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Speaker reminds graduates to focus on values

Guest speaker James H. Amos, Jr., president and chief executive officer of Mail Boxes Etc., shared with cadets some of the fundamental values that have made him successful, during the Academy’s 35th commencement exercises, 27 May, at the Phil Yeckel Memorial Hall.

A graduate of the University of Missouri, and a former captain in the Marine Corps with two combat tours in Vietnam, Amos told the graduates to remember the three “C”s of commitment, character and communication, and to above all, be trustworthy.

“In Vietnam the highest compliment that one Marine could tell another was, ‘I’d like to have you on my flank.’ That meant you were trusted,” he said, “and I suspect with the foundation you’ve received here at the Marine Military Academy, many of you cadets are trusted, as well.

“Men and women of wealth may be envied, and men and women of power may be feared, but more importantly, men and women of character are trusted,” he said.

Amos has written two books, “The Memorial”, in 1990, and more recently “Focus or Failure: America at the Crossroads”, a copy of which he presented to each of the 62 MMA graduates who crossed the stage.

Remarkable Record

2000 MMA graduates Joseph Masterpool (L) and Daniel Paine were recognized during graduation not only for being the Academy’s only two plank owners as five-year cadets, but also for achieving the remarkable record of being on the President’s List for academic excellence every grading period during those five years. Presenting their planks at the Senior Banquet is (R) GySgt “Ski” Wisnoski

Valedictorian, salutatorian recognized for 1999-2000

It wasn’t official until the final day of final exams, but MMA’s top two scholars eventually emerged and were honored during the academic awards assembly, 26 May.

The valedictorian for 1999-2000 is Joshua Izakson, a four-year cadet and son of Mr. and Mrs. Dubi Izakson of Eastsound, Wa.

He served this year as battalion executive officer, the second-highest ranking member of the Corps of Cadets. He was also treasurer of the National Honor Society and a member of the cross country and track teams. Additionally, Izakson was also top student his sophomore year.

“Marine Military Academy means something different to each cadet at some point,” Izakson said during his graduation address. “However, there’s one common thread by which we all will remember it. It’s what changed us from the boys we were to the men we are, and that’s the all-important relationships forged between cadets during their time here. It is what we value most when we are here and what we will remember the most when we are away.”

He closed by urging fellow graduates to be responsible in their first year of college.

“We all sacrificed a great deal for the sake of these diplomas we’re about to receive. Make these sacrifices count,” he said.

Joseph Masterpool, a fifth-year cadet from Round Rock, Texas, and the son of Mr. and Mrs. Mark Masterpool, was named salutatorian. He was a member of the National Honor Society and varsity basketball team. As an eighth grader he earned the Daughters of the American Revolution Award as the outstanding member of that class.

“I’ve learned so much in my time here at MMA,” he said. “I’ve learned that power is not something others can give you, it’s something that comes from within yourself, to share with others. I’ve learned that success is something that you never achieve single-handedly, that we’re all more effective working in groups than working alone. I’ve learned that life is too short, so take advantage - live, love, laugh, cry - do it all.”

MMA's Top Five Senior Scholars

Hometown: Eastsound, Washington
Number of years at MMA: Four
Military Honors: Battalion Executive Officer
Extracurricular Activities: cross country, track,
National Honor Society, flight training
College Plans: U.S. Air Force Academy
Career Plans: Astronaut
What has MMA done for you? “I knew before
high school I wanted to go to a service academy,
and MMA was my best chance to get there.”
Hometown: Round Rock, Texas
Number of years at MMA: Five
Military Honors: Daughters of the American
Revolution Good Citizenship Award
Extracurricular Activities: varsity basketball,
National Honor Society, mock trail
College Plans: Syracuse University
Career Plans: undecided
What has MMA done for you? “It’s almost a
guarantee that you’ll be successful here. The environment
is more structured than in the public schools, and the
teachers really care about you.”
Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
Number of years at MMA: Five
Military Honors: Battalion Commander, Douglas
MacArthur Award, LtGen E.W. Snedeker Distinguished
Leadership Award
Extracurricular Activities: Regional Golden
Gloves boxing champion, track team, National Honor Society
College Plans: U.S. Military Academy, West Point
Career Plans: U.S. Army officer
What has MMA done for you? “This school gave
me good organizational skills. I know I’ll be more prepared
for the future than the average high school grad.”
Hometown: Corpus Christi, Texas
Number of years at MMA: Four
Military Honors: Association of Military Colleges
and Schools of the United States Award
Extracurricular Activities:cross country, National
Honor Society, mock trial, Hugh O'Brian Leadership
Seminar representative
College Plans: Swarthmore College
Career Plans: Psychiatrist
What has MMA done for you? “It’s taught me
self-discipline and how to take responsibility for my actions.”
Hometown: Corpus Christi, Texas
Number of years at MMA: Three
Military Honors: Delta Company Commander, General
Vernon E. Megee Award, Commandant of Cadets Award
Extracurricular Activities: flight training, weight lifting,
National Honor Society, Eagle Scout
College Plans: U.S. Naval Academy
Career Plans: Marine Corps officer
What has MMA done for you? “All sorts of things. In
public school I was hanging out with the wrong crowd, not
going to class and failing four subjects. I’ve excelled in the
environment here.”

