routines, as well as having several fundraisers that included car washes at Wal-Mart, McDonald’s hotcake breakfast sales and, more recently, a children’s cheerleading clinic at the King Gym.

Last week, the squad attended a UCA cheerleading camp at University of Texas-San Antonio, where they brought back many excellent and superior ribbons, along with an overall superior camp trophy.

The MMA Cheerleaders would like to thank all MMA staff and faculty who have supported their fundraisers this summer, as well as Dr. and Mrs. John E. Green for their hospitality in San Antonio.

Football Camp 2001

On July 31 2001, 17 returning football athletes reported to prepare for this year’s football season. Twenty-five new players reported to try out for the MMA varsity team.

Workouts were outside from 8:00 am to 9:30 am, with many scheduled water breaks, due to the balmy South Texas breeze and 90 degree heat. The mid-day practice was held inside the air-conditioned King Gym, which is 53 yards long, corner to corner. The evening practaice was outside in the setting sun, next to Bowman Stadium.

Returning letterman QB David Sanchez, WR Sean Carey, LB Sean Ryan, OT Brinson Bryan, WO Corey Owens and TB Nick Santillo lead the Leathernecks through their paces.

Players to watch this fall are: Emmanuel Gonzalez - Houston, Texas; Emmanuel Hawkins - Tulsa, Oklahoma; Clay Spencer - New Orleans, Louisiana; Russell Royce - Dickinson, Texas; Tyler Freeze - Denison, Texas; John Leonard - Ft. Worth, Texas; Karylake Martin - Dayton, Texas and Jacob Mayo from Corpus Christi, Texas.

Week two of practice, August 6th - 11th, was a week of half-pads in the evening and full-pads in the morning.

MMA coaches are mindful of the athletes’ well-being by demanding the players weigh themselves daily, taking in plenty of fluids, hydrating the body and eating right with three meals a day at the Mess Hall.

Coach Scott Swinnea’s off-season program showed results for the athletes involved, as many reported in good shape and ready to go.

Cadet Places Third at Judo Nationals

Cadet Major Sean Du Bose recently placed third in the United States Judo Association Junior National Championships this summer. The tournament was held in Toledo, Ohio on July 27 and 28, 2001.

Before this tournament, Cadet Du Bose spent five weeks training at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. While there, he was afforded the opportunity to practice with the best junior and senior judoka from across the United States.

While at the tournament, Sean met olympic bronze medalist in judo, James Bregman. Bregman also serves as the current USJA President.

The weekend following the tournament, Du Bose helped represent the United States in the Miami Youth International Championship. Despite hard training and good technique, he was forced to withdraw from his first match due to a torn rotator cuff in his left shoulder.

Cadet Du Bose is the Battalion Executive Officer at MMA and also serves as the captain of the Judo Team. He is a fifth year cadet who has been practicing judo since the eighth grade.

The Academy congratulates Sean on a job well done. The Academy is proud of his many accomplishments.

Where are they now?

Monty Kimball - P.O. Box 539, Alpine TX 79831; (915) 837-58323; (MntyKimb@netscape.net) - married (Paula), daughter in college; ranched ‘til ’88, then went to Tex Tech Law School, graduated in ’91; returned to practice law in Alpine; has stayed in touch with Mike Forrester; regrets couldn’t make last 2 Reunions.

James “Craig” McKelvy - 210 Sun Canyon Crescent S.E., Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2x2V3; Tel/Fax: 403-254-0401 (mckelvymaterialservices@home.com) or (jcmckelvy@home.com); married, 13 years in Canada, worked for Chevron in Angola, Papua New Guinea, Kazakstan & Calgary; soon off to Equatorial Guinea.
Allen Alexander - 240 Markham Woods Rd, Longwood, FL 32779 (407) 682-6045 (allen_alexander@hotmail.com); just moved to FL., still with telephone business.

Dannie Miller - 309 Huckstep Ave, Stafford, VA 22554-1812; (540) 720-0786; (DMillerMMA71@aol.com); spent 5 week trip to Camp Pendleton, catching up on 300 msgs on Alumni Bulletin Board, “enjoying first 5 months as Retired Marine!!”

Steve Easley- 2673 Idlebrook Cir., Midway , NC 28544 (910) 577-4452 (seasley@ec.rr.com) attended MMA 67-69; enlisted USMC, retired as GySgt ’92; he and wife opened salon in Jacksonville, NC last year; works in steel shop making cutting dies past 7 years.

Robert Dolard - 5607 Buttonwood Ct, Durham NC 27713 (919) 361-2361; “I am definite on next Reunion. Sorry not on the Alumni Bulletin Board but have had a very full plate.”