Academy bids fond fairwell to four familiar faces

Four MMA employees, each with over 10 years on the job, and each representing a different department at the school, stepped down from their positions at the end of the recently completed school year.

Math teacher Ed Osuchowski first joined the Academy in 1985. In the 15 years since, he has taught every math course available to cadets. He also initiated the Academy’s first advanced placement course, which was AP calculus. Additionally, he coached the MMA swimming and golf teams several years.

“The thing I’ve enjoyed most is working with the cadets and helping them get through life the best way possible,” he said. “It’s very rewarding when I see a cadet succeed in math, that I didn’t think would do so in the beginning.”

One of the valuable “behind the scenes” people at MMA has been Jackie Pipkin, who’s kept donor records in the Development Department since 1988.

“One of the things I’ve enjoyed most about my job is going out to see the morning colors formations on Fridays,” she said. “It’s very moving and rewarding for me, seeing the cadets at attention and feeling the patriotism.”

Pipkin said it was also very rewarding being part of an institution like the Academy.

“I believe by being involved with the Marine Military Academy I made a difference in the lives of cadets,” she said. “I think that’s what God wanted me to do. He put me where he wanted me. I don’t believe my being here was an accident at all.”

Now that she has retired, Pipkin said she’s looking forward to spending some time working on her home, and also doing volunteer work in the community.

One person who has never been behind the scenes at MMA is MSgt John McLaughlin, who retires this May after 24 years on the job. He joined the Academy in 1976 as a drill instructor, and for 13 years Charlie Company was his domain. In 1989 he became a recruiter in the admissions department, where he’s had the opportunity to share his insights with hundreds of prospective families.

“There’s so many favorite memories I’ve had here I don’t know where to start,” McLaughlin said. “There’s the bonfires for the homecoming football games we used to have, and the construction of the athletic center. That was the first new building we ever built.

“The airshows we used to have were a good time,” he said, “and I can still remember building the mudcourse - me and about 25 cadets. Every Saturday night we used to have a poker game in the old messhall, me and (Jim) Morton and Ski (Wisnoski) and Marvin Bell. We used to have a lot of fun around here.

“But working with the cadets has been the best thing,” he said. “I got to watch them grow up, go to college, become successful and then come back with their families. Being part of that process has meant a lot to me.”

McLaughlin said he was looking forward to his retirement, but he wasn’t sure exactly what his plans would be.

“I don’t know what I’ll do; I’ve never been retired before. I guess I’ll do what normal people do, cut the grass and go fishing.”

LtCol Billy Williams has been director of facilities at the Academy for the last 13 years, during which time he’s supervised the construction of nearly half of the Academy’s buildings.

“I’ve enjoyed seeing all the changes and how the physical plant has improved over the years,” he said. “Driving down Iwo Jima Boulevard every morning, seeing our campus on the left and the Iwo Jima Monument on the right was very inspiring. I thought seeing that every day was a real privelege.”

Williams said one of his favorite memories came during a five month period in 1988 when he filled in as commandant of cadets.

“Hurricane Gilbert was threatening the Valley, and we had to decide what to do with all these kids,” he said. “The staff and faculty all rallied around to make decisions, and it all went off without a hitch. That was very memorable.”

Williams said he has no plans of being idle after MMA. This summer he will start his own small business watching pets in people’s homes.

“I get along great with animals, usually better than with people,” he said. “Plus, before it gets too late, I’d like to see what it’s like being 100% civilian and working for myself. But, I still plan to come visit the Academy from time to time. I’ve put too much of my life into this place to just forget it.”

Two other teachers will be leaving MMA this year. They are Norlene Chamberlain, an English teacher the past seven years, and first-year history teacher and soccer coach, Robert Howell.

MMA cadets choose top teacher for 2000

Each May, the Academy selects a Teacher of the Year, who is presented with a $1,000 check and has their name engraved on a a plaque in Coleman Hall.

Previous selections had been made by a panel consisting of the dean and other key academic staff. This year, MMA president MajGen Rollings handed the decision-making over to a vote by the Corps of Cadets. Their choice was John Hinkle, a math and physics teacher at MMA since 1988.

Hinkle, 60, graduated from Ohio State University in 1966 with a bachelor’s degree in math, before joining the Air Force. He retired 22 years later as a lieutenant colonel. During that time he had also received a master’s degree from Cal Poly State at San Luis Obispo.

In 1988 he came to the Rio Grande Valley to be with his parents, and joined MMA for what he thought would be only one year.

“At the end of that time I decided I really liked the goals of this place (MMA), such as giving boys who might not be doing well a second chance, and I decided to make teaching my second career.”

Hinkle said he particularly enjoyed physics because it gives students a chance to see the practical applications of math, but overall, he said, teaching is a little more difficult than he had first anticipated.

“To be honest, I thought teaching would be a nice, easy career. Instead it’s been one of the most demanding things I ever got into,” he said. “I now understand what my children’s teachers were going through all those years.”

What's cooking?

ALPHA COMPANY cadets Steven Cabrera (L) and Nathan Newell enjoy a cook-out on South Padre Island in May, one of the many fun events organized for cadets this year by activities coordinator Patricia Cavazos.

Orientation trip a great experience for MMA cadets

Without making a trip to a recruiting station, it’s as close to joining the Marine Corps as a cadet can get.

For four days in April, 35 MMA cadets were able to eat, sleep and train like Marines at the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center at Twentynine Palms, California.

The trip was sponsored by the Eighth Marine Corps District, which every other year invites all of its JROTC units to spend a few days at a Marine installation.

Approximately 50 cadets were nominated by their drill instructors to attend, and final selections were made by a military panel based on each cadet’s performance and potential for a leadership position next year.

Accompanying the cadets on the 31-hour bus ride to Southern California were Col Cliff Myers, the commandant of cadets, and GySgt Frank Martinez, assistant drill instructor.

“We’re always telling our cadets about things like integrity, discipline and courage, but this was a great opportunity for them to see these things in action,” Myers said. “Plus they were exposed to the training facilities of the Marine Corps and to the military way of life. I know the exposure they received will certainly be a benefit to the entire Corps of Cadets in the future.”

While at Twentynine Palms, cadets slept in open squad bays and ate their meals with active duty Marines in the messhall. Each day began with reveille at 0530, followed by morning exercises and first mess. Then there were demonstrations, classes or other activities that included rappelling on a 60-foot tower, hiking in the Mojave Desert and tackling the Marine Corps obstacle course.

“I liked learning about all the different weapons, like automated assault rifles and howitzers,” said Cadet Michael Honefenger, a junior from Houston. “We got to shoot simulated M-16 rifles and climb up on an M-1, A-1 tank.

“I also liked meeting the active duty Marines,” he said. “They were constantly around us, and we always had the opportunity to talk with them.”

Tyronn Mitchell, a junior from New Iberia, La., said he enjoyed the navigation exercises in the surrounding mountain terrain.

“They’d give us a point to find, and there was competition to see who could find it first. That was a challenge. I also liked the obstacle course and rappelling tower,” he said. “At first I didn’t want to do it because I’m afraid of heights, but Colonel Myers did it with me and it was a good experience. I’m thankful I had the opportunity to go.”

It was the second trip to Twentynine Palms for the battalion commander, James Paine,who plans to attend West Point in the fall.

“This time I wanted to get some insight into being a good platoon commander,” he said. “I spent a lot of time talking to young lieutenants about what to do. Their advice was to listen to the people who have experience in your platoon, even if you’re higher ranking than they are.”

Colonel Myers said one of the best moments of their trip came shortly after their arrival.

“We had just checked in and put our gear away when I paid a call on MajGen (Clifford L.) Stanley, the commanding geneneral. Our cadets marched by, and at first he thought they were active duty Marines,” Myers said. “He made a comment about what a great unit they were and how he wished every unit marched that well. It was a great way to start the week.”