John Strait - 9400 Greco Garth, Columbia, MD 21045; (410) 884-5542; (strait2@home.com); works for Japanese scientific instrument company, started as Tech/Svc Engr; currently is Tech Sales rep for East MD, where he lives; 3 beautiful daughters he raised as single Dad. Asked if he was a “womanizer?” responds: “Absolutely Not- I love em all, or at least will try.” Has “made plans to make Reunion for the 30th at MMA, God willing, if I’m not dead or disabled- I WILL BE THERE!”

Bob Bauman - 9952 South Tee Box Dr, South Jordan, UT 84095; (801) 282-5603 (bobcru@lgcy.com); “Will do all I can to try to make the reunion. Maybe Mike (Walker) and I can swing something to get down there together.”

Oscar Garza- 174 Robins Ln, Brownsville, TX 78520; (956) 542-6651 (ogarza@riogrande.net.mx); married 21 years, same girl and mother of 3 boys, doing great; still PresCEO/Owner of GSR Industries, LTD, Brownsville, manufacturing plant both sides of river, remanufacturing front wheel driver axles for all makes of autos, also, alternators & starters, with 95 employees; wife Norma involved in wide range of civic activities, even a televised Town Hall meeting in VT w/Gov Bush during his campaign.

Terry Amyx - 11645 Captain Rhett Ln, Fairfax Sta., VA 22039 (703) 249-9627; (terrydamyx@cs.com); Doing a lot of travelling in his civilian job; says he’ll get back on the Alumni Bulletin Board.

Rod Navaroli - 5608 Copper Beech Lane, Wake Forest, NC 27587-4481; (919) 562- 0570; (navaroli@msn.com); works w/DEA; “I shall be present at the next reunion. Hated missing the last ones.” Got out of USMC as Capt, stayed in Reserves, promoted to Major, had mild heart attack & had to go class 3 & stop drilling. OK health-wise now. Does a “lot of bow hunting of white tail deer & needs an invite to hunt TX whitetails; just built new house in Wake Forest- doesn’t plan to leave; talks w/Oscar Garza & Mike Bolafka on occasion - would like to talk to Turdy O’Connor again.”

Tim Belber, JD CLU- 1331 17th St, Ste M105, Denver, CO 80202 (303) 299-9211 (tjb@secureasset.com); “I deserve to be called on the carpet” Tim says, too busy, not keeping in touch. “As I said before, I’m very proud to be a grad of MMA as the experience still benefits me today”; would like to get involved w/Alumni group & recruiting in Denver area.

Jorge Trevino - 5502 Saratoga Apt 34, Corpus Christi, TX 78413 (361) 985-1339 (jj111_us@msn.com); Many remember Jorge, sharp & smart carrying the guidon.

Tom Earwood - 1105 15th St, #1014, Augusta, GA 30901; (706) 722-9437; (unclemu@bellsouth.net); in second month of his 3rd year at medical school & doing well.

Rusty Tamlyn - 4517 Holt St, Bellaire TX 77401; (713) 661-5088; (rtamlyn@trammellcrow.com); former BnCmdr; Commercial Real Estate Broker, Dir of Investment Sales w/Trammell Crow Co; very successfull in sales volume like the Decorative Center, Houston at $42 million.

Phillip O’Donnell - 109 Prospector Ct, Folsom, CA 95630; (916) 987-2906; (podonnell@caiso.com); ’75 Bn Cmdr; served in the Navy; married (Becky) 20 yrs w/2 children; works as Power Syst. Dispatcher for company that manages high voltage transmission system in CA; “Sorry to hear about Bill Cook, like those at MMA, a very positive influence that continues to pay dividends to this day. I have very fond memories of MMA and am very proud I was fortunate enough to have been associated with such a great organization. I look forward to next April Reunion.”

Jonathan Reed - 23 Sea Island Dr, Bluffton, SC 29910 (843) 757-9943; (reedjk@hargray.com); lives outside Hilton Head, VP of restaurant company Lowrey Group, 6 in that area, expanding to other cities; married TN gal met in FL, took her flying- turns out she is pilot too, dated 2 yrs, 2nd anniversary in Nov.

Gary Milbourne - 164 Martesia Way, Indian Harbour Bch, FL 32937 (321) 779-8783; (garymilbourne@msn.com); served in Navy on nuc sub Skipjack; college in Houston- AAS degree in Instrumentation Tech; married Sue in OH; 2 sons, moved to FL, works for Lockheed-Martin as Electronics Tech- takes care of Space Shuttle Support Systems at Kennedy Space Center, as well as landing sites; will try to get to Reunion 2002.

Jamie Krampe - 1216 E. 6th St, Cushing, OK 74023 (918) 228-6518; visited MMA & amazed at changes.

Ken Scott Gross - 2787 Diane Ter, Clearwater, FL 33759 (727) 726-1182; (sgross@tampabay.rr.com); Operations Mgr of Xerographics; married, 2 children., loves scuba diving.

Glenn Hubbard - 31071 Augusta Dr, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677; (949) 388-1101; (GSJJWWJD@aol.com); turned 41 on 4th of July; Mortgage Broker; happily married- Shannon, has many fond memories of MMA & the people there who impacted his life for good.

Joe Hardee - 13406 Heights Ln, San Antonio TX 78230 (210) 493-6895; (jhardee@idworld.net); Investments/Financial Cnslt w/Salomon Smith Barney; appreciates what MMA had to offer.

Mark Colbert- 524 North OakleynBlvd #2, Chicago IL 60606; (312) 243-1464);(mcol24@hotmail.com); wants to receive the Leader & sent in new address; wants to communicate with Adcock brothers.

John Zeydel - 3020 Bardstown Rd # 107, Louisville, KY 40205 (John.Zeydel@53.com) recruited by Louisville bank in Mortgage area & in 6 weeks generated over 4 million—”those goal-setting lessons at the Academy really paid off.” Also sent beautiful pic of wife & baby; received call from Robt Fisher, former cadet.

Jorge Garza - (jgarza@fi.rif.com)- ’76-’79; Dad died, couldn’t finish at MMA- did so in Mexico; Bus Admin BA from UT; graduate degree & then Masters from SMU ’91; married Carra ’89, son Alec; from Dallas to San Antonio ’99; now VP Raymond James & Assoc- income investment; he & assoc financed projects, pvt/pub on military bases, Ft Carson CO, Ft Hood, NAS Corpus, Navy New Orleans & Beaufort/PISC; asked about Gy Dauwalder- “Who can forget Freddy the Fox.” Joe Hardee ’79 got in touch w/Jorge.

Jim Clements - Hannoush Jewelers- Broward Mall, 8000 West Broward Blvd. Ste 511, Plantation, FL 33388; (954) 577-0076; moved from CT & now has jewelry store, busy & happy; no PC/email setup yet.


Rick Heinsohn – (Inter4now@aol.com); living in FL.

Harold Bishop - 329 Ellis Ave, Maryville, TN 37804; (865) 977-0258; (heb123@icx.net); practicing law in TN & busy trying several cases at once.

Gordon Clements - 1550 Tuttle Ave, Wallingford, CT 06492; (203)265-0530); (FonKing@aol.com); bad accident hit by snow plow in Feb, Dr still working on back & in therapy.

Brinton Murray - 101 Mapleview Rd, Wallingford, CT 06492; (203) 741-1177); (Brintonmurray@aol.com); working in sales; been in communications with Dallas Helber

Mark McGinness - POB 42613, Oklahoma City, OK 73123; (405) 840-3174; (marksellshomes@yahoo.com)- has 2 other email sn; Dad passed away in June, helped Mom & Dad past 2 yrs in KS, now back in OK.

Preston Hagee - 3916 Utah St, St Louis, MO 63102; (314) 762-9245; (prestonhagee@hotmail.com); mgr several restaurants on river walk, San Antonio; police officer a while; now General Mgr of night club/restaurants in St Louis: web site: bigbangbar.com

John Zuhowski - Lt USN- 1853 Somersby Ln, Virginia Bch, VA 23456; (757) 430-6193; (beatarmy91@home.com)- sent in change of email sn; a USNA grad, now commands the USS Shamal (PC13) with 4 officers, 24 enlisted, has served on LSD, LPD & LHA ships.

Ricardo van Wielink - new address: Paseo del Sol lt. 75 Casa A-1, Residencial Campestre, Cancun, Qroo, Mexico; phone: 011-52-988-20147; (licrvw@prodigy.net.mx) or (rvan@allegroair.com.mx); new job as SubDirector of Finance for Allegro Airlines based in Cancun, famous vacation spot.

C. Campbell Burgess - 1608 S Polk, Amarillo, TX 79102; (806) 352-6363; (cburgess@coredata.net); busy with job, wife Margo & 2 kids; in constant touch w/Jeff Keith ’87 & Read Barnhill ’88; gave brother Carson’s email: (carson.burgess@herringbank.com).