Cadets of the Month for April

Alpha Company
Ninth Grader - Kingwood, Texas
“A first-year cadet who’s performing
very well as laundry NCO. He’s a
hard-driving, meticulous individual.”
- MGySgt Jim Hager, USMC (Ret)
Bravo Company
Ninth Grader - Mexico City, Mexico
“Cadet Aguirre is the epitome of a
motivated and dedicated cadet at
MMA. He does what he is told without
question, and often takes the lead in
completing tasks.” - MSgt Michael
Krauss, USMC (Ret)
Charlie Company
Junior - Keller, Texas
“Shows steadfast devotion to duty
and stays motivated towards success.
He is always up when it comes time
to help others.” - MSgt Henry
McFarland, USMC (Ret)
Delta Company
Ninth Grader - Fremont, Ca.
“Lee has made a complete turnaround
from day one to the present. Academically
he is doing outstanding, and in the
performance of his duties, he is giving
110% effort.” - GySgt Antonio Aguilar,
USMC (Ret)
Fox Company
Ninth Grader - Garland, Texas
“A motivated mid-term cadet who works
extra hard to ensure efficiency in his
duties. I want him in Fox Company for
the next three years.” - 1stSgt Alvin
Thomas, USMC (Ret)
Golf Company
Ninth Grader - Coppell, Tx.
“A straight-A student who has the right
focus both academically and militarily.”
- SgtMaj Albert Wilson, USMC (Ret)
Sophomore - San Antonio, Texas
“An absolutely stellar and reliable
performer. As drum major, he may very
well match or even surpase the legend
of Orin Battle.” - CWO3 Ed Harris,
USMC (Ret)
Drill Team/Color Guard
Sophomore - Meriden, Kansas
“Lumpkin is a dependable, dedicated
young man who is willing to step forward
and assist his fellow cadets in the drill
team.” - MGySgt Jim Hager, USMC (Ret)

Third parents club golf tourney another success

Good golf, good food and good company, and all for a good cause. If that sounds pretty good, it’s exactly what happened at the 3rd Annual Leatherneck Golf Classic, held 29 April at Atascocita Country Club near Houston.

A field of 148 golfers entered the four-person scramble, far surpassing the 84 entries last year. The tournament was organized by the MMA Parents Club, with all proceeds benefiting the Corps of Cadets.

Entry fees, sponsorships, raffle ticket sales and an auction raised a total of $72,500, which, after expenses, netted a profit of $56,200. That money will be used to help purchase a new school bus for the Academy.

“I was able to meet a lot of parents and trustees. Everybody seemed to have a tremendous time,” MMA president MajGen Wayne Rollings said. “There was a tremendous camaraderie among all the participants. Everybody left feeling great about the day. I think everyone is already looking forward to next year.”

The tournament chairman for the second year in a row was L.E. Fite, the father of Cadet Scott Fite.

“It was nice to have so many people come from all over the country to work for the same goal,” he said. “I would like to personally thank John and Carol Brown, Clay and Donna Campbell and Reed and Lori Hildreath. Linda Parker, Claudine Robbins, Linda Migura and Andrea Heard organized the entire auction and banquet. A special thanks needs to go to Fritz Gitschner for his donations that totaled over $4,000. Another hard worker was Yvonne Allen who turned in a total of $2,500 in sponsors and many donated items. LtCol (Bob) Grider gets special kudos for his sponsorships, teams and raffle ticket sales which all totaled over $14,000. He sold $1,000 in raffle tickets the night before the tournament!”

Clay Campbell, the father of Cadet Trey Campbell, has already be chosen as next year’s golf tournament chairman, and has secured the first weekend in April 2001 for that event.

Military Awards

President's MMA Award
Awarded to the senior cadet who has demonstrated outstanding leadership ability, excellence in scholastic achievement, has actively participated in extra-curricular activities, and who in all respects best personifies the most outstanding cadet .
Cadet LtCol James Paine

Commandant of Cadets' MMA Award
Received by the junior cadet who has demonstrated the most outstanding leadership ability, excellence in scholastic achievement, actively participated in extra-curricular activities and who in all respects best personifies the underclass cadet with the most outstanding potential in a leadership role next school year.
Cadet 1stSgt John L. Bell

American Legion Bronze Medal for Scholastic Excellence
Awarded to the senior cadet who has achieved scholastic excellence in all academic courses and who has grades in all JROTC subjects within the top 10% of his class. The cadet must have demonstrated qualities of leadership and actively participated in related student activities, such as student organizations, constructive activities or sports.
Cadet Capt Jonathan C. Pax

American Legion Bronze Medal for Military Excellence
Awarded to the senior cadet who maintained a good academic standing, including all JROTC subjects, and who has demonstrated outstanding qualities in military leadership, discipline, character and citizenship.
Cadet Capt Chris Herbert-Peacock

Daughters of American Revolution Award
Presented to a cadet with an excellent academic record, who has demonstrated dependability and good character, adherence to military discipline, leadership ability and a fundamental and patriotic understanding of the importance of JROTC training.
Cadet SSgt Jake White-Olson

Reserve Officers Association Award
Awarded to the underclass cadet in his first year at MMA, who has demonstrated the most outstanding combination of military, academic and athletic achievements during the school year.
Cadet Cpl Antonio Aguilar, Jr.