Alex Hinojosa - 5358 Papaya Cir, Harlingen, TX 78552; (956) 423-9178 or 491-4466; (hinojr@hinoenergy.com); Contact for Reunion 2002 class of ’87, Lance Mullins emailed Alex regards Reunion 5-7 April. Alex said he’d host a party- so- ’87 alum- ya’ll come.

Lance Mullins - (480) 661-5915; (LMullicc@aol.com)- “WILL BE AT REUNION”; grad of TX Tech, worked family business, then for mortgage company & moved to Scottsdale AZ 1 yr, then started money management & real estate investment fund in ’98; married Mary in 2000 & had baby boy in Feb. “I look forward to seeing everyone at next yr’s Reunion 5-7 April.”

Ramsey Hammad - (713) 431-4116; (ramsey.s.hammad@exxonmobil.com)- changed jobs in June- w/ExxonMobil now as NT Storage Administrator.

John Barnard - 9999 Kempwood Dr. #334, Houston, TX 77080- new address change- not in time for new directory. boutiques, married; registered for Alumni Bulletin Board.

Alan Chan - JC Jewelry Sdn Bhd, Box 263, Lot G33.8, KL Plaza 179 Jalan Bukit Bintang, Juala Lumpur, Malaysia 55100; (80)3-2143-9319; (wcchan@tm.net.my); was only Chinese in Bn; attended Boston College, worked in Hong Kong, now has a jewelry shop & 4

Read Barnhill - 4607 Olsen Blvd, Amarillo, TX; (512) 301-6010; (rbarnhill@tex-aircryogenics.com); Glad to hear MMA doing well & esprit de corps still alive; wanted Roberto Ordorica’s phone# & email since he’ll be vacationing in Mexico City & wants to see him; quite often sees Campbell & Carson Burgess- laugh & joke of yrs at MMA.

Mike Mallard - 93 CVonvent Rd, Syosset, NY 11791; (516) 364-8804; (michael_mallard@prusec.com); working with Prudential Securities; “hope to make it to either Dallas or Chicago this yr, & definitely target the Reunion 2002 in April; keeps in touch with Angus Forbes ’90 & Chris Migura ’89; Mike is very active on Alumni Bulletin Board.

Trey McBride- 1700 Mosher Dr Apt 132, Enid, OK 73703; (580) 237-60-08; (mcbride_t_m@prodigy.net); been flight school at Vance AFB flying little T-37B jets with Air Force; getting married to Melanie Dawn Holmes- met 2 yrs ago at Cambridge Univ.

David McGehee - P.O. Box 967, Monticello, FL 32345; (850) 997-5153; (davmc@nettally.com); “I enjoy the website & Alumni Bulletin Board but would love to see more 90’s folks on there. I plan on making Reunion 2002 for my 10th yr anniversary.”

Hugh (Alex) Murray - P.O. Box 5346, Parris Island, SC 29905; (843) 466-0435; (MurrayHA@mcrdpi.usmc.mil) or (aamurray@islc.net); “still at Parris Island & returning to the fleet next year.

Fernando Erderly - 7120 Patronis Dr Apt 506, Panama City Beach, FL 32408; (850) 236-0684; (deghy@excite.com); counselor at Children’s Home- Dept of Juvenile Justice; BA Psychology- attended Incarnate Word & Boston Grad School of Psychoanalysis; says: “MMA gave me tools to achieve & has got me to where I am today. Never quit!”

Daniel Swisher - 4241 599th St # 7, Ft Wainwright, AK 99703 (curi)usgeOrge@hotmail.com); “My wife & I have a new addition, Zachary Ray Swisher born July 18 at Bassett Army Hospital in Fairbanks, AK”.

John May - MidTech Computer Sales Mgr; (915) 561-8733; (johnm@midtech.net); asked how MMA was doing & say hello & news from old school days at MMA.

Nathan “Nate” Linstad - PO Box 94, Chester NH 03036; (linstadna@aol.com); asked for transcript for new position.

Esn Jim Mueller USN- 2524 Longmire Rd, Conroe, TX 77304 (home address); (936) 760-3336; ( trippingonrats@hotmail.com); Pres Bush delivered commencement address & diploma at his USNA graduation, oath administered by CNO; completed preflight training before going to NAS, Corpus for primary flight trng; hopes to be assigned to NAS Kingsville, TX for intermediate jet flight trng & is “looking forward to being able to shoot touch-and-go landings at Harlingen- my old stomping grounds”; earned his FAA instrument rating at MMA; earned ertificates for FAA pilot & certified pilot instructor; gave free flight instruction to middies at USNA; hopes to fly FA-18 Super Hornet fighter jets in his aviation career. Jim and Evan are step-brothers.