Senior Marine Instructors Award
Awarded to the cadet who has distinguished himself through superior performance in the academic phase of the USMC JROTC curriculum and through outstanding proficiency and achievement in all facets of the USMC JROTC program.
Cadet GySgt John P. Bradley

National Sojourners Americanism Award for a Junior
Received by a junior cadet who has demonstrated by his actions and attitude qualities of true patriotism and Americanism, and whose demonstrated qualities of leadership in the Corps of Cadets is noteworthy.
Cadet 1stSgt Riki Moe

National Sojourners Americanism Award for a Sophomore
Received by a sophomore cadet who has demonstrated by his actions and attitude definite qualities of true patriotism and Americanism, and whose demonstrated qualities of leadership in the Corps of Cadets is noteworthy.
Cadet SSgt Andre Testman
Semper Fidelis Award
Awarded to a first-year cadet who has been faithful to his school, displayed selfless and steadfast spirit and devotion to the MCJROTC program, as well as the school and its activities, maintained good academic achievements and demonstrated excellent citizenship habits.
Cadet Cpl Edward McDevitt

Association of Military Colleges & Schools of the United States Award
Given to a cadet who has demonstrated to a very high degree the combination of academic and military excellence and leadership potential.
Cadet LCpl Christopher Oakman

American Defense Preparedness Association Award
Awarded to the graduating cadet who has distinguished himself through superior performance in the LE phase of the MCJROTC curriculum and through outstanding proficiency and achievement in all other facets of the MCJROTC program.
Cadet Capt William Johnston

The H.W. Card Inspirational Leadership Award
Presented to the graduating cadet officer who best personifies the qualities of honor, integrity, responsibility and loyalty to subordinates so essential to effective leadership.
Cadet Capt Jonathan McBride

The Retired Officers Association Award
Awarded to the junior cadet who is in the upper 10% of his class, has an “A” average in his military grade and MCJROTC curriculum, and is holding a staff NCO billet with the capability and expectation of being promoted to officer rank in his senior year.
Cadet SSgt Jared Grisham

Veterans of Foreign Wars Award
Awarded to the cadet who has shown the most overall improvement in academic and military standing during the current school year.
Cadet Sgt Brian C. Vernon

John Philip Sousa Music Award
Presented in recognition of outstanding achievement and interest in instrumental music, for singular merit in loyalty and cooperation, and for displaying those high qualities of conduct that school instrumental music requires.
Cadet Sgt Travis E. Green

Semper Fidelis Music Award
In recognition of diligence, dedication and musical excellence as a performing bandsman and soloist.
Cadet SSgt Robert Keller, II

Griffis Memorial Award
Awarded to the junior cadet who is returning and in need of scholarship, and who exhibits the motivation, soldierly virtues, moral and physical courage, ambition and ability to be a successful leader in the USMC in the service of his country and aspires to attend the Naval Academy.
Cadet GySgt Steven Bouchard

The Military Order of the Purple Heart Award
Presented to a cadet who has demonstrated an above average degree of leadership potential and ability.
Cadet 1stLt Jonathan D. Mackie

Captain Roger Gunning Memorial Award
Given to the underclass cadet who best exemplifies the Marine Corps ideals of Esprit de Corps and brotherhood.
Cadet SSgt Nicholas Boire

Society of Colonial Wars Award
Awarded to an honor graduate who has the intent and great desire of becoming a career commissioned officer in the Marine Corps and who stands the best chance of achieving this goal. This will be a cadet who, we believe, will endeavor actively to perpetuate those sound principles and patriotism so evident in our early patriots - the most promising Marine.
Cadet Capt Thomas Duff

Third Marine Division Award
Awarded to a highly qualified representative of the graduating class at the Marine Military Academy, in the name of those who have served under the banner of the 3dMarDiv.
Cadet Sgt Darby Bodden

LtGen E.W. Snedeker Distinguished Leadership Award
Received by the cadet who possesses the initiative, integrity, self-discipline, moral and physical courage displayed by then-Colonel Snedeker during his courageous assault with the 7th Marines on Kunishi Ridge, “the most frantic, bewildering and costly close-in battle on the southern tip of Okinawa.”
Cadet 1stSgt Kalen Mahoney

Women Marines Association MCJROTC Award
Awarded to the most outstanding second-year cadet with excellent academic accomplishment and citizenship with the highest leadership education grades for his group.
Cadet GySgt Pedro Said

The Texas Society Sons of the American Revolution Award
Awarded to a cadet, 18 years of age or younger, who has participated in school and community activities, fulfills the qualities of honor, service and courage, exhibits leadership ability, is patriotic, understands and appreciates his American heritage and the sacrifices necessary to gain and keep his freedoms, is in good standing militarily and scholastically at the time of presentation of the award.
Cadet Sgt Sean DuBose

Mon Valley Leathernecks
1903 Springfield Rifle Award
Presented by the association to the high shooter on MMA's MCJROTC varsity rifle team.
Cadet Pvt Joseph Herold, IV

NRA Club Championship Award
Awarded to a cadet for excellence in marksmanship as a member of the General Vernon E. Megee Rifle Club.
Cadet Cpl Adam Chamartin

The Weisenberger Distinguished Marksmanship Trophy
Given to an outstanding shooter on the MMA varsity rifle team.
Cadet Cpl Jacob Lambuth

South Texas Vera Cruz Detachment, Marine Corps League Award
Presented to a first-year cadet, who as a member of the MMA drill team or band has participated in League activities, such as the Marine Corps Birthday Ball
Cadet Sgt Bobby Swan

Peter C. Perrotis Memorial Award
Given to the cadet who has exhibited to the highest degree, those qualitites, characteristics and traits which make an outstanding Marine, and whose performance best personifies the ideal future Marine
Cadet 1stLt Steven Cabrera

The Military Order of the World Wars Medal
Awarded to the most improved cadet in the unit, in both military and scholastic grades during the year, and who has, by his military and scholastic grades, extracurricular activities and individual endeavor, shown a desire to serve the United States.
Cadet SSgt Thomas Nance

Given to the most outstanding cadet NCO, who has consistently exhibited excellence in military bearing, personal appearance and deportment, and leadership ability.
Cadet Sgt Ryan Gavan

Paul Kelly Jordache Thomas Memorial Award
Given to the cadet who best exemplifies the leadership of 1stSgt Alvin Thomas, USMC (Ret).
Cadet 1stSgt Jonathan Grisham

American Veterans ROTC Department of Texas Award
Presented for diligence in the discharge of duties, and willingness to serve both God and Country for the mutual benefit of all.
Cadet 1stLt Michael T. McDevitt

Drill Instructor's Award
Presented to an outstanding cadet in each company, as selected by his drill instructor.
Alpha 1stLt Howard Pease
Bravo LCpl Edward Sherer, II
Charlie 1stLt Michael De Leon
Delta 1stLt Colby Correra
Fox 1stLt Saheed Kadri
Golf 1stSgt David Zambrano

Academic Awards

Valedictorian Plaque
Received by the graduating senior cadet who has attended MMA the last three or more years with the highest grade point average.
Joshua Izakson

Salutatorian Plaque
Given to the graduating senior cadet who has attended MMA the last three or more years with the second highest grade point average.
Joseph Masterpool

Colonel Philip J. Yeckel, USMCR Trophy
Awarded to the graduating senior who has contributed most to the athletic program of the Marine Military Academy, and who has been enrolled at the Academy for at least two years.
Andrew Gobert

President's Athletic Award
Presented to the cadet who is an unselfish team player, a tireless worker, and an individual who has parlayed sheer hustle, sacrifice and intestinal fortitude into recognition and respect as a two-sport varsity athlete.
Saheed Kadri

USMC Distinguished Athlete Award
Awarded to the junior athlete who is the best role model for younger cadets, and who best exhibits the personal traits of courage, poise, self-confidence and leadership.
Kalen Mahoney

USMC Scholastic Excellence Award
Given to two cadets who have consistently distinguished themselves in the arena of academics, and whose personal traits of courage, poise, self-confidence and leadership serve as an example for younger cadets.
Jonathan Pax
Thomas Duff

President's Award for Academic Excellence
Presented by the National Association of Secondary School Principals to the cadet who has demonstrated the ability to combine academic excellence and exemplary leadership roles in school and community activities.
Daniel Paine

Dean's Award
Given to the senior who, in the opinion of the Dean, has demonstrated the most improvement scholastically over the three or more years he has attended MMA. His name will be added to a plaque permanently displayed in Coleman Hall.
Christopher McGee

Mariner of the Year Award
Presented to an MMA mariner who has demonstrated exceptional leaderhsip, seamanship and personal courage during marine science boating activities.
Jonathan Pax

Rolls-Royce Trophy for Excellence in Aerospace
Presented to the cadet that exhibits an outstanding devotion to his aerospace studies.
Jon Fuller