Richard Harris - 4029 Bandera Dr, Plano, TX 75074; (972) 422-1687; (rich428@yahoo.com) trying to locate Henry Johnston ’97.

WO Jeff Battle USA - 417 Hiway 84 E- Apt 25, Daleville, AL 36322; (334) 503-9420; (evanski_01@yahoo.com); attended A&M, enlisted in Army, an Armor Crewman; appointment to WO in Jan; presently a student helicopter pilot at Ft Rucker, AL; expects to fly Army’s Kiowa Scout or Apache gunship helos; also plans to return to college and pursue a degree in aviation business management from Embry-Riddle Aero U.
Mark Metzger LCpl USMC - 18101 E. Steamboat Ave, MS# 169, Aurora, CO 80011; (303) 522-7666; (Mark.Metzger@BUCKLEY.AF.MIL); in Intelligence Unit, hoping for promotion by Marine Corps Birthday; has a brother Russell at MMA.

Phillip Ziligson - zigpilot@yahoo.com. Currently attending College of the Ozarks. Came to MMA for Summer Camp 2001 to help in the Aerospace program. Training to be a flight instructor.

Brook Foreman - (Virtigo2@aol.com) at A&M enjoying school; LCpl in Reserves; wife Flor & he expecting baby in Oct; “Would like to get all MMA Alumni at A&M together sometime.”



DALLAS MEETING - The Executive Committee and Council of the MMA Alumni Association will hold a business meeting for ALL alumni, not just Dallas area alumni, on the weekend of 29-30 Sept. Col Hobbs and Sgt Major WES will also attend. All Alumni who can possibly make this meeting are urged to do so. Point of Contact: Craig Matteson at ( cematteson@juno.com); or (630) 514-0549. You may also contact Jim Sproul at PO Box 438, Coppell, Texas 75019; (972) 462-1340. Location: DFW Airport - Marriott in Irving, Texas (972) 929-8800

MMA ALUMNEWS - Plans to publish an Alumni newspaper solely with items of news, interest and bios to Alumni to be published either in Dec or Jan. Forms will be mailed shortly on which all Alumni are asked to fill out and return to make the paper of great interest to all and help bring Alumni closer together and with MMA.

5-7 April
Past two Reunions were fantastic. This coming Reunion will exceed last year’s in numbers, laughter and fun. Circle your calendar now and make plans to attend - REGARDLESS OF CLASS. Classes ’67,’72,’77',’82,’’87,’92 are encouraged to commemorate their 35th, 30th, 25th, 20th, 15th & 10th Anniversaries. Get your buddies to come with you.

ALUMNI BULLETIN BOARD - We ask all alumni to register on the Alumni Bulletin Board where you can exchange messages with fellow alumni. Simply get on MMA web site: mma-tx.org and click Alumni, fill out registration form and register. You make your own password. Much info is on that web site and Alumni Bulletin Board as well as much fun.

WAYS TO SUPPORT MMA - Of course, financial. There is much need for scholarship funding. More than ever, applicants have sought financial help. Where you can, do so. A neat way to leave your mark at MMA & help it, is to purchase an engraved brick with info of you or a loved one. Your name will perpetually be here. But, there are other ways. Recruiting - spread the gospel of MMA, participate in recruiting presentations. Participate in alumni affairs and events, including those with Parent’s Clubs in social events and fundraising programs.

POINTS OF CONTACT- We need for classes and geographical areas where the numbers can form an organization or chapter. Volunteer now. Help spread the MMA camaraderie that is associated with MMA. VA area: John Zuhowski ‘86 (757) 430-6193 or beatarmy91@home.com; NY, NJ, CT area: Mike Mallard ‘89 (212) 778-6965 or michael_mallard@prusec.com; So East Coast area: Randy Bridgeman ‘71 (864) 879-1336 or mma7071@yahoo.com; CT area: George Murray ‘83 101 Mapleview Rd., Wallingford, CT 06492; (203) 741-1177 or brintonmurray@aol.com.

Semper Fi - WES


GySgt John R. Bober, USMC (Ret)
1st Sgt Bill Cook, USMC (Ret)
Dr. James Duff
Christopher Lee Heard - MMA ‘99
Bob Keller
LCpl John Kuchta - KIA 2-6-69, RVN
Mrs. Harriet McClelland
Mrs. Myrtle Mason
Mr. Arthur A. Nolan, Jr.
A.A. O’Shea, Jr.
Col Lemuel Shepherd, III, USMC (Ret) - MMA Advisor
Laurient Pelletier

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