Rensselear Mathematics and Science Award
Given by the Rensselear Polytechnic Institute to the junior class cadet that is the most outstanding student in mathematics and science, and who demonstrates the potential for success in science or a technologically-oriented profession.
Carlos Dostal

Top Students in Subject
English - Joshua Izakson
Mathematics - Joshua Izakson
Science Matthew Reichert
Social Studies - Jonathan McBride
Foreign Language - Andres Moreno
Aerospace - Michael McDevitt
Computer Science -Carlos Dostal
Band - Bobby Swan

Freshman - John Muller
Sophomore - Travis Hubbard
Top Students in Class
Eighth Grade - David Square

Junior - Carlos Dostal
Senior - Joshua Izakson

U.S. Naval Academy Appointments
Darby Bodden
Thomas Duff
Joshua Izakson

U.S. Air Force Academy Appointment
Joshua Izakson

U.S. Military Academy Appointment
James Paine

U.S. Merchant Marine Academy
Matthew Freeman

NROTC Scholarships, Marine Option
Justin Abbinante
Thomas Duff
Matthew Freeman
Joshua Izakson
James Paine
Jonathan Pax

The Senior Class of 2000
Justin Steven Abbinante
Mario Alberto Aguirre-Reza
Christopher Ezzat Alameddin
Brian Patrick Mitchell Barrow
Darby McNee Bodden
Jason Anthony Brown
Peter Jackson Burke
Steven Adolfo Cabrera
Scott Turner Carlson
Colby Bruce Correra
Adam William Davis
Michael David De Leon
Calvin Coulter Denton
Omar Brian Doherty
Thomas James Duff
Matthew Walden Freeman
Jon Alan Fuller
Christian Anthony Gallo
Isaac Jeremiah Gloger
James Andrew Gobert
Jonathan Lucas Grisham
Judd Smylie Hardberger
Christopher John Herbert-Peacock
Joseph Justin Herold IV
Brian David Hibbetts
Luis Francisco Viveros Huchrak
Joshua Joseph Izakson
Christopher Hope Johnson
William Heath Johnston
Saheed Adeshina Kadri
Jerrad Grafa Kauffman
Stefan Predrag Kovac
Matthew Thomas Lang
Jonathan Douglas Mackie
Jason Farrar Martin
Joseph Patrick Masterpool
Jonathan Aaron McBride
Carl Edward McCrory
Michael Thomas McDevitt
Christopher John McGee
Reginald Anthony McGriff
Danny Montez-Llamas
Thomas Otto Nance
Tyson Rayne Nolte
Christophoer Patrick O'Grady
James Daniel Paine
Charles Douglas Patterson
Jonathan Curtis Pax
Howard Clifton Pease
Robert Walker Phillips
Caleb Alan Pritchard
Matthew Warren Reichert
Casey Todd Schroeder
Travis Lee Shaw
George William Sherling
Robert James Simpson
Jason Sum, Jr.
Issac Taboada
James Edward Tucci
Everett Russ Walla
John Michael Willis
Garrett Thomas Wood

Boxing Smoker 2000

After two days of blood, sweat and fears,
Charlie Company captures the inter-battalion boxing title.

Sports Banquet Awards

Most Valuable Player - Michael Bright
Most Improved Player - Chris McGee
Most Valuable Pitcher - David Shoemaker
Highest Battling Average - James McDaniel
Most RBIs - Travis Schendel

Co-Most Valuable Players - Tyronn Mitchell, Kalen Mahoney
Outstanding Achievement Award - Will Shirling

Most Valuable Player - Tyler Harrison

Most Valuable Player - Tyronn Mitchell
Most Valuable Off. Back - Andrew Gobert
Most Valuable Def. Back - Judd Hardberger
Most Valuable Off. Lineman - Garrett Wood
Most Valuable Def. Lineman - Matt Lang

Most Valuable Player - David Mackie
State Qualifiers - David Mackie, Mark Klein

Most Valuable Player - James Ewton
Most Improved Player - Javier Guerrero
State Qualifiers - James Ewton, Christopher Johnson

Most Valuable Player - Jon Mackie
Most Improved Player - Matt Christian
State Qualifiers - Jon Mackie, Grant Pierce

State Qualifiers - John Bell, Adrian Lash

MVPs -Edward Sherer, Nigel Norwood
MVPs - Brett Carter, Ignacio Lopez
MVP - John Webb
MVPs - Julio Torres, Kaner Morton

Where are they now?

Managing his glass company and still married (16 years), he has three children (Bryan 20 yrs will be going to JC in Dallas; Mike 18 yrs is finishing high school; Shari 14 yrs, finishing jr. high in Dallas.) The rumor is Bill might be getting into politics and considering a run for county judge in 2 years. Sgt. Maj. Steigerwald might be asked to be his campaign manager!
GREG GARRELS - Greg was in A company, and after graduation he “knocked around” doing a bunch of different things, and in 78, he moved to Alaska. “I got bored one week end!” He worked for the University of Alaska for 15 years, then got it together to quit early. He got bit by both the aviation and marriage bugs in 1983, so Greg and his wife, Sage, have been happily flying around ever since. These days a lot of his efforts are going into building a home, hangar, and shop in interior Alaska. Greg asks if anyone remembers the time when 1stSgt Lacourse’s VW “mysteriously” teleported itself up on a foundation by the old mess hall? Then he wants to know if anyone else wants to fly....with you, Greg?
Rob has been in North Carolina for almost 9 years with his wife Laura after leaving California. He practiced law for 10 years and has been doing photography for the past 8+ years. If any of you want to see what almost 30 years has done to Rob, log on to his web site at www.robertdolardphoto.com. He’s even better now!
Jesse was in ECHO Co., and his D.I. was Gunny Ski, (he admits he still owes Gunny Ski a trash can). He played football (undefeated season) for Gunny Morton. Jesse says he remembers Sgt. Maj. Steigerwald vividly. Since Jesse lived in Harlingen, he used to take a group of guys home on liberty just about every weekend for some home cooked meals...which Jesse says made him very popular among his fellow cadets. He adds, “anyone who remembers the chow at Marvin’s Mess Hall will understand why.” He is now living in Irving, Texas, married 13+ years to a great lady, Evelyn, have one brilliant 9-year-old daughter, named Katherine (straight A’s on everyone of her report cards.) He works for CoMet Steel, Inc. in Dallas, Division of Commercial Metals Company, counting beans (steel beans that is!) Jesse says if anyone would like to drop him a line his email is: Jesse.Smart@cmcsg.com. What is a steel bean, anyway?
Robert received a bachelors in political science, Texas Tech University; Masters of Architecture, University of Houston. He is still practicing architecture/construction consulting in downtown Houston, out of the BankOne building. Eleven years in the Bayou City now. Business travel takes him to San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas quite a bit. Although his business is booming, you can get him most days at rmoore@marxokubo.com.
After MMA, Tim spent 4.5 years as a HAWK Missile Systems Operator and Stinger Missile Gunner. He spent “8 lovely months in Desert Storm, and of all people, ran into Cook Allender (’87) on the island of Bahrain, talk about a small world.” He got out of the Marines in late 91 and now is a Computer Systems Engineer/Networking Consultant living in the Chicago Area. Email time at tjkashin@mediaone.net “anytime” he says.
Ronan was a three-year cadet who spent most of his time on the rifle range. He went to the University of Texas for a year and a half serving as Marine Option NROTC Midshipman with Ben Frazar (E Co. 96, now LCpl. at Cherry Point) before enlisting. He went to boot camp at MCRD San Diego with Brian Lane (A Co. 98, now LCpl. in Aviation Electronics Technician training for choppers). He finished the School of Infantry as an 0351Anti-Tank Assaultman (Dragon Missile Gunner and Demolitions/Explosive Specialist), reported to reserve unit in Austin (Wpns. Co. 1/23) and is going back to school to get commissioned. He looks forward to hearing from anyone RHM0351@aol.com.

MMA reunion plans for 2001 are underway

Start marking your calendars, Alumni! We have set a date for next year’s reunion. It will be March 30, 31, April 1. We have coordinated with the Military Department who have scheduled the Ring Ceremony for that week end also. Don’t worry about what we are going to schedule.......just mark it off on your calendars now. You won’t be disappointed!!!!


Francis Lee Connolly - 3rd Mar 9th Regt
Capt Hunter Craig, USMC - WWII fighter pilot
BGen Richard A. Evans, USMC (Ret)
Col Alexander Gentleman, USMC (Ret)
Christopher Lee Heard - MMA ‘99
2ndLt Clayton J. Kennedy, USMC
Mrs. Ronald (Myrtle) Mason
Col James T. McDaniel, USMC (Ret)
Mrs. Arline New
Pablo Pineda - journalist
Sgt Robert Reed, USMC - 1stMarDiv Korea & 3rdMarDiv Japan
Mrs. Wayne (Janice) Sanford
Col Carl Sitter, USMC - MOH - G-3-1 Korea
Mrs. John (Joan) Vanderscoff

